Writer Faith Jegede draws on her experiences growing up with two autistic brothers in order to spread awareness and understanding about this increasingly common diagnosis.

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Faith Jegede is a word lover and a truth seeker. She blogs words and moments she finds inspiring, oftentimes in pursuit of causes she believes in, like autism awareness. Most recently Jegede worked as the creator, presenter and producer of “What’s In Yours?", a twice-weekly hour-long talk radio show, in which she gets to know guests -- by diving deep into their bags.

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Playlist: All across the autism spectrum

June 18, 2013

June 18th is Autistic Pride Day, a day to celebrate the neurodiversity of people on the autism spectrum. Too often, autistic people are viewed as only autistic, and it’s seen strictly as a disorder. As always, the full picture isn’t drawn in black and white: it’s complex, full of grays. At TED, scores of speakers […]

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A beautiful reflection on “normal”

November 2, 2012

Faith Jegede would prefer that you not call her normal. In today’s powerful talk, given at the TED Talent Search London stop, Faith Jegede introduces you to her two brothers — Remy, 22, and Samuel, 16 — who are both autistic and extraordinary. “Remy’s speechless but he communicates joy in a way that some of […]

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