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Theme: We Are One

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 20th, 2011

About this event

A few weeks ago, when we had just entered school after a long summer, a lot of us were quite excited to get our hands into a big project; CAS and EISAP hours being the biggest motivator. For the first week our TEDx coordinators, Ms. Natale and Mrs. Kinderman, could not stop emphasizing the importance of showing commitment and working to a schedule. However, over time, as students such as myself were given leadership positions and started fulfilling our respective responsibilities, we began to take pride in the event; it became part of our daily routine. And coincidentally, our theme happened to be ‘We Are One’! Working towards a common goal has not only brought our team together, but the entire two senior batches and in doing so, WE HAVE BECOME ONE!
At Emirates International School - Jumeirah, some of the key values instilled in us include Leadership, Tolerance, Togetherness and Friendship. Over the last couple of years, many of us students became pioneers in our respective passions - in trying enhance the last years of our school life, we introduced new ideas, created new opportunities and in all brought our batch together. Putting those to together, this event has given us a platform, an audience and an opportunity to share our passions, our experiences and our ideas in order to convey our concept of 'We Are One'.
We at Emirates International School - Jumeirah welcome you to being part of the first ever TEDxYouth Event in the United Arab Emirates, organized entirely by students - come, join us in making history, BE THERE!

Confirmed Speakers

  • Apurv Kaushik
    Aged 14, Indian, brought up in Dubai, Apurv Kaushik is a student in grade 10, with a passion for writing.
  • Priyanka Kochikar-Pai
    Aged 16, born in Canada and brought up in Dubai, Priyanka Kochikar-Pai, of Indian origin, is currently considering law as a future field of study/work. She likes smiles, making noise, reading and caffeine.
  • Wafa Junaid
    Aged 16, of Indian descent and Arab ancestry. Wafa Junaid has a passion for travelling, charity work, debating, writing and reading. She plans to pursue law and literature with the hope of leave behind something for future generations.
  • Sergey Chsherba
    Aged 16, of Russian descent, and having grown up in Dubai, Sergey Chsherba is a student pursuing genetic engineering with a passion for Japanese pop culture.
  • Anna Sadykova
    Aged 17, born in Uzbekistan, from Russian descent and having spent the last 6 years in Dubai, Anna Sadykova, is a student pursuing the fields of architecture and interior design, with a strong passion for singing.
  • Mina Ayad
    Aged 15, of Egyptian descent, having grown up in Kuwait, and living in Dubai for the past eight years, Mina Ayad is a student pursuing a major in medicine whilst exploring his potential as a swimmer.
  • Dhruv Agarwala
    Aged 16, of Indian descent, grew up in India, and has spent the last 6 years in Dubai, Dhruv Agarwala is a student who is pursuing music, with a passion for music.
  • Harsh Sajnani
    Aged 16, of Indian origins, but being born and brought up in Dubai, U.A.E. Harsh Sajnani is a student pursuing entrepreneurship and economics and aspires to be a tycoon, with a passion for humor, networking and music.
  • Nikhil Punwaney
    Aged 16, from an Indian ancestry, having grown up in Yemen and spending the last eleven years in Dubai, Nikhil Punwaney is a student pursuing chemical engineering whilst exploring his passion for event management and squash.
  • Chandeep Seth
    Aged 16, of Indian descent, and having grown up in Dubai since birth, Chandeep Seth is a student pursuing fine arts with a passion for jazz, tacos and the fluid, creative world of animation
  • Aneesh Ramaswamy
    Aged 16, from an Indian lineage, and having taken up residency in Dubai for ten years, Aneesh Ramaswamy is a student aspiring to pursue quantum mechanics, alongside a revered passion for philosophy and debate.

Venue and Details

Emirates International School
Al Thanya Road
United Arab Emirates
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Silvia Natale
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Nikhil Punwaney
Team Leader
Aarti Venugopal
Head of Department - Promotion
Nessma Jouhri
Head of Department - Stage Curator
Shashank Menon
Head of Department - Technical
Priyanka Kochikar-Pai
Head of Department - PR
Anam Zaman
Head of Department - Auditioners
Wafa Junaid
Events Coordinator
Wafa Junaid
Events Coordinator
Adnan Basrai
Veera Bukshi
Master of Ceremonies
Veera Bukshi
Master of Ceremonies
Jasmine Ashmawi
Master of Ceremonies

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