Community engagement

Part of the partnership between TEDx and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is focused on facilitating more meaningful conversations on global health and development issues within TEDx communities year-round.

If you are a TEDx organizer, there are two ways in which you can bring TEDxChange to your event:

  1. Play a TEDxChange talk at your standard TEDx event. Bring the spirit of global change to your event by including a TEDxChange talk.
  2. Program a TEDxChange session at your standard TEDx event. You can dedicate one session of your event to highlighting speakers who work in the areas of global health and development. The session should be called TEDxChange. Questions? Email

If you’re not a TEDx organizer, share TEDxChange talks with your networks, and engage them in discussion about the ideas that excite you. There are many to choose from: