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Theme: Way to Go!

This event occurred on
March 11, 2014
9:00am - 3:30pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

TEDxWroclawUniversity of Economics is a university-type event, organized by students and for students. It's held entirely in English in order to integrate our Erasmus community and to give Polish students a chance to practise their English. Our speakers touch different subjects under the common theme of Way toGo!

Wroclaw University of Economics
ul. Komandorska 118/120
Wrocław, 53-345
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Ada Witczak

If you are not able to achieve something, all you have to do is to forget about impossibility and just do this!” – this is the maxim which Ada Witczak travels the world with, trying to pass this message through to everyone. She is a real Napoleon of time planning. For years she managed to reconcile her professional development with full-time studies. Last year Ada graduated from the Wroclaw University of Economics. Nowadays she is a financial analyst and an owner of a blog about setting up a business. In private life Ada often engages herself into charity campaigns. Reach Ada at blog http://nawigatorbiznesu.blogspot.com/ and facebook https://www.facebook.com/ada.anna.witczak

Kamil Makowka

Kamil Makówka graduated from the Wroclaw University of Economics last year. For four years he has been professionally connected with banking and financial advisory. Kamil is fascinated with the topic of personal development and coaching, but he has been acclaimed as a great coach by his friends before he even realized that it was his passion. Nowadays he is progressing to receive his accreditation for being an ICF coach. Kamil helps people with overcoming their difficulties and achieving their goals. He is mainly known as a person full of energy and optimism. Reach Kamil at Linkedin.

Aleksander Fafula

Aleksander, our graduate, is the author of very unique behavioral stock market indicators for the companies on Wall Street. He successfully uses emotions like: fear, joy and overconfidence of investors to beat the benchmarks. MarketPsych is the leading company, based in NY, which creates sentiment indexes of global financial markets. Top world banks use their sentiment data to improve managing their assets. https://www.marketpsych.com/ Aleksander's bio: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=6456058. Topic: Emotions and investing - what (and when!) to do with panic, optimism, joy, fear, or anger to win with the market? Alex will tell us about crowd psychology and forecasting techniques - using psychological decision-making under uncertainty.

Anna Brdulak

Anna Brdulak, a PhD student at Wroclaw University of Economics, an academic teacher at Wroclaw School of Banking and a soft skills coach. A globetrotter, passionate about different types of mountaineering such as rock and ice-climbing, dry tooling and alpinism. At the age of 29 she decided to drop a regular job and move from Warsaw to Wroclaw where in 2010 she started her doctoral studies. Meanwhile she has completed a climbing course in the Tatra mountains and started to climb icefalls. Creative and open-minded, gaining pleasure from her passion, but learning a lot about patience and humbleness, crucial for overcoming potential barriers.

Jan Lewinski

Jan Lewiński is a PhD student at Wroclaw University of Economics. His dissertation is aimed at uncovering policy-driven institutional mechanisms behind the 2007 financial crisis. Jan is – and always was – passionate about discussing economic policies. It flourished when Jan participated (with his like-minded friends) in creation of Polish Mises Institute, and for a few years was an editor-in-chief of its website, where he was engaged in editing, translating, writing numerous articles about economic theory and policies, and even commenting on state of the economy on an ongoing basis. Jan published several papers in various journals, is a co-author of a monographic “Pod prąd głównego nurtu” (eng. Against the Mainstream Current), and some other works.

Maciej Wilczynski

„It’s impossible to be perfect but we should strive to achieve it” - those are the words that fully describes Maciek Wilczyński’s way of life. He is a student of finances but he doesn’t limit himself to the world of amounts and quantities. His true interest is the psychology of human beings. Especially those aspects of life where humans are flawed, imperfect and irrational. The last one is the most important for Maciek develops himself in the field of behavioral economics. His speech will touch on the subject of dishonesty from the economical point of view. Feel invited :). After hours he is unfulfilled guitarist, president of scientific circle and eager Student’s Board activist.

Piotr Szybilski

Who am I? "Once upon a time there was a student Piotr Szybilski. In 2014 he studied at University of Economics in Wrocław because he always loved economics. Through years of education he learnt why it is essential to know the basics of economics. Whenever he had a chance to spread the word of economic freedom, he took it, both in apolitical organisations and political parties. Because of this he found many friends. He wants to change the world that's why this story isn't finished yet..."

Marcin Arazny

Marcin is a second year student of Economic Analysis at the University of Economics, and IT at the University of Technology, both in Wroclaw. He always spends his vacation ( and most of the weekends ) travelling - trekking in the mountains, cycling, and hitchhiking. Combining studies at two universities and travels is not so hard when you are fascinated with everything that surrounds you. He is also not afraid of trying new things - the first time when he was hitchhiking, he took an 11,000 km trip. You can see coverage of his and his friends' travels at https://www.facebook.com/TheGlobers.

Barbara Mroz-Gorgon

Barbara Mróz-Gorgoń, PhD. – an academic passionate about fashion and design marketing. Her research areas include new trends and challenges in marketing. She is particularly interested in branding. Her story? A girl with a great love for music; a promising pianist, some said. And then, she met another pianist, her age but more talented – a true artist. At that moment she decided that she would not become yet another average musician. She needed to find something else that she could share with people. During a seminar at the Wroclaw University of Economics, a professor approached her and asked why she was choosing economic sciences over music. Thanks to my musical education I have already learned how to make a show – she said – Now I want to know more about business. She finds marketing to be particularly appealing, as it combines arts with economics. Since 2012 she has worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Marketing Fundamentals of the Institute of Marketing, Wrocław University of Economics, where she shares her passion with students.

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