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00:11 Today, a baffled lady observed the shell where my soul dwells

00:17 And announced that I'm "articulate"

00:22 Which means that when it comes to enunciation and diction

00:26 I don't even think of it

00:27 ‘Cause I’m "articulate"

00:30 So when my professor asks a question

00:32 And my answer is tainted with a connotation of urbanized suggestion

00:36 There’s no misdirected intention

00:38 Pay attention

00:39 ‘Cause I’m “articulate”

00:42 So when my father asks, “Wha’ kinda ting is dis?”

00:45 My “articulate” answer never goes amiss

00:48 I say “father, this is the impending problem at hand”

00:52 And when I’m on the block I switch it up just because I can

00:55 So when my boy says, “What’s good with you son?”

00:58 I just say, “I jus’ fall out wit dem people but I done!”

01:03 And sometimes in class

01:05 I might pause the intellectual sounding flow to ask

01:08 “Yo! Why dese books neva be about my peoples”

01:11 Yes, I have decided to treat all three of my languages as equals

01:15 Because I’m “articulate”

01:19 But who controls articulation?

01:22 Because the English language is a multifaceted oration

01:25 Subject to indefinite transformation

01:27 Now you may think that it is ignorant to speak broken English

01:30 But I’m here to tell you that even “articulate” Americans sound foolish to the British

01:36 So when my Professor comes on the block and says, “Hello”

01:39 I stop him and say “Noooo …

01:42 You’re being inarticulate … the proper way is to say ‘what’s good’”

01:46 Now you may think that’s too hood, that’s not cool

01:49 But I’m here to tell you that even our language has rules

01:52 So when Mommy mocks me and says “ya’ll-be-madd-going-to-the-store”

01:57 I say “Mommy, no, that sentence is not following the law

02:02 Never does the word "madd" go before a present participle

02:06 That’s simply the principle of this English”

02:08 If I had the vocal capacity I would sing this from every mountaintop,

02:12 From every suburbia, and every hood

02:14 ‘Cause the only God of language is the one recorded in the Genesis

02:18 Of this world saying “it is good"

02:20 So I may not always come before you with excellency of speech

02:24 But do not judge me by my language and assume

02:26 That I’m too ignorant to teach

02:28 ‘Cause I speak three tongues

02:29 One for each:

02:30 Home, school and friends

02:32 I’m a tri-lingual orator

02:34 Sometimes I’m consistent with my language now

02:36 Then switch it up so I don’t bore later

02:38 Sometimes I fight back two tongues

02:40 While I use the other one in the classroom

02:42 And when I mistakenly mix them up

02:44 I feel crazy like … I’m cooking in the bathroom

02:48 I know that I had to borrow your language because mines was stolen

02:55 But you can’t expect me to speak your history wholly while mines is broken

03:00 These words are spoken

03:02 By someone who is simply fed up with the Eurocentric ideals of this season

03:07 And the reason I speak a composite version of your language

03:10 Is because mines was raped away along with my history

03:14 I speak broken English so the profusing gashes can remind us

03:18 That our current state is not a mystery

03:21 I’m so tired of the negative images that are driving my people mad

03:26 So unless you’ve seen it rob a bank stop calling my hair bad

03:30 I’m so sick of this nonsensical racial disparity

03:34 So don’t call it good unless your hair is known for donating to charity

03:38 As much as has been raped away from our people

03:43 How can you expect me to treat their imprint on your language

03:47 As anything less than equal

03:49 Let there be no confusion

03:51 Let there be no hesitation

03:53 This is not a promotion of ignorance

03:55 This is a linguistic celebration

03:58 That’s why I put "tri-lingual" on my last job application

04:04 I can help to diversify your consumer market is all I wanted them to know

04:08 And when they call me for the interview I’ll be more than happy to show that

04:11 I can say:

04:12 “What’s good”

04:13 “Whatagwan”

04:14 And of course …“Hello”

04:17 Because I’m “articulate”

04:20 Thank you.

04:21 (Applause)