Post-event checklist

After your event is over, we know what the natural thing to do next is — rest! You’ve put all the work in, and now you should put your feet up after what we hope was a fruitful and rewarding experience.

But first! There are just a few things to take care of in order to close out your event. Use this checklist for all of your post-event needs.

1. Fill out the organizer survey

After your event is finished, fill out and submit the official TEDx organizer close-out form. We’re always looking to improve the TEDx program, and we rely on — and deeply appreciate — your feedback.

2. Send out the TEDx attendee survey

Use our TEDx attendee survey to upload a full list of your attendees' email address in .csv format within two business days of your event. We won't use these addresses for any purpose other than providing you feedback on your event. If you would like a copy of your feedback, please email us at to request it.

The survey provides the option to include an additional survey link along with our TEDx attendee survey, and is translatable into more than 20 languages!

Watch the TEDx Attendee Survey video to find out more about how the new TEDx attendee survey works:

3. Upload your photos to Flickr

Upload all the photographs taken at your event to the TEDx account on Flickr. Find instructions on how to upload pictures in our Video + Photography section.

4. Upload your video to YouTube*

Upload your TEDx Talk videos using our TED Media Uploader tool. Do not upload your videos on any other YouTube channels or video platforms. Find detailed instructions on how to upload your videos in our Video + Photography section.

Note: In order to use the TED Media Uploader tool, you must have a profile and the date of your event, your event’s duration (e.g. 8am - 4pm), and location of your event (city, state/province) listed on your TEDx event page.

*Only required if your event featured live speakers.

As you know, your TEDx event page gives other organizers, your local audience and the global community an updated overview of your event. After your event, make sure to:

  • Add the Flickr tag for your event photos
  • Add your YouTube playlist URL
  • Check that your speaker list is up to date
  • Upload a new photo from your event.

Keep in mind, we can’t renew your license until you have updated your profile page.

6. Share with the community

Give back to the TEDx community and share what you learned with other organizers:

  • Share materials that other organizers can customize — program schedules, source code, or just advice — on the TEDxHub.

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