Clint Smith is a poet and educator whose work blends art and activism.

Why you should listen

For Clint Smith, inspiration comes from his students. The writer and educator draws on his and his students’ lives to create poetry that blends art and activism. A PhD candidate at Harvard University and a 2014 National Poetry Slam champion, Smith gives performances with humor, humanity and humility, touching on themes like poverty, social justice and the pains of being a kid.

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In Brief

A “living fossil” spotted in the South Pacific, a machine that vomits + poetry that rethinks assumptions about inmates

September 3, 2015

The TED community has news to share. Read on for highlights. The rarest animal on Earth, spotted once again. Peter Ward hadn’t seen his “old friend,” the Allonautilus scrobiculatus, since 1984. But he recognized its hairy, slimy, golden shell instantly. Ward wrote about his rediscovery of this creature — alongside its more-common relative, the nautilus, […]

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Live from TED

Just and Unjust: A recap of the powerful talks of Session 9 at TED2015

March 19, 2015

Questions of justice and injustice are the most difficult of our world. There’s no app that can fix these things; simple solutions just don’t exist. And yet, we have to try. In these six talks, speakers share their thoughts on large-scale injustices and give their thoughts on how we can start to dismantle them. The echo of […]

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