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Theme: SEE

Tianjin, China
September 15th, 2013

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About this event

 Thinking about the word “see”, what appears in our mind firstly is to look at. We see this world through our eyes all the time and we think we can get the true nature at first sight. Actually, to “see” isn’t as simple as we think. We should see from different levels and angles with our heart and mind. Then we will find this world becomes different from what we saw before.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jingya Yuan
    Guangxi science and technology publish company(Beijing brunch)book planing editor 《College students’》magazine special correspondent Individual Resume:90s Beijing girl,during the university,she won international,national,municipal,field awards for a total of more than 20,and acts as the Chinese press group 《college undergraduate students employment guidance》 deputy editor.She serves as translator in CCTV-news,the United Nations environmental protection administration cooperative project,Ministry of Land and Resources,China Daily etc.She has eight-year ballet experience,and has the talent for writing poems,She is called “Younce Li Qingzhao”,ever be honored guest of Beijing TV station’s Younce style and so on.A favourite with Renren network,opened four accounts and public home page,write articles had more than 100000 hits and shares within 48 hours,her works have been delivered in the China youth daily,China newspaper,China Daily and so on.Now graduated,participate in the millions of the best seller “because of pain,so call youth” series published work.
  • Jason Lee
    Jason lee is the founder and artistic director of KINGKONG Clear Sky Wedding Vedio Studio.He majored in International Economy and Trade at college.After graduation, he worked as a translator for an airline company for two years,but finally he resigned resolutely in order to follow his heart to become one member of photographers' team. He is under the tutelage of Mr.TEWEN.ZHU,a famous Chinese photographer in Australia,to learn western documentary wedding photographing techniques.Lee is so good at catching human emotional outpouring moment and interaction in love between people that he become one of the few domestic photographer in china who has duel certification issued by WPJA,American Documentary Wedding Photographer Association and AGWPJA,Global Documentary Wedding Photographer Association.He was once listed on the<> as the only photographer recommended from TianJin area.
  • Gang Jin
    He is a native person in Tianjin.Once he was an excellent Chinese teacher and before long he became the copy editor in the academic department of the company called Academic Books Published.It was not until 2008 that he began to occupy himself to research the history of Confucian thonghts and work for the management of academics,becoming a member of Beijing University Research Center.But not content with present situation,he made a decision before long that he resigned from the work and became an indepent learner in his hometown.Besides,when he was a young man,he once was an educated youth in Heilongjiang.Following the majority of in China. He even tried to be an advertising star,an sponsor of a concert for children works,and host an live activity of Motorole as well.However,what impress me most is that he has ever traveled across the Mongolia Provice by himself.In addition to his fatastic experience mentioned above,he is also fond of writing.His articles were published in New Lender.He also has written many famous books,such as Books Read by LuXun,Justice and Kind in Lunyu,Culture Boom and so on,which have been published by several publish press. In a word,he is an intelligent person who can convey wisdom to us.

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Tianjin Medical University
Tianjin, 300070
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Zhang Shaw
Tianjin City, China

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