The executive chef at Chicago's Moto restaurant, Homaro Cantu creates postmodern cuisine and futuristic food delivery systems.

Why you should listen

Homaro Cantu is a chef and an inventor of futuristic food delivery systems. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Portland, Oregon, he's an alum of Charlie Trotter’s restaurant in Chicago, where he rose to the position of Sous Chef. After he left Charlie Trotter’s, he concentrated on the development of his concept of an experiential design-based restaurant with a molecular gastronomy approach. Moto Restaurant puts Cantu’s concepts and creations into practice by melding food with science, technology and art. Michael Eisner once described Cantu as the most revolutionary person in food since Ray Kroc.

Through his company Cantu Designs, Chef Cantu has filed numerous patent applications covering dining implements, cookware, printed food and is working on developing his inventions for commercial, humanitarian and aerospace applications.

He says: "Any idea's a great idea as long as it tastes great."


What others say

“But while Cantu is most certainly a chef, he is also someone whose approach to innovation has relevance far beyond the kitchen. He is the classic mad scientist, a Stephen Hawking acolyte with a basement filled with gadgets, robots, and gazillions of inventions aching for just a little bit more time and attention. And despite the accolades, in his mind he is just getting started. "This isn't just gimmicky s--t," he says. "There is a point to this."” — Jennifer Reingold, Fast Company

Homaro Cantu’s TED talk

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January 22, 2013

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