Special events

In addition to the official TED Conferences, TED regularly hosts special events around the globe. These events, which include TEDYouth and TED Salons, use new and inventive approaches to help further TED's mission of spreading ideas and sparking global conversations.

Upcoming special events

TEDYouth 2014

Worlds Imagined
November 15, 2014
Brooklyn, New York

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Recent past special events

Bits of Knowledge
June 23, 2014
Berlin, Germany

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Each year we produce a day-long TEDYouth event, designed to both spark innovative thinking and tap into the inventive enthusiasm of teenagers and children. TEDYouth events feature Talks designed to appeal to this younger audience, as well as Talks conceived, designed, and delivered by teens themselves. Learn more about TED Youth

TED Salons

TED Staff often host TED Salons, evening-length events with speakers and performers. TED Salons are smaller in scale than conferences and give the audience the opportunity to engage more intimately.

Talks from past special events