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Theme: Communication Lighting Up Minds

This event occurred on
September 29, 2011
11:20am - 8:00pm BRT
(UTC -3hrs)
Sao Paulo, AM

Communication Lighting Up Minds

ESPM São Paulo
Dr. Alvaro Alvin, 123
Sao Paulo, AM, 04018-010
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Paulo Markun

Onstage host

Rafinha Bastos

Journalist, host of the programs “A Liga” and “CQC”, as well as an actor and comedian. Today he is considered the most influential person on twitter, according to a research from the NY Times, released in March/2011.

Pedro Bial

journalist who started working for “Rede Globo” in 1981. There he began in “Jornal Hoje”, then on “Globo Reporter”, and was a foreign correspondent who covered major events such as the Gulf War, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. He commanded the Brazilian TV program called “Fantástico”, in which he started as a presenter. Since 2002, he has been in charge of the reality show “Big Brother Brazil”.

Enio Ohmaye

chief scientist of the EF Englishtown education technology team. He developed Englishtown’s, UNext, Apple Computers and the Institute for the Learning Sciences (ILS) pioneer educational software. Graduated in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo, and having a master's degree in Computer Science from George Washington University, as well as a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Education at Yale and Northwestern.

Fred Gelli

designer founding partner and creative director of Tactile Design Ideas. In 2010, the company won a competition with 139 other agencies, and developed the brand “Olympic Games Rio 2016”.

Luis Lara

ad executive, president of “Lew'Lara \ TBWA” and president of “Abap” (Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies).

Juliana Rocha Barroso

president of “Viração” Magazine, published monthly in São Paulo (SP) by the NGO “Viração Educomunicação”, focused on the youth and teenager market throughout Brazil, on principles such as human rights, education for peace, solidarity among peoples and ethnic and racial diversity.

Valdir Cimino

former student of “ESPM”. Being ad executive, he has appeared in several advertising agencies, attended the launch of MTV and was responsible for marketing communications of CGM, and “Rede Globo de Televisão”. He is founding director of the Association's “Viva e Deixe Viver, OSCIP” whose mission is to foster education and culture in health, through a body of volunteers who work in hospitals as storytellers for children in hospital.

Claudia Sofia Pereira

is the general director of “ABRASCO” - Brazilian Association of deafblind.


graffiti artist who believes art has to do with attitude. For seven years he has been coloring the gray walls of major cities around the world. The graffiti spread around - including on carts from collectors of recycled material - featuring characters and impact sentences that evoke thoughts, influence people and change habits at quiet and effective manifests.

Mina Ahadi

Iranian activist, she is the official spokesperson of the International Committee against Women Stoning. She uses the power of people around the world in their struggle for freedom in Iran and also to ensure the universality of human rights.

Andreas Heinecke

founder of platform "Dialogue in the Dark," where participants experience darkness and blind people "teach us” the sight.

Miguel Neiva

Porto designer, he is the creator of ColorAdd, the system of identifying colors for color blind people, considered by “Galileu” magazine "one of the 40 ideas that will change the world."

Anurag Kashyap

Indian, one of the most important filmmakers of Bollywood.

Claudio Pinhanez

computer scientist, a service scientist, and a media artist. He has been a research scientist at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center since 1999, where he currently conducts research on Service Science (theory, tools, methodology, and applications); and in Ubiquitous Computing and advanced computer interfaces. He is currently assigned to IBM Brazil. His currently work focus on service design and engineering, applying service theory concepts to human-computer interfaces, notably in the context of technical help; and on establishing a better theoretical framework to differentiate services from manufacturing. He is also part of the worldwide effort to establish Service Science as an academic discipline, under the IBM SSME (Service Science, Management, and Engineering) initiative. Claudio has done extensive work in human-computer interfaces and ubiquitous computing, especially as part of the Everywhere Interactive Displays project, a novel interactive projection technology that is being used to create new services and experiences in retail environments. Claudio was born in Brazil, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of São Paulo. He obtained his Ph.D. in Media Arts and Sciences in 1999 from the MIT Media Laboratory where he conducted research on computer vision and artificial intelligence, and created and produced computerized theater performances. Claudio has also been a visiting researcher at ATR Laboratories (Kyoto, Japan, 1996) and at Sony Computer Science Laboratory (Tokyo, Japan, 1998). Claudio has more than 90 international publications, including 3 best paper awards, and many patents in the US, Japan, and EU. In 2003 he received the award o Most Promising Scientist with a Graduate Degree from Hispanic Engineers National Achievement Awards Conference (HENAAC). Claudio’s interactive art installations having being shown, among other places, at the NCC ITT museum in Tokyo, Japan.


A little girl with a sweet voice and some delusional ideas.

Andre Abujamra

André Abujamra is a critically and internationally acclaimed brazilian score composer, musician, singer, guitarist, actor and comedian.

Victor Cavalcante

Victor Cavalcante graduated from Instituto de Guitarra e Tecnlogia school of Guitar and majoring on music at the University of São Paulo. He plays the guitar since the age of eleven and is the currently guitarist of Roma. He has played alongside Paul Zinner (Rita Lee and Golpe de Estado), Kiko Muller (Golpe de Estado), Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin) and Wander Taffo (Radio Taxi). He also was approved at the entrance exam in Physics College at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, but before doing registration he found that the music was really his passion and vocation. Today Victor is a musician, teacher and endorser. Among his friends he is also known for his remarkable smile.

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São Paulo, Brazil

Castello Branco

São Paulo, Brazil
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