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Theme: Magic

This event occurred on
April 25, 2014
10:00am - 6:00pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
London, LND
United Kingdom

Arthur C. Clarke famously observed that advanced technology is "indistinguishable from magic”. He also said that the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them, into the impossible.

Beyond technology, there is the magic that leaves us in states of marvel, such as in a work of art, a groundbreaking scientific discovery or a new business venture. And then there is the simple magic of humanity, when we witness individuals and groups who spark awe-inspiring change of not just people, but of entire societies and value systems.

TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2014 is going to take you on a journey of discovering the impossible and unmasking all aspects of magic. Our full day of talks will look at the past, present and future of innovation in technology, business, media, music, science and more!

Join us at TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2014, where we will bring together some of the most adventurous, innovative and imaginative thinkers, makers and doers out there to uncover, explore and push the limits of the impossible and share new ideas on magic, in all its forms.

Royal Geographical Society
Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore
London, LND, SW7 2AR
United Kingdom
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Leon Vanstone

Leon is essentially a rocket scientist, he researches how air flows over things at several kilometres a second. This really only applies to rockets, re-entry vehicles, a few missiles and a plane or two.

Justin Packshaw

Justin is an entrepreneur and modern day adventurer. He has ridden horses across Mongolia in search of the Tsaatan reindeer tribes and motorbiked through East Africa. He won a 450 mile un-supported race to the Magnetic North Pole as well as summited Mount Everest.

Andrew Grill

Andrew is an internationally renowned thought leader in the fields of social business and social media networks. Currently, he is a Global Partner at IBM with a remit to help drive understanding and deliver social business solutions.

Jean Oelwang

Jean has long explored the overlap of the business and social sectors and has been involved in both, having worked for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Australia, and in numerous volunteer roles.

Stewart Gilchrist

Stewart’s sadhana led him towards an extensive yoga education with teachers from around the world who have had a profound effect on his unique style of teaching.

Margaret Ormiston

Margaret's research examines the underlying psychological processes that influence team and organisational performance in small groups as well as top management teams.

Rami Banna

Rami has worked with large telecos and holds patents in the fields of telecommunications, semiconductors and medical devices. In addition, he has designed and developed products awarded the Red Dot Design Award, Medical Design Excellence Award, and the Australian Design Award.

Manan Bhasin

Manan has led several health awareness and education related initiatives at the grassroots level in India through a range of not for profit organizations. He is currently extensively involved with an early stage start-up aimed to enable wider and more convenient healthcare access in rural and urban India.

Dame Stephanie Shirley

Dame Stephanie, known as Steve, is one of the 100 most powerful women in Britain. Her charitable Shirley Foundation has initiated and funded a number of projects that are pioneering by nature and strategic in impact.

Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami has been a Bhakti Yoga practitioner for more than 40 years, and is one of today’s most beloved and respected spiritual teachers. He is a guide, community builder, activist, and acclaimed author.

Alejandro Agag

Alejandro is determined to revolutionize the world of clean mobility on the racetrack, city streets and consumer markets. He has a passion for technological innovation and a proven skill for turning things around.

Amelia Torode

Amelia is an advertising and digital veteran, witting extensively on her award-winning blog Life “Moves Pretty Fast” and several more publications! She gives regular talks, mentors, and is highly awarded. Her aim is to put technology and insights into the heart of the PR and CSR process.

Paul Craven

Paul Craven is a coach, consultant and public speaker in the area of Behavioural Economics. He has 27 years of investment experience at Schroders, PIMCO and most recently Goldman Sachs and is a lover of history.

Rachel Burn

Rachel makes dance for the magical context of the theatre, that communicates through the body human experiences that aren’t so easy to express verbally. She believes that anybody can understand the meaning of movement with surprising clarity.

Adrian Westaway

Adrian uses technology to make magic. His backgrounds in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Design combined with the fact that he is a full member of the Magic Circle help him to understands how things work, and how they will work in the future.

Kamalini Ramdas

Kamalini is an expert in the area of innovation. Her recent work examines new ways to create value through innovation, including service innovation, operational innovation and business model innovation.

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