x = independently organized TED event

Theme: "The Spark"

This event occurred on
April 16, 2014
8:00pm - 11:00pm GST
(UTC +4hrs)
Dubai, DU
United Arab Emirates

This is the third time we are organizing a TEDxYouth Event at Emirates International School – Jumeirah. The event has been organized entirely by our Grade 12 student body, in an attempt to leave a mark in our academic journey.Our theme this year was initiated by the catalyst that brings about dynamic ideas, the revolutionary moment that brings about a progressive change, the foundation to an expanse of philosophies – “THE SPARK.” We are giving EIS-J student speakers and performers the opportunity and platform to exploit this theme as a crux to explore and express their opinions, ideas and stories to a larger audience.

Emirates International School
Al Thanya Road
Dubai, DU
United Arab Emirates
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Isha Simon

Isha Simon, a 13 year old 9th grader in Eisj is nothing short of a bubble of excitement. Her willingness to help anyone brings a smile to the faces of those who frown and her passion for music and art are what she uses to express these feelings. Her speech entitled 'Sparking Motivation' is about rising up to do something for someone else and finding that one things that drives you to do it.

Ghassan Luqman

Ghassan, 17, is a student in grade 12 who lives and breathes skateboarding. His speech entitled “Skateboarding, the spark to my fire” will be on how his first acquaintance with skateboarding was the spark that changed his interpretation on life forever. Descending from a Yemeni/Saudi background, he explores the obstacles that he overcome in his quest to fulfil his dreams.

Sergey Chsherba

Sergey Chsherba is a 18 year old Russian in Grade 13. His speech “From Spark into Flame” was inspired by his passion for technology and business and how one person has the ability to make the hearts of everyone on earth burn along with their passion. His speech focuses on how one small spark can become a flame of passion that can consume the whole world.

Denver Quadros

Denver Quadros , a 17 year Indian student studying in IB 1 who enjoys having fun with other people through debating, cooking and hiking in the wilderness. His speech ‘Fear sparking negativity’ is based on what he believes is the cause for negativity in not only his life but the lives of peers as well, His passion for public speaking as well as his exuberance to help others prompted him to write a speech on self belief.

Dana Bazzari

Dana Bazzari, 12, is in grade 8. She is Palestinian-Canadian and loves public speaking. With her passion for politics and world peace, her speech will be about how a spark can open up your eyes and make you view the world in different point of views. The speech is titled ‘We are One’.

Arpine Jaghlasian

“The spark between humans”, is a speech written by Arpine Jaghlasian, 17 years old, who is an Armenian student in grade 12 who loves long car rides with her friends, quietly reading a relaxing book and playing the piano in her spare time.

Julia Milad

Julia, is a 14 year old girl in the 10th grade from Egypt and Syria. Julia Is a student who enjoys singing, taking on new adventures and bringing a smile on peoples faces! Her speech "family" will be on expressing the love she has for her family and how blessed she feels to have wonderful people always around her.

Amulya Shanker

Amulya, a 16 year old high school junior is a student who loves to share his passion for music and Earl Grey Tea. Coming back to Ted-x for his second consecutive year, his speech, entitled 'It's in YOU!', will be on how different people have discovered their spark and what significance can the spark have in our lives.

Ashdeep Seth

Ashdeep, a 16-year old junior returns to the TEDx platform for the second consecutive year. An aspiring artist and designer with a love for sushi, basketball and her guitar, Jojo, she talks about how her spark defines who she is by connecting her aspiration and reality, in her speech "The Energy."

Taehyoung Kim

The song Taehyoung talks about and performs is "Shadow."It's not a death or unfortunate incident but rather the shadow that follows you and up lift you. He says, your spark can be from anywhere. His spark is singing and entertaining people, and he feels when you find your spark you should be proud of it.

Sarah El Tell

Sarah Eltell is a 14 year old in grade 9. She is Jordanian/ American and I loves to bake, draw/paint, dance and play basketball and tennis. Her speech titled "Knowledge For All" includes her spark experience in Thailand and how it has influenced her to offer her help to children without education.

Krish Sajnani

A 10th grader with a love for rap music, Krish Sajnani portrays his story of a near-fatal incident through the use of a rap he has written. He talks about how his saviour, blood donor and brother is his spark, who literally sparked life in him and gave him the spark to live.

Erfan Shekarriz

Erfan Shekarriz is a 14 year old 9th grader is a passion for music and a beautifully powerful voice. He expresses his idea of how people's love is his spark, and how people have different ways of showing their love, through the song "Make You Feel My Love."

Organizing team


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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    Organiser and Team Leader
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    HOD Public Relations
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    HOD Public Relations
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