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This event occurred on
March 22, 2012
1:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
West Lafayette, IN
United States

TEDxPurdueU 2012 was a platform for Purdue storytellers to provide actionable lessons on innovation! Registration to attend was full. The FULL live stream is available at: mms://video1.itap.purdue.edu/bns/Conferences/2012TEDxPurdueU/TEDxPurdueU120322.wmv !

Check out our YouTube playlist as well! http://www.youtube.com/user/tedxpurdue

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Fowler Hall
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, 47907
United States
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Jason Tennenhouse

Jason Tennenhouse considers himself a designer and business strategist. He is presently Founder and Owner of Greyhouse Coffee & Supply co., and Director of Campus House, a faith-based non-profit. After earning his academic degrees from Purdue in Design, Psychology, and Business, Jason went on to be an exhibit designer at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum as well as a concept artist and product designer in the toy industry. His work has been featured in several national publications and sold internationally. He has started several companies and helped architect dozens of non-profit initiatives around the world. Jason was a volunteer firefighter and a DHS Incident Commander, is an international relief-worker, guest-lectures several courses in Business and Engineering, and currently serves on the Public Art Advisory Committee for the City of West Lafayette. Jason and his wife, Diane, are the proud parents of three girls, including twins. Jason seeks to allocate his skills, education and experiences to make our community and the world a little bit better place.

Art Norins

Art Norins is a proven entrepreneur, who has successfully built multiple businesses from concept to reality. Currently he serves as the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Nor1, a hyper growth internet company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. He founded Nor1 to meet the needs of travel suppliers searching for innovative ways to increase revenue while simultaneously enhancing the consumer’s travel experience at a phenomenal value. Nor1 has over 75 team members with revenues being generated in 70+ countries and 30+ currencies. Nor1’s lead investors include Goldman Sachs, Otter Capital, PAR Capital and #1 globally rated VC firm, Accel Partners (Facebook investor). Some of the customers that leverage Nor1’s eStandby product suite include Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt, InterContinental, Radisson, Fairmont, Sol Melia, Kimpton, and Four Seasons to name a few. Through the building of Nor1, Art has developed an impressive network of high level relationships in the travel industry, investment community (Blackstone, Colony Capital, TPG, major VC firms) and Silicon Valley. Prior to creating Nor1, he founded Sandium, a B2B commercial heating ventilation and air conditioning system equipment supplier which provides engineered solutions for mission critical applications such as bio-tech facilities. Sandium also has initiatives in the high-end residential market along with partner manufacturing facilities in Germany and China. Art continues his role as Chairman of Sandium. Art is passionate about supporting fellow entrepreneurs; whether that be via angel investment, mentoring / board / advisory board roles or speaking engagements [Cornell University, Erasmus (Rotterdam), Harvard, Purdue, Stanford, etc…]. He has philanthropic initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa and serves on the Board of the Indiana Institute of Global Health along with Purdue University's Strategic Alliance Council. Art has traveled extensively (visited over 100 countries spanning six continents) and has lived internationally. He is a patent holder and earned an Engineering degree from Purdue University.

Amanda Schoolcraft

Amanda Schoolcraft is a senior in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering and works at Cook Biotech, Incorporated in the International Regulations Department. She has a heart for service and for finding the place where her greatest strengths and the world's greatest needs intersect. She cannot wait to see where God will take her next!

Matt Barnes

Matthew Barnes is a professional free-running/parkour athlete and owner/instructor of Momenta Free-running & Parkour Classes. He also works for the World Free-Running Parkour Federation as a graphic designer and branding consultant. As an affiliate athlete for the WFPF, he performed in an NBA halftime show and for a Red Bull Art of Motion event. At Purdue, Matthew is currently pursuing a Master’s of Structural Engineering, but spends his spare time cooking with his wife (mostly tasting), painting and practicing foreign languages.

Gerhard Klimeck

Gerhard Klimeck is the Associate Director for Technologies of the NCN (Network for Computational Nanotechnology) and a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. The NCN provides on-line simulation resources to the Nanotechnology Community at large through its nanoHUB. nanoHUB provides the capability to perform on-line simulation through a web browser without the installation of any software. nanoHUB served over 10,800 simulation users and over 195,000 users in the year 2011 alone. Gerhard’s research interest is the modeling of nanoelectronic devices, genetic algorithm based optimization, and image processing. Gerhard is also Faculty-Part-Time Principal member at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Applied Cluster Computing Technologies Group.

