Benjamin Barber believes that the future of the world may lie with the politicians who implement practical change every day: mayors.

Why you should listen

Benjamin Barber burst into the media spotlight on September 11, 2001, when his book Jihad Vs. McWorld, published several years earlier, assumed newly horrific relevance. With his prophetic analysis of the emerging collision of tribalism and globalism, Barber established the parameters for 21st Century political debate.

A passionate advocate of democracy’s power, Barber continues to explore solutions for dysfunctional systems and political paralysis. In his forthcoming new work What if Mayors Ruled the World, Barber plans to show how decentralized local governments can be more flexible - and more in tune with their constituents - than their federal counterparts.

What others say

“He is one of a small breed of scholars who strive to be “public intellectuals.” He is powered by ideas and discussion, by the rough-and-tumble of vigorous debate.” — Washington Post

Benjamin Barber’s TED talk

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