x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
March 22, 2014
11:00am - 5:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Bruges, VWV

the theme of the event was: MOBILIZE. Idea,People, Energy, Potential.

College of Europe
Dijver 11
Bruges, VWV, 8000
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Amana Fontanella-Khan

Amana Fontanella-Khan is the well-known author of “Pink Sari Revolution”, a book on a women’s vigilante organization in India, and writes regularly on women’s issues. In her talk, she will introduce you to the Pink Gang and its members, and tell you their inspiring story of empowerment.

Ignace Shops

Ignace Shops engaged early in nature and conservation movements as President and later Vice-President of Natuurpunt, Flanders’ Conservation Union, winning the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2008. As Belgium’s national park pioneer, he explains how model for (re)connection offers local solutions for global problems.

Sandrine Ramboux

Not only has Sandrine Ramboux adopted Turkey as her new home since 2007, but she also took a leap of faith by leaving a 20 year banking career to find a way to give back to the community. She shares her motivation and experience in making a successful link between Turkish professionals who want to give back to their community and civil society organizations.

Didier Ketels

Didier Ketels is a legal expert who wants the law to make sense to ordinary citizens. Listen to him explain why, rather than pursuing a career in a traditional legal profession, he is now training social workers to help ordinary citizens in navigating the law.

Sahim Omar Kalifa

Sahim Omar Kalifa is known as a film director beyond the borders of Belgium, as he has been racking up renowned prizes for his short films. Through his personal story and the story of his shortfilm “Baghdad Messi”, he will tell you a tale about love, passion, immigration and education.

Anne Decorte

Anne Decorte has been developing an inspired idea into a concrete campaign to increase the mobility for disabled and socially challenged people. She talks about what bus drivers, shop-owners and you and I can easily do to make the public space more inclusive.

Jonas Dreger

Inspired by the activism of previous generations, Jonas Dreger has been searching for the purpose of his own generation. He founded an initiative to identify “the project ” that the current generation will be remembered for. He invites you to to join him in his search and shares his ideas on what this “project” could be.

Saoussen Mahjoub

Saoussen Mahjoub explores an unexpected relationship between failure and success, and challenges the notion that failure is to be avoided at any cost. She was a student at the College of Europe at the time of the TEDx event.


Riad is a refugee from Syria.

Gianpiero Lotito

Gianpiero Lotito is not only an Italian musician and singer, but also an expert of the publishing industry and digital technologies. He will talk about his personal history leading up to his latest innovative project – a start-up focusing on a search engine for big data management.

Daan Elders

Daan Elders was a student at the College of Europe at the time of the event.

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  • Marie-Sophie SEBA
    Co - Head Organizer