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Theme: A Different View

Khartoum city, KH, Sudan
November 9th, 2013

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About this event

TEDxNileStreet is the most recent TEDx conference in Sudan, it is a unique event catered towards attracting a different audience, as this event is designed to empower and inspire the Sudanese society locally and internationally.

TEDxNileStreet is organized by a group of young self-driven, inspired and motivated individuals, in order to exchange experiences and ideas to inspire a new generation of young people.

This event will focus on the youth new ideas and innovation. Our speakers plan to shed light on new ideas concerning different aspects of technology, entertainment, design and social issues that matters to all people and can be beneficial towards improving the local community in specific and the world in general.

Why the Name Nile Street?

Nile Street was chosen as the name and place of the conference because the Nile Street is one of the most famous streets in Sudan, as it runs alongside the great famous River Nile, the longest river in the world. This street is a special place for most age groups and if we look at it in General, we will find that it combines all of the Sudanese people and it forms a place of gatherings regardless of all other considerations. So we have the right to claim that this street is the abbreviation of Sudan in a street.

What’s the Goal of TEDxNileStreet?

To take things on a wider scale and from an examiner‘s view, Is the purpose of the Nile Street entertainment only?? A place to drink tea and coffee, play cards and games and waste time??

What are the amounts of discussions and outcomes of dialogues that take place at the Nile Street?? How to take advantage of these dialogues and debates within the scope of your friends and what’s their impact on the community at large?? ..

From here came the idea of TEDxNileStreet, which is to exploit that wasted time and to take advantage of it for yourself and your friends and your community..

The goal of TEDxNileStreet is the start of a scientific cultural movement at the Nile Street. Maybe TEDxNileStreet wiil complement or becomes a kickoff for other events that may inspire the community of the street and redefine the concept of entertainment and spending time in itself, for that the goal of coming to the Nile Street becomes to entertain the soul, mind, and for young people to introduce their ideas and talents for people to see and to form a strong society based on sharing and spreading knowledge !!

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Venue and Details

DAL Excellence Center
Khartoum / Nile Str
Khartoum city, KH, 111111

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mujtaba musa
Khartoum, Sudan

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