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Theme: Youth Lead

This event occurred on
November 19, 2011
8:00am - 9:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Alexandria, ALX

This year we are happy to bring TEDxYouth to Alexandria, Egypt
in special recognition of the continuous youth powers to achieve!
In absolute trust and extreme confidance that such event can stimulate the youth's strength to lead their dreams and create their future. Our theme this year sheds a light on leadership and power - YOUth LEAD. A list of inspirational kids, teens and adults will be under the stage's spotlight raising their inspirations and influencing children to lead and achieve.

Alexandria Center Of Arts
1 Horeya Street ( Extension of Fouad Street )
Mehatet Elraml, Alexandria, Egypt
Alexandria, ALX, 21411
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Ahmed Nabil

A 14 years old student at Alexandria Language School. Middle 2. His hobby is playing football & he is very interesting in Robotics. He dreams about working in the GOOGLE Company one day. His role model is Steve Jobs - Apple`s founder - & that is because he never gave up hope & he started from the 0 point from his own garage to become a man who inspired the whole world.The most sentence Ahmed likes for Steve Jobs is:"Live before u die". He Participated in the 2010 robotics FirstLego League (FLL) & the 2011 world robot Olympiads - Egypt finals & was an organizer at the techno innovation competition (TIC) event . He is an optimistic person who believes that tomorrow is better than today. His favorite sentence is BE HAPPY!

Nehal Salah

Nehal lived an "out of the box" childhood, school and college life. She was considered one of the Leaders of both her school and college class. She decided to enjoy every single moment of her life as a student so she worked out a perfect mélange: She was extremely clever, a sportif with unique sportsmanship, the "naughty" student who is loved for her humor and the "energizer" of her class. She plays guitar, sings, dances salsa, meditates, hikes, bikes and loves watching movies, writes scripts, plays board game andloves playing with children. On the professional level, She is considered to have proceeded very fast and very successfully on her career path. She is a holder of an MBA, from ESLSCA, France, a marketing consultant, trainer, and life-coach, former Editor-in-Chief of TeenStuff and Kelmetna, former Coordinator of LEADERSHIP for Education Program at the AUC, and The former Manager of International and Local Cultural Affairs, October 6 University. Her favorite quote: "Be the Change you want to see in the world" .Mahatma Ghandi

Hesahm Elsherif

A 17 year old amateur film maker & wannabe a poet . Since his early childhood, he used to act what he saw in cartoons with his mother and sometimes friends and create in his mind new super heroes! He claims he has got a vision but he is sure of having the passion... The passion to express what is inside of him in many ways… the passion to be something different! He believes in the capability of inspiring people with a youthful piece of art, motivate them to work with a movie, show them their bright side of their lives and of life. He started making short clips since 2009/2010 with some clips that shows the eagerness and passion of young people. Later in 2011, he started making clips expressing his point of view in life issues. From the theater view, his school won the Big Read competition 2010, while he played the role of one of the main characters, so he was chosen to represent Egypt in the US festival of books with 8 other students from all over Egypt! His life quote is: “DREAM a big dream and work hard to achieve it, regardless all the disappointments and go AGAINST the way, against the flow to express your MESSAGE.”

Khaled Elsayed

An 8th grade student Khaled is a hard worker, active boy who loves playing sports. He is very outgoing, open minded and likes to make new relationships with different people, he is always passionate about learning more and listening to new ideas. He is very optimistic and cheerful, seeks for the positive sides of everything. His hobbies are sports, surfing internet, reading and learning new things. Khaled is inspired by Great Prophet Mohamed, Larry Page and Sergery Brin, Steve Jobs, and Mostafa Abd El Gelil. He participated in FLL, YESBU, BASEF, and WRO Arabia. His favourite quote is for Steve Jobs: "I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' and whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something."