Tahira Reid

Tahira Reid received national acclaim for patenting a childhood invention: a double-dutch jump rope device. Her idea led to two grants from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance. She has exhibited her device at the Smithsonian and demonstrated it on NBC’s Today Show. Her story is even featured in two children’s books. Tahira received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She received her PhD from the University of Michigan in design science, with mechanical engineering and psychology as her focus areas. Before coming to Purdue, she was a STEM Future Faculty Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University. While there, Tahira conducted eye-tracking studies that examined the visual information people use to make decisions about designs, and how it varies when subjects are presented with 2D and 3D forms.

Mike Fry

Mike Fry is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who will share how he made his millions in an unlikely way, and how he uses innovation to continue to grow his current businesses as well as expand his horizons in many other directions. And here’s something ironic: while Mike runs an all-American company with all his staff based at his Indiana factory, the only job that is outsourced to Asia is his own, as he is in high demand there as a speaker and workshop presenter.

Steven Wereley

Professor Wereley has bachelor’s degrees in Physics (Lawrence University, 1990) and Mechanical Engineering (Washington University, St. Louis, 1990) followed by master’s and doctoral degrees from Northwestern University (1992 and 1997). He is currently a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University, where he has been working since 1999, and a Fellow at the Center of Smart Interfaces, Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany). Professor Wereley served as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at both Technische Universität Darmstadt (2007) and Universität der Bundeswehr (2009). His current research interests focus on fluid flows in microscopic domains, commonly known as microfluidics. Professor Wereley is the co-author of the monographs Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics (Artech House, 2002 and 2006) and Particle Image Velocimetry: A Practical Guide (Springer, 2007). The latter book led to his involvement with the oil spill.

Tony Coiro

Tony Coiro has been passionate about two things his whole life; science and trouble-making. Shortly after his 18th birthday, he began working for CERN in Geneva, Switzerland but it did not take him long to realize you cannot ride a particle accelerator (or at least, you should not). Since then, his focus has been on electric vehicles, the electrical grid and building motorcycles in his living room. Tony is currently a senior in Physics at Purdue University.

David Goulait

David Goulait established Goulait & Associates in 2008 to enable the development of New Market Creation as well as Sustaining Growth business capability. David has both presented and published his learning in numerous formats both in public and corporate settings. His 35+ years of organizational design, management, process & product design, business creation, and practical experience in the leading change are the basis for enabling others to create a new and improved level of innovation and growth to include being on the board of a start-up company. Prior to establishing Goulait & Associates, David had a 30+ year career at Procter &Gamble in both R&D and manufacturing. He has worked closely with P&G corporate and business unit leaders to create New Business capability by using “Disruptive Market Innovation Principles and Tools” for insuring sustainable corporate growth for P&G. David also created and led the Innovation Productivity Community of Practice and the Front End of Innovation process and system development. As a result of this capability creation effort, P&G was recognized as one of “Fortune’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies” 4 years in a row, while P&G continued to grow at double digit rates. David has BSIE and MSIE degrees from Purdue University (1972, 1973) and an M.B.A. from Xavier University in 1987. After serving four years in the U.S. Army, David joined P&G in 1977. He is a member of PDMA, where he is recognized as a Certified New Product Development Professional. David has received more than 50 patents in product, material, process, and fundamental science.

Kyle Bowen

Kyle Bowen is Director of Informatics at Purdue University, where he leads a technology group focused on creating innovative mobile apps for teaching and learning. A relentless pursuer of technologies that hack the classroom, Kyle is also an international speaker on mobile and social network powered learning. His work has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, and Mashable.

Philip Low

Philip Low has received several national and international research awards, an NIH Merit Award, and both of Purdue University’s awards for outstanding research. He has published over 270 refereed articles and currently serves on 4 editorial boards and several external advisory boards for major institutions. Philip’s research into receptor-targeted therapeutic and imaging agents has lead to more than 30 U.S. patents/patents pending. Thus far, the development of these patents has yielded 5 targeted drugs that are currently undergoing human clinical trials for kidney, ovarian, breast, lung, brain and endometrial cancers. He has founded a company called Endocyte Inc. based on this technology. Philip has been a member of Purdue University faculty since 1976 and is currently the Ralph C. Corley Distinguished Professor of Chemistry.

