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TEDYouth is a day-long event for middle and high school students, with live speakers, hands-on activities and great conversations. Scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists, performers (and more!) share short talks on what they do best, serving both as a source of knowledge and inspiration for youth around the globe.

TEDYouth 2015: Made in the Future

TEDYouth 2015 is taking place in New York City on Saturday, November 14, from 11am to 6pm.

At TEDYouth — and at more than 100 TEDxYouth events tuning in live online around the globe — young people will gather to explore the event's theme, Made in the Future. Speakers of all ages will touch on an array of questions about our future, including:

  • What cool technologies will exist in the future and how will we use them?
  • What are some new careers that will exist in upcoming years?
  • What will be the most pressing issues of our future?

Together, we will seek to answer these questions from a number of different perspectives — scientific, cultural, technological, educational, artistic, entrepreneurial, environmental and more.

TEDYouth will be streamed live, free of charge, in English, Spanish and Arabic. You can host a TEDxYouth event or an informal viewing party around the live webcast of TEDYouth. The webcast URL will be released closer to the date.

Teenagers from the New York City area between the ages of 13 and 18 are invited to apply to attend TEDYouth. The application will be available here starting in September. Attendance will be free of charge for a total of 400 admitted young people.

Get involved

Sign up for TEDYouth updates to stay in the loop! Aside from attending the event, there are a couple of ways to get involved in TEDYouth:

  1. Plan an informal viewing party around the live webcast of TEDYouth. You can invite as many people to watch the event with you as you'd like. The webcast URL will be released before the next event.
  2. Apply to host an official TEDxYouth event and stream the live webcast at your event! If your event is approved, you can also invite live speakers to your event within the TEDx rules and guidelines.

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Today's #TED, from #TEDYouth 2014! Nizar Ibrahim: How we unearthed the spinosaurus: http://t.co/oebV94PMxu, @TEDTalks
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Today's #TED, from @TEDYouth 2014! Nizar Ibrahim: How we unearthed the #spinosaurus: http://t.co/uCGQBpfuCm, #TEDYouth, @TEDTalks, @TEDNews
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