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Theme: The Next Generation: Our Place in this World

This event occurred on
May 30, 2014
6:00pm - 9:00pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Chicago, IL
United States

Our speakers are the people that the numbers and statistics the youth of Chicago are represented. They are identified on charts and graphs as: Chicago Public School students, 14 to 18 years old, 97% low income, 25.7% meeting and exceeding state tests, 47.8 % Hispanic, 50.3% Black, 1.3% White.

Our speakers prove that they are not just a number, statistic, or graph. Our speakers have passions and concerns about the world they live in. They recognize that their community is in dire need of change and that their passion can spark that change. Our speakers will speak to how they believe they can positively impact the world around them so that their future is in their hands and not someone else’s. Our speakers share with their audience that their ideas are more than just worth spreading, but worth acting on.

Carver Military Academy
13100 S Doty Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60827
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Kayla Williams

Kayla Williams, 16-year-old girl with a mind of wonders. She loves to write and sing. Helping people is her passion because she knows how someone could need help as much as she does. Born and raised in Chicago, she has a big brother and a little sister who she cares for so much. Music keeps her going because music opens a panel in her mind that makes her realize that reality is right in front of her. Life, to her, is great and she doesn’t mind enjoying it which is why she is so passionate about making sure people live long, happy lives. Kayla believes we need to have an open and honest conversation about suicide prevention in order to ensure every appreciates the life they have.

Angelique Butler

Angelique has always been an activist for the gay community. Her creativity to address an issue that teenagers usually avoid confronting has been greatly admired by her peers. She believes that gay athletes are like all other athletes. Angelique is like any other teenage girl. She is very nice and soft spoken. She is also a Gemini which means she has two sides to her, a good one, and a bad one. She was born and raised in the south/east side of Chicago, and wouldn't mind living there for the rest of her life.

Nylielah Figgers

15-year old Nyielah Figgers lives in Chicago, Illinois. She is a sweet, fun, talented, yet sensitive girl who enjoys living life to the fullest. She is also a little shrinking violet who tends to stay to herself and chooses not to go along with the in crowd. Instead of knowing how to run down the street and back in under 5 seconds, Nyielah’s main talents include cosmetology, poetry, and writing music. Nyielah feels that life is not all about being the life of the party She thinks that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin, living life the best ways possible. Nyielah calls herself, “confused, but confident.”

Stephanie Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez is a 16 year old who grew up and was raised in Chicago by her single mother and older brother. She is an honor roll student who constantly tries to do her best in everything she does just for the sake of self achievement. She has a great fascination for music and art. Stephanie always liked to learn new things. She plans to go to college and graduate.Stephanie will speak from personal experience of growing up in a single parent home and why our culture needs to reconsider the way we perceive single parents.

Taylor Nixon

Taylor is sixteen years old and grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up with her mom and dad until they got seperated. After this event, her mom went back to school and began to prove how important school was. Her favorite subject in school is writing, only because it is the only subject that came naturally to her. Since writing is incorporated in almost every subject, school is easy to for her. However continuing education after high school is difficult for many. This is why she believes it is important to expose her peers and community to opportunities that will guide them in the right direction

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