TEDxLive event resources

So you’re hosting a TEDxLive event… get excited! A TEDxLive event is a great way to bring your community together through a live broadcast of an official TED Conference. Get ready to immerse yourself in new ideas, challenging topics, and probing questions — all in real time.

Apply now to host a TEDxLive event around the Wednesday, October 8th program of TEDGlobal 2014.

Note: TEDxLive events must be one day and should occur on or within 24 hours of October 8th.

Why TEDxLive events are so fun

  • A worldwide movement: When you host a TEDxLive event, you join a host of other events across the globe tuning in to the same broadcast.
  • A ticket inside TED: With TEDxLive no big travel plans or hotels are necessary to get a first-hand look at TED Talks before they even make it to TED.com.
  • Location, location, location: TEDxLive events often make use of non-traditional venues for their viewing parties. Cafes, bookstores, movie theaters, and living rooms have all served as TEDxLive locales, and bring a sense of fun to the event.

Things to remember

Allow tickets (even though they’re free).

A viewing party is different than a standard event, but this doesn’t mean it’s any less worthwhile. Offering tickets can reinforce this idea and help audience members pencil the event into their calendar.

Make it fun. Make it relaxed

Couches, bean bags, good food are all encouraged. Think relaxed living room, not boardroom.


You might be in a different timezone than the TED Conference, so you might want to be creative about how you screen the conference. For example, you could screen an afternoon session following the morning’s official livestream, or host an all-night TEDxLive party.


Since TEDxLive events are mostly about screening a webcast, you may want to partner with a venue that could host the event. Cultural centers, theaters, universities, or co-working spaces are all great venues to approach.