Bill Sinunu

William Sinunu is the co-founder of Globally Hip, a cross-cultural consulting firm specialized in evolving universities and corporations into savvy entitities. A University of Chicago-trained Master Facilitator, Sinunu's insightful material and energetic style lends to captivating presentations garnering kudos from a diverse group of fans including the likes of Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear, Citigroup Senior Executive Brenda Hopgood and Harvard professor Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and the best-selling author of Life Could Be Sweeter and The Sweet Lifeand conducts workshops, seminars and conferences for universities and corporations in the U.S. and overseas. Sinunu has worked as a multi-lingual interpreter for the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs and as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Human Services. Sinunu has presented to a variety of audiences, from corporations like Citigroup, JetBlue Airways and Sun Life Financial to colleges such as Johns Hopkins, New York University and Purdue University.


Aaron Spalding started playing electric bass at about 10 years old. After playing bass through his teens he switched to percussion and since 1998 has focused on African music, mostly the music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and Cuban style conga drumming. As a founding member of the band Bliss Gypsys, he toured the United States and British Columbia, Canada. He has learned the fundamentals of West African djembe and Indian tabla with a little guitar and banjo thrown in for fun. Adam Rice began playing the djembe in 2005. Several years later, he began providing percussion at local solo artists' shows. In 2008 he played with Laugh At Linus, a folk-funk-rock band, and for the past two years has been accompanying The Bailout Revival, a rusty-rock cover band. In 2009, Adam joined CircAfrique, and has had the privilege of learning to play traditional West African and Zimbabwean music. During this time he has been introduced to the marimba, the mbira and several other West African drums. James Harney started playing acoustic and electric guitar in 1992, rocking out to classic rock, heavy metal, and punk. In 1997 he joined The Sellouts, a pop group that played coffee shops and college parties. In 2004 he joined circAfrique and began studying traditional music from West Africa and Zimbabwe on instruments such as djembe, dunun, mbira huru dzavadzimu, mbira nyunga nyunga or karimba, marimba, and guitar. In 2009 he began studying traditional music from the United States on the mountain dulcimer. In 2011 he began studying latin percussion on instruments such as tumbadora and pandeiro. Robin Pickett and Sundeep Rao first studied West African Drumming with Yaya Kabo, of the Casamance region of Senegal, who taught them about a lot more than drumming. They also took classes in West African dance from Idy Ciss, of the Muntu Dance Troupe in Chicago. Recently, they have been studying Djembe and dunun with Master Drummer M. Bolokada Conde. Other than djembe, dunun and marimba, Robin plays a mean hosho. Sundeep’s motto is "I may not have the innate talent, but I make up for it with perseverance". An amateur ethnomusicologist, his music interests range from mbira to didgeridoo to Central Asian throat singing.

Sarah Miller

While pursuing her bachelor's degree in Interior Design, Sarah Miller was instrumental in forming Purdue's Solar Decathlon team. As architecture and design manager, she followed her passion for sustainability into Purdue's Atlantis program and is currently working on her master's degree in Building Construction Management. Her thesis research involves analysing and projecting costs associated with residential solar electric systems.

Lee Causey

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Lee Causey began his educational career at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. While in Charlotte, he studied energy management and also designed and built an electric bicycle with regenerative braking. After receiving his B.S. from UNCC, Lee came to Purdue to continue studying energy management and currently works intensely on the Solar Decathlon team.

Erica Morin

Erica Morin is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at Purdue University. Originally from Ticonderoga, New York and a graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh, her research focuses on the history of environmental policy-making and activism in the protected Adirondack Park in northern New York State. In the classroom, she is committed to pedagogical innovation and making history more accessible and interesting for every student. Her unique approach to teaching the U.S. History survey course combines primary sources, digital technology, and visually appealing presentations to engage a new generation of students and broaden their perception of what "history" really means.

Michael Kane

Michael Kane’s professional interests involve aspects of genomics, biomedical informatics, and technology commercialization. His professional experience includes preclinical research in the pharmaceutical industry, Vice President of R&D at a publicly-traded genomics/biotechnology company, and co-founding companies based on technology and methods that he developed and patented. He serves as a co-founder and co-inventor of an auto-aiming broadband wireless antenna company (Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems, Inc), as well as co-founder and co-inventor of a genomics and personalized medicine company (Genomic Guidance, LLC). Michael is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Technology in the College of Technology at Purdue University, and serves as the Lead Genomic Scientist at the Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue’s Discovery Park, and Visiting Research Scientist in the College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University.

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