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RSSRSS Feed Links

TED Talks Video
Standard video feed of TED Talks to use as a podcast. This is the best feed for your iPhone.

TED Talks Video High-Def
Our Video RSS feed in high resolution. This is the feed to get if you're watching full-screen on a laptop monitor, TV or AppleTV. (Not all talks are available in high-def.)

TEDTalks Audio
An audio-only feed of the latest TED Talks. (Not all talks are available as audio.)

TED Blog
All of the latest news from the TED Blog »

What application should I use?

Web Browsers
Internet Explorer

Desktop Applications
FeedDemon - Windows
NetNewsWire - Mac OS X

Miro - A free, open source Internet TV and video player that can automatically download videos from RSS-based channels. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

What is RSS?

You can get daily TED Talks news and updates sent to you via one of our many RSS feeds. If you haven't used an RSS feed before, it's easy to get started.

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a method of sharing and broadcasting content such as news from a website. Using XML, items such as news articles can be automatically downloaded into a news reader or published onto another website. There are two ways of using RSS: to share your news with others or to harvest others' news for your site.