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TEDYouth is a day-long event for middle and high school students, with live speakers, hands-on activities and great conversations. Scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists, performers (and more!) share short talks on what they do best, serving both as a source of knowledge and inspiration for youth around the globe.

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TEDYouth 2015

Made in the Future

New York, NY
November 14, 2015
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Aside from attending the event, there are a couple of ways to get involved in TEDYouth:

  1. Sign up for TEDYouth updates to stay in the loop!
  2. Plan an informal viewing party around the live webcast of TEDYouth. You can invite as many people to watch the event with you as you'd like.
  3. Apply to host an official TEDxYouth event and stream the live webcast at your event! If your event is approved, you can also invite live speakers to your event within the TEDx rules and guidelines.

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RT @TEDYouth: "Never let the fact that you might be wrong get in the way of you trying to figure out what's right." @steltzner, rocket scieā€¦
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Cosa farai da grande? Il bellissimo intervento di Ishita Katyal #TEDYOUTH https://t.co/mnM2Pb52wm
TEDx Bergamo 10 Feb
RT @TEDYouth: Adventures in puppeteering with Joey Mazzarino at #TEDYouth. https://t.co/hW9Gnv9Jeb
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