Mariano Sigman combines neuroscience, mathematics and social sciences to illuminate the hidden information flowing through our brains.

Why you should listen

A physicist by training, Mariano Sigman is an international leading figure in the cognitive neuroscience of learning and decision making. Using fMRI and other imaging technologies, Sigman and his lab hope to lay bare the basis of cognition, consciousness and dreams, truly using science to "read minds."

Sigman has made essential contributions to the theory of how neural systems operate as we make choices and has collected decisive experimental data on human decision-making (relying on a massive corpus of behavior). Lately, he has focused his research on understanding how neuroscience may help improve educational practice. Throughout his career he has developed numerous research interactions with representatives of different domains of human culture including musicians, chess players, mathematicians, magicians, visual artists and chefs.

What others say

“Neuroscience has removed some of the opacity of human thought ... raising, to some extent, the curtain.” — Clarin, 1/10/2015 (translated from Spanish)

Mariano Sigman’s TED talk