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Theme: A Mirror for Man

This event occurred on
December 7, 2013
3:00am - 7:00am PKT
(UTC +5hrs)
Lahore, PB

We at Forman Christian College are delighted to host our third TEDxFCCollege event on campus. Our theme for the year—A Mirror for Man.
The world is steadily and simultaneously becoming more diverse and more connected. Knowledge is branching out into new fields and sub-fields. At the same time, liberal education systems are thriving because they allow us to synthesize the knowledge of diverse disciplines into the whole of what we know. At yet at the core of every discipline and every branch of knowledge is the desire to understand ourselves and our world. Whether as writers, physicists, architects, sociologists, musicians, performing artists, statistician, or neuroscientists, our branches act as a mirror for who we are as individuals, societies, or organizations. During our event we bring up all sorts of ideas—how do artists reflect societies in their work? How do architects use mirrors in reflection? And how do mirrors work, anyway?!

Forman Christian College
Forman Christian College, Zahoor Elahi Road
Lahore, PB, 54600
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University (What is this?)
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Ghazala Irfan

A professor of philosophy and having addressed several national and international seminars, Dr. Ghazala spoke on the true meaning of education, whether or not it is currently practised, and how it can be promoted.

Raza Naeem

Translator, social scientist, and political activist, Raza Naeem has spent a considerable time translating Saadat Hassan Manto's non-fiction writings. He is intrigued both by the far-sightedness of Manto's socio-political predictions, and by Manto as a social rebel.

Musarrat Misbah

Thriving in the business of beauty, Musarrat Misbah understands that what you see in the mirror affects you profoundly. She has discovered both hurt and strength in her work with victims of acid attacks. She shares the story of a woman who, despite her trauma, takes the decision to be beautiful again-inside and out.

Quddus Mirza

Acclaimed artist and art critic, Mr. Mirza discusses how works of art hold up a mirror to individuals, societies, and history.

Syma Ahmad

Advertisements are created to catch their attention; that is their basic purpose. But the ways in which they go about holding our attention, connecting with us, says something subtle about the structure of our societal consciousness.

Nazim Ashraf

An expert in visual computer recognition, Dr. Nazim Ashraf discusses how advances in artificial intelligence have actually set us thinking about how much we still don't understand about the functioning of human brains.

Saad Sarfraz

A photographer for Humans of Lahore, Saad Sarfraz discusses why photographs mean so much to us, and why the 'Humans of...' phenomenon has come to hold so much importance to people.

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Lahore, Pakistan