Tarek Zidan

Tarek Zidan is the CEO of Edrak for Edutainment Projects Development Company; a company specialized in providing edutainment and wellness solutions to the community. Mr. Zidan established Edrak in January, 2010 to develop projects throughout the Middle East in the fields of Edutainment, Fitness and Wellness. He succeeded to acquire, for the first time in Egypt, the franchise of three international brands; KidZania (Edutainment), Jazzercise, and The Little Gym (Fitness). Mr. Zidan is also the CEO of Athear Trading Co., the Enterprise Partner for Etisalat, which was established in 2004. Through Athear, Mr. Zidan was able to launch a number of businesses in the IT & Telecommunications fields including consumer electronics mobility stores and IT Capacity Building. Prior to that, he was the Director of International Operations of Raya Holding. In his capacity, he was managing a team of 21 members and overall sales figures of US$ 16 million. He was also the Managing Director of Protect (Nokia Mobile Phones’s exclusive distributor in Egypt), UniTec, and Starnet - a leading ISP in Egypt. Mr. Zidan brings twenty years of experience in business development and management with hands-on knowledge in sales, strategic management and CIT. As the Managing Director of Athear Trading and CEO of Edrak, he is interested in exploring new ventures and offering unique services in these diverse sectors. Mr. Zidan is a 1991 graduate of Ain Shams University and holds a BSC in Electrical Engineering, specialized in Telecommunications and Electronics

Yasmine Al-Shaarawy

An 11 years old kid longing for experiences and adventures in life.Always remembers to smile for a better picture.likes challenging and learning And as much as she loves challenging,she loves most the inside spirit.Interested in knowledge.Loves writing and reading as she wants ti be a writer one day.Having belief in a better future,and faith in a better person.Achieving her future starting by today and be what she wants in the future to be now.Likes participating and volunteering.Robotics is her thing! Hopes to Give as much as she could in order to receive what's better.Can not live without a smile! That's yasmine..

Aya Mohamed

I'm a 16-year-old psychology lover, I have always been fascinated by the human capabilities and differences . I never really stop thinking about the relations of their actions and what happens as destiny, when I do I start reading or talking about them ! :D, I hope one day I could clear lots of misconceptions and answer questions about life. I'm also interested in Human Development and Education (as they are one of the major things that could change the society as a whole) I wish I could have a great role in developing education in Egypt, maybe the middle east or the world . Currently I'm working on being qualified to do so.

Asdaa Team

We are a group of deaf and hard-of-hearing kids between 7: 16 years; we hear by our eyes and talk by our hands. We believe that the success of one of us in our deaf community is the success for the whole community. We have a lot of success stories in the field of technology such as First LEGO League (FLL) and World Robot Olympiad (WRO) competitions and we win our inclusion in the society. We have our unique initiatives to enrichment the life of the deaf community. We learn how to be a team working according to our values. We create our chances and make our decisions by ourselves. We have not a hopelessness or disappointment in our language; you can do it JUST when you believe.

Osama Ahmed

17-year-old student Osama is the head of "positive young people initiative", also a volunteer in "future protectors association". Osama has always been passionate about science; he participated in researches such as "the alternative for CFC in refrigeration" as well as "students and science". Osama was still in primary school when he had his first dream of giving a lecture in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. He believed in his dream and worked hard to make it come true, his faith was why that dream came true eventually. Now he has a new dream; he believes that one day Egyptian youth will lead the whole world. He believes that one day, being “Egyptian” will be a source of pride for everyone. He is always looking forward to improving his skills in order to be an effective member in society. Osama's favorite quote is one for Eleanor Roosevelt who said "The Future only belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams".

Mohamed Zerban

I am a 17 years old student called "z3rban" . In the past two years I have won first on the Intel Basef 2010 ,participated at the Intel ISEf 2010 , won forth place at ISC ARAB , was the Vice Head of programs at TEDxYouth@Alexandria and did a hand full of other thing that I had never dreamt of doing . I have many aims that I wish to accomplish before I die ; the most important two are to win a noble prize and make a huge good change to the Arab world , a change that I would be remembered with after my death . Thumbs up :)

Sohaila Rabee

A 16 years old dreamer to be the first muslim women to be president. Although she lived her entire life abroad, yet her feelings for her country remanded. Politics is a huge part of her life, she comes from a history of politicians. Her father always taught her to speak her mind and never fear anything ! She lived in Canada and she participated in many campaigns to spread political awareness and the importance of voting in hope that one day each citizen well practice his right to vote.

