"The Pitch Coach" David S. Rose is an expert on the business pitch. As an entrepreneur, he has raised millions for his own companies. As an investor, he has funded millions more.

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David S. Rose is a split-screen legend to the world's entrepreneurs. He's been both a mentor to hundreds of startup hopefuls and, sometimes -- to the talented and fortunate -- a funder. His rapid-fire seminars on pitching to venture capitalists are celebrated and sought-after. He's helped invest many millions of dollars in startups through New York Angels (companies like Peter Diamandis' ZERO-G), meanwhile raising tens of millions for his own companies.

Fusing these interests under Rose Tech Ventures, Rose's mission is to give future movers-and-shakers support and encouragement. Angelsoft connects entrepreneurs to tens of thousands of angel investors in 45 countries; his new technology incubator is a "greenhouse to nurture the seedlings of future entrepreneurial superstars," and Egret Capital Partners goes beyond New York's "Silicon Alley" to fund more established companies across North America. If you want to supercharge your leadership skills -- even if you've made your fortune -- his public seminars are presented through the Liminal Group.

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"A world-conquering entrepreneur." — BusinessWeek

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I want you to say, or I want you to convey, that you are going to die if you have to, with your very last breath, with your fingernails scratching as they drag you out.
David S. Rose
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