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This event occurred on
June 27, 2014
10:00am - 7:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Cairo, C

“IDENTITY?" Our communities have a way of shaping us. At times, we try with all our strength to push away the limitations forced upon us by our surroundings; sometimes we forget the cause that we were struggling to attain in the first place because our surroundings disapprove of the way we trek it; other times, we thrive and shake off any antagonistic concept or vile disruption of our paths by sliding through the obstacles and as a result filling dents in the question mark that is our existence.

German University in Cairo
Cairo, C
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University (What is this?)
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Sherif Boghdady

Life is too complicated, so why complicate it more? My motto in life since university days. An American University in Cairo graduate, with major economics and minor chemistry, whom it took 7 years to graduate. Due to the fact that I was still an enrolled 23 year-old, I couldn't be employed, ergo I constructed my own factory for dyeing cotton and polyester yarn. By the age of 28, I took charge of the family business, which is technically the sole producer for textile machinery spare parts besides mine. Finally, in 2013, I joined my childhood friend in a landscaping company, TGS, and we pioneered in the development and construction of the first complete roof planting system. It is already successfully installed in the American university in Cairo (AUC) dorms, and will be marketed on both the local and worldwide levels.

Louay Ali

Louay Ali, 23 years old. The youngest LIVESTRONG Leader in the world. Run for Yellow's founder and the brain behind Egypt's first team for supporting cancer patients psychologically not financially. Co-founder of the Egyptian League of American Football and Co-founder of Cairo's biggest American football team: Cairo Sharks. Athlete since he was three and half. He works as a solutions engineer at Google and he also has a part time job. "I convince people to shave their hair each day. For cancer" That's Louay Ali's own saying and motto.

Eslam Khalil

El Hassan Bilal Makled

I graduated from the GUC in 2013 majoring in Digital Media Engineering and Technology. I have worked as a freelance web developer and currently working as a part-time web developer for a startup called "Unplugged", a web agency. Also, I worked as a game designer and developer for a company I founded back in 2010 with a friend called Hassan Selim known as NULL Digital Illusion and Entertainment Studios. For some time I worked as a Guitar Instructor in 2010 while performing with a band called Identity Crisis. Growing in a family full of artists, I have grown fond of any form of art be it; drawings, music, film, or games. The sentence that best describes who I am today is "90% of my body is made out of video games".

Rania Reda

A technology addict. From a junior bank IT engineer to a credit facilities supervisor to being a Certified Oracle Developer and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer then to a foreign trade facilitation specialist and business analysis head, Rania switched careers many times chasing new technologies that would make people's life easier and happier and enjoying the success of its implementation. Rania is the Technical manager of OTS co. and the founder of ITQAN for smart solutions.

Omar Hisham

Omar Hisham, a 12 years old game developer. At first he did what other children his age were doing; playing games. But then he started wondering how this game he's playing got created and how are these characters moving. Motivation stricken and he started finding out and learning basics of game developing engines before he made anything. He felt at the time that working in a team would be more efficient, but unfortunately it was not and he decided to work alone. But nevertheless, he was still motivated and started developing a game till it worked this time.

Merna Ghaly

She is a second year student studying Biotechnology at the German University in Cairo. By the age of 18, she was selected as one of the 125 women of Impact of 2012 by News week. Before that, she explored climate change through multiple vantage points by her participation in the 350 movement and by being a representative of the Egyptian youth at the 18th Convention of Parties of the United Nations Framework Conventiuon on climate change as part of the International Youth Climate Movement. Furthermore, by the age of 19 she took part in the Global Power Shift conference in Istanbul and was issued a scholarship by the US department of State and became an exchange student at the University of Central Missouri, Currently, at 20 years of age, she is pursuing her life goal of either create a waste efficient source of Bioenergy or creating a cure for cancer.

Ramy Ghannam

Muhammad Hazem

Muhammad's interest in pornography addictions started at the age of 20. Due to his awareness of the severity of this epidemic and its consequences, he dedicated his time to the academic and scientific interpretation of the problem and how to cure it. At the age of 24, he delivered 4 recorded TV episodes dedicated to this subject. He is in the process of shooting a series of episodes for the scientific understanding of the addiction and its development. He also works as a Digital marketing specialist at a leading Google partner agency in Alexandria, Egypt.

Carol Hammal

Art psychotherapist, musician, visual artist, Carol Hammal, graduated from the American University in Cairo '07 with a BA (Hon's) in Art. She then pursued a Master's degree in Art Therapy at the Hahnemann program at Drexel University in Philadelphia in 2009. She returned to Egypt after completing her master's coursework in 2011. Hammal is a member of the American Art Therapy Association and she attends its yearly conference at the USA, while providing talks about the clinical progress of Art Therapy in Egypt. She joined the Serenity Psychology Center in Maadi, and is currently an Art Therapy consultant at Egypt's renowned Behman hospital, closely working within its impatient addiction unit.

Ahmed Nabil

Ammar Abu Bakr

Organizing team

Al Ashry

Cairo, Egypt