Amr Katamesh

24-year-old Amr Katamesh is an actor/comedian, he has claimed the title of this season’s “Arabs Got Talent”, 2011. He lives in Cairo; he graduated in Faculty of Science, Helwan University. Katamesh categorized his poems under the name of ‘Halamentishy’ poetry; he used to write a kind of modernized poetry adding this sarcastic theme to his poems. Amr’s witty poetry inspired by the Egyptian revolution had the audience and judges in stitches. Amr’s life dream is to see his own country in a better position and always in progress, hopefully, his dream would come true.

Mahmoud Hammad

16-year-old talented Mahmoud wants to be an actor, also dreams to be an organizer of events, camps, competitions, and many other activities held all over the world. Since his early childhood, mirror used to be one of his best friends as he spent hours and hours in front of the mirror just acting. He gained a lot of experience in civil work field through working with many organizations as a volunteer, organizer or even participating in their events. His dream is to help youth all over the world from many perspectives; one of these is teaching them some skills by letting them participate in some interesting events. That is why he founded an organization called "FEHA FEKRA". He hopes that the idea of "FEHA FEKRA" could be spread all over the world. His life quote is "be Creative" and "if you didn't leave a mark in others' lives…then you didn't live".

Fadel Soliman

Dr. Fadel Soliman graduated from St. George Language Schools of the Catholic Coptic minority in Cairo 1983, and then from the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Communication and Electronics at Ain Shams University. An international speaker and presenter of Islam, giving his presentations to more than 65,000 in 16 countries in the U.S.A. and other countries throughout the world in, such as the American Department of Defense, as well as in international events, such as the Frankfurt International Book Fair, 2004. Former muslim chaplain at the American university in Washington ,D.C . from 2001 to 2004. Former national chaplain of WAMY , the world assembly of muslim youth, in north central American office. A member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. The director of Bridges Foundation, an international organization aiming to bridge the gap between Muslims and non Muslims through educating each side about the culture of the other.

Sarah Al-Shaarawy

A 17 year old high school student. Empowered by innovation, driven by passion and walks with intentions. She is a young science researcher with national and international awards in scientific research for youth. She also represented Egypt with her team Techno Future Egypt in robotics competitions and they recorded champions awards. She received several scholarships in addition to presenting motivational speeches for younger kids. She has an identical twin who is a dedicated supporter for her, they both are a team in their achievments. Sarah has a strong passion towards the art world. She strives to follow the creativity trends and is inspired by anything around .

Amad Almasoudi

An innovative Yemeni entrepreneur who decided to live in Alexandria after several risks to develop just another business project of his own! He got a diploma in the Faculty of Commerce from the university of Tacoma with a degree of Excellence with honors in 2005. Then got a degree in Information Systems from the University of Washington with a degree of excellence too in 2007. Then in 2009 earned a master's degree in technology management in the University of the Pacific with a degree of Excellence. He won MIT competition with the third place with his team from 1,800 competitors in 2010. Honored by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, his own company listed on the Top 10 Arab companies in the field of technical innovation in 2009. Won the contest site's neighbors in Creative Writing for Entrepreneurship first place. He is currently the founder of Aqarmap! A web based entrepreneual activity. His inspiring story of leadership, and risk taking experience will definitely motivate you!

Mariam Maarouf

17-year-old Mariam Maarouf is not only an author, editor and translator, but also she's a member of a family who are mostly publishers. She has been raised up to devour books and adore the word in its own essence. At the age 13, she discovered the charm that words can have on readers also, she realized how enjoyable it was to plot impossible scenarios or just let out extra negative energy through writing. By the age of 16, she had written and published her debut novel - ROSIE, and now, she's working on her second novel - SKYQUAKE.

Mohamed Elbaih

Based on sincere passion to be an aknowledged artist, Mohamed ElBaih an eighteen years old freshman at the faculty of law english section, Ain Shams univeristy, did not have enough of just being good at football, tennis and breakdance! So he started following his ambition and self learned the beatbox as a first step towards getting to know the flute, violin and Oud. He has always been dreaming of travelling around the world with his talent, in an intention of influencing positively. He is looking forward to attend the world champion of beat-box later in Berlin, Germany. So, come up watch this talent! You'll definitely get inspired!

Organizing team


Alexandria, Egypt, Egypt
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    Vice Chair
  • Mohamed El-Hadad
    Sponsorship Coordinator
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    Sponsorship Coordinator
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    Head of Programs
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