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  • Nov 2, 2013

    Vancouver, Canada
    Speakers included: Gary Yarbrough, Ashley Welsh, Dylan Stirewalt, Emmanuel Fonseca, Lucia Lorenzi, Nidhi Joseph, Koon Peng Ooi, Shannon Hoekstra, Eric Schofield, Altay Sedat Otun, Chris Dare

    Event Type: University

  • Nov 3, 2012

    University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada

    Event Type: University

  • Nov 5, 2011

    Life Science Centre Vancouver, Canada
    Speakers included: Francis Arevalo, Alex Lougheed, Laura Fukumoto, Paige Zhang, Richard Kemick, Hussein Janmohamed, Ratib Islam, Justin McElroy, Laura Bain

  • Oct 1, 2010

    Vancouver, Canada

  • Oct 2, 2009

    Vancouver, Canada

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David Ng
Vancouver B.c., Canada

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