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Theme: Re-Inventing Education

Binghamton, NY, United States
April 2nd, 2011

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About this event

Many learning institutions in our world are as unequipped as those attending them to face the future. At Binghamton University, a shift has occurred that has jolted education out of the classroom, and into every aspect of our lives. Each speaker has taken a leap away from standard education, and is all the better because of it. Whether it is Professor Regan's time researching international conflict by living with foreign political rebels, or Professor Garcia's time studying the biology of sex while performing the largest study of singles ever in America, these speakers have transformed the role of an educator into something more approachable, and more pragmatic. Presented by the SA, SAPB, and by Dean Nieman of Binghamton University's Harpur College, TEDxBinghamtonUniversity promises to fascinate all attendees, leaving them at the end of the day only to have them run to their computers and continue where the speakers left off.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Patrick Regan
    Professor Regan is a political science professor who specializing in international conflict. Teaching a variety of courses each semester, Professor Regan introduces students to forms of issues in world politics and means to manage those conflicts. Regan publishes frequently and has been a professor at Binghamton University for fourteen years.
  • Anna Gotlib
    After spending time as a practicing attorney specializing in international affairs, Gotlib decided to go back to her routes in academia and got her Ph.D to begin teaching. Since then, she has run the Pell Honors program in philosophy and has taught a variety of classes on medical ethics. Her focus on ethics takes a novel approach of facing the future with as much moral mindedness as pragmatism.
  • Eric Dietrich
    Professor Dietrich's work has been published many times, whether it be on his focus of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, metaphysics, or philosophy of mind. Teaching at Binghamton University for over twenty years, Professor Dietrich has moved beyond his basis in philosophy and has taught courses in a variety of social and hard sciences.
  • Sarah Thompson
    Professor Thompson is currently the head of the Binghamton Eating Awareness Committee, and teaches Health and Wellness courses on weight loss, nutrition, and aerobics. Professor Thompson's unique approach to weight loss and fitness focuses on positivity and self-image as a means to accomplish goals, while keeping the fitness program based in the most recent scientific information.
  • Scott Craver
    Creator of the "Craver Attack", Scott Craver is one of Binghamton University's most prestigious electric engineers. After winning the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, Craver went on to continue his study in hiding information through pictures, and has been published in a number of textbooks and journals.
  • Florenz Plassmann
    Specializing in the field of public and urban economics, Professor Plassmann has been a member of the Binghamton University Economics department for six years. He spent time as the Program Director of Economics for the National Science Foundation, and is now working on an economic model of justice that is applicable to our everyday lives.
  • Justin Garcia
    Garcia’s primary research focuses on the evolutionary and biological foundations of human love, intimacy, and sexual behavior. An evolutionary biologist and sexologist, Garcia has studied the nature of romantic relationships, infidelity, orgasm, cuddling, and sexual hook-ups, among other topics. Garcia’s work extends beyond the laboratory and classroom, currently working on two books and frequently appearing in the media, he also serves as a Scientific Advisor to the online dating site,
  • Richard Lee
    Professor Lee is an extensively published professor who focuses on global changes in knowledge structures, including the closing gap between the "hard sciences" and the humanities. His insights on the modern world and the long term social change that has brought us to where we find ourselves today has attracted the attention of many publishers and academics alike.
  • David Sloan Wilson
    As an evolutionary biologist, Professor Wilson has revolutionized the field of evolution by creating and supporting a theory of multi-level selection. He is the writer of Evolution For Everyone: How Darwin's Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives, and utilizes his knowledge about evolution in a practical manner putting it to use by helping to design a better Binghamton.

Venue and Details

Binghamton University Union UU206/209
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY, 13902
United States

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Wantagh, NY, United States

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