x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Identities: Nothing stays the same!

This event occurred on
February 2, 2011
4:00pm - 10:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Offenbach am Main

Identity has become a changing, volatile concept:
What is this identity thing?
Is it something you are born with?
Something that you acquire?
Or something you have thrust upon you?

With your help, we intend to enlighten and discuss this issue at TEDxRheinMain.

Tell us about your professional or personal encounters with identity related issues. Share with us your insights and thoughts about the identity questions:
What is it?
Why do we need it?
and Where can we get the best one?

Other questions that we would like to discuss include:
- Who do you think you are? Identities as a function of role and medium.
- Are you listening? Dialogue is threatened with extinction.
- Do you still have a religion – or do you subscribe to the Church of Steve?
- Global: Is making your identity available globally a good idea?

Tickets available here: http://www.amiando.com/tedxrheinmain

Klingspor Museum
Herrnstraße 80
Südflügel des Büsing Palais
Offenbach am Main, 63061
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Prof. Dr. Elisabeth von Samsonow

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth von Samsonow is a philosopher and artist. She works, among many other things, as Professor for Philosophical and Historical Anthropology at the Kunst an der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna. She is am member of GEDOK Munich and is active internationally exhibiting her work and curating exhibitions. