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Theme: Transformando Ideias em Práticas

This event occurred on
November 26, 2011
12:00am - 12:00am BRST
(UTC -2hrs)

A proposta do TEDxPUCGoiás é servir de ponte entre o conhecimento e a prática. Como fazer com que os cidadãos se interessem e se envolvam mais com os novos conhecimentos? Como fazer com que os acadêmicos se interessem mais com as novas práticas. Educação, cultura, artes, design, ciência e tecnologia, meio ambiente, sustentabilidade. Mais do que propostas, os palestrantes trarão idéias, práticas e reflexões em prol da difusão do conhecimento.

PUC Goiás - Auditório da Área II
Praça Universitária, N. 1.440
Setor Universitário
Goiânia, 74605010
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Paulo de Siqueira Garcia

Paulo Garcia is the mayor of the City of Goiânia, capital of the State of Goiás. Paulo is a physician/neurosurgeon. He has been the Secretary of the Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery and Member of the Regional Medical Council of the State of Goiás. He is a senior professor at the Medical College of the Federal University of Goiás, where he has been the chairman of the Medical School. He has also served as member of the Research Council, the Planning Council and the Education and Research Council of the Federal University of Goiás.

Enes Gonçalves Marra

Enes Marra earned a Doctoral degree from the State Univerty of Campinas - UNICAMP. Dr. Marra holds a Associate Professor position at the Federal University of Goiás since 1993. His research interests comprise applications of power electronics in electrical machines, as well as in harnessing of renewable energy resources. He is member of the Brazilian Power Electronics Society and Brazilian Automatic Society.

Leopoldo Veiga Jardim

Leopoldo Jardim holds a BA in Law and studied Business Management at FGV and Electoral and Political Marketing at the University of São Paulo. He has been Municipal Secretary of Culture of the city of Goiania, capital of Goias State. He is a senior consultant on Media and Events for the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Director of Cultural Policies for the Commercial and Industrial Association of Goiás and Managing Partner of the Cosmos Consulting, a company specialized in electoral consulting and political events.

Sam Cyrous

Sam Cyrous, born in Uruguay, holds a degree in psychology and earned a master's degree in Relational Psychotherapy from Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). He is member of the Association for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis and represents the International Academy for Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy in Brazil. He acts as a therapist and participates in reflective teams on individual, family and marital relationships.

André de Moraes

André is a Entrepreneur, co-founder of the Web Tuddo, and has more than 5 years of experience in Web marketing, one of his great passions. He holds a BS in Marketing from the University Estacio de Sa. He is also certified by Google AdWords, and is specialized in Advertising Research. So "hooked" in the search engines, he never stops searching for new ideas and new ways of relating. He aims spreading ideas as a speaker and debating in events towards a future where things might be simpler, and democratic.

Fabíola Morais

Fabiola Morales holds a degree in architecture and urbanism. She is also a painter, designer, video artist, teacher and researcher in the areas of design, art history and drawing expressive. She earned a Master Degree in Management of Cultural Heritage and is an expert on Culture, Memory and Language.

Grupo Fascina e Esquina Quatro (musical)

Members of the FASCINA Group and of the ESQUINA QUATRO (Four Corner) Group, do the samba, and its many variations, as their favorite musical genre. They also like the PAGODE, a branch of the party-driven samba and punctuated by loud gong, which is a response to the decline of samba in 80s.

Renata Lemos

Renata Lemos is a consultant in technological innovation and a doctoral student in Communication and Semiotics at PUC SP and EGS - Switzerland. She co-published in 2010, the book Digital Social Networks: The Cognition Conectiva Twitter. She also conducts workshops on Design Thinking and Design Services for companies focused on innovation. She is a lecturer and speaker at business events, cultural and academic and is member within research groups and think-tanks in Brazil, the United States, Europe and India.

Fabiano Morais

Fabiano Morais is an entrepreneur and consultant on digital networks, planning and development of agile systems. Creator of MOOV, a web platform for projects cooperation and relationship management. Fabiano is one of the pioneers in social networks geared to entrepreneurship, having worked on projects of national and international scope. He is currently working in the development of intelligence systems "geolocativa". He regularly conducts workshops and courses throughout the country, and is a lecturer and speaker at various events in the area of digital technology.

Nancy de Melo

NANCY DE MELO is an artist, graduated in Visual Arts, specialized in Contemporary Art. She earned a Master's degree in Visual Culture by UFG. She holds a faculty position teatching History of the Image, Theory and Art History, Aesthetic Education, Visual Poetics and History of Architecture. She coordinates the project "From the Aesthetics of Film Imagery Architecture" by UEG - Cinema and Architecture.

Flavio Rodovalho

FLÁVIO Brill is a lawyer with expertise in Tax Law and Business Law. He is the legal adviser of Adial Brazil, President of the Regional Council of the American Chamber of Commerce - AmCham in Goiânia and a member and Vice-President of the Regional Board of the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil, AmCham Brazil (SP), also part of the Brazilian Academy of Tax Law (ABDT), the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Law, CESA, the IBDD, among others.

Renata Checha

RENATA "Checha" is a Ad-Girl who left the role of Account Manager to focus on Internet, such as Planner and Webwritter, one of the devised and # # catloversday blogcampGO. Researcher Communication, Violence and Human Rights at the Federal University of Goiás, is ballroom dancing hobbies, TV shows and reading. She started blogging in 2005 on Multiply with "Exorcism of Renata" and currently writes the "Renata Chechi," in which she speaks of issues relevant to the feminine.

Zara Hutchinson

ZARA HUTCHINSON, graduated in Literature from the University of Wales Country, also has certifications by Trinity University College (England), Université Lyon III (France) and Brighton and Hove High School (England). Born in Britain, she lives in Goiânia as language teacher and participates in social projects such as 'Project of High Gloria' which supports educational, social and food to needy children in Aparecida de Goiânia.

Womir Amado

WOLMIR AMADO is the Rector of PUCGoiás. He earned a Master in History, a BA in Philosophy with specialization in both Philosophy of Religion and Contemporary Philosophy. He has been the President of the National Council of Catholic Laymen in Brazil and the President of the Brazilian Association of Catholic Schools. He is currently Vice President of the Supreme Council of the National Catholic Education Association and a member of the Council of Rectors of Brazilian Universities.

Fernando Tsukahara

FERNANDO PIRKEL TSUKAHARA holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He works as a Network Security Analyst in the CPD PUCGOIÁS, Professor of Information Security and IT Management and coordinator of graduate courses in Computer Networks. His passion is collecting vinyl records. He has ventured into the garage rock, recording an EP with Hang The Superstars, released by Monster Records in 2003. 11 months ago he has added to his curriculum being a father and nanny of SOFIA.

Organizing team


Goiânia, Brazil


Trindade Goiás, Brazil
  • Weber Martins
    Technical Program Coordinator
  • Leandro Lemes
    Speakers Coordinator
  • Flávia Moiana
    Social Media Coordinator
  • Tiago Alves
    Stage Coordinator
  • José Geraldo Chaves
    Audio Visual Coordinator
  • Taciano Moraes
    Webcast Coordinator
  • Ygor Campos
    Sound and Lighting Coordinator
  • Alana Morais
    Cultural Coordinator
  • André Tomazetti
    Film Production Coordinator
  • João Colagem
    Artistic Coordinator
  • Amanda Cordeiro
    General Coordinator