Sally Kohn searches for common ground among political foes by focusing on the compassion and humanity in everyone.

Why you should listen

Sally Kohn has a powerful vision for a more united United States. On Fox News, this progressive lesbian has sparred with some of the most conservative minds on television, and has sifted through hundreds of letters of hate mail a day. But she deeply believes in finding our common humanity, political differences aside. Before we can achieve political correctness, we must first establish emotional correctness — and this will ignite conversations that lead to real change.

Kohn has appeared on Fox, MSNBC and CNN, and has written for The Daily Beast, Salon, The Atlantic and TIME Magazine.

What others say

“Sally Kohn deals with people as people and respects their viewpoint even if she disagrees with them. — Rachel Sklar, of” — T

Sally Kohn on the TED Blog
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An ode to lunch ladies, a park underneath the streets of New York, and an attempt to put the ‘awe’ back in ‘awesome’: A recap of TED@NYC

July 9, 2014

TED@NYC is not your usual TED event. Hosted in a New York City club, speakers here—many of whom responded to an open audition call—give rapid-fire, five-minute talks. Below, a recap of each speaker who took the stage last night during this inspiring evening. The internet can be a place of intelligent conversation, or a place of rumors and insults. Sally Kohn, […]

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Sally Kohn’s talk, the “clean” version

December 12, 2013

Sally Kohn had a point to make in her TED Talk. During her career as a progressive lesbian talking head at Fox News, she’d get letters from people who really, really didn’t like what she said, or objected to her very existence. To make this attitude crystal-clear, onstage at TED@NYC Kohn read out the kind […]

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Sally Kohn talks leaving Fox News

December 4, 2013

In today’s talk, pundit Sally Kohn shares what it’s like to be progressive, gay and … working for Fox News. The key: emotional correctness, when people look past their political differences and try to understand what the other is thinking on a human level. It’s a vision so powerful that her hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania, […]

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