Young spoken-word poet Malcolm London has been called the "Gil Scott-Heron of this generation." His feisty, passionate performances take on the issues of the day, including the Chicago education system in which he grew up.

Why you should listen

In 2011, Malcolm London won the Louder than a Bomb youth poetry slam in his native Chicago, scooping the top award as both individual performer and with a team. The poet, performer and activist has performed on stages throughout his home city as well as across the United States. A member of the Young Adult Council of the prestigious Steppenwolf Theater, London brings vim and vigor to his energetic performances tackling tough contemporary issues head-on.

London is a member of UCAN’s National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention and a teaching artist on staff at Young Chicago Authors, a program working to transform the lives of young people by cultivating their voices through writing, publication and performance education. Deeply interested in working on ways to improve the national education system, London regularly visits schools to work with current students on writing workshops and performances.

What others say

“Malcolm London is that rare and important breed of poet-activist who can engage in a civic conversation via his art.” — Kevin Coval, Young Chicago Authors

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I hear education systems are failing, but I believe they're succeeding at what they're built to do — to train you, to keep you on track, to track down an American dream that has failed so many of us all.
Malcolm London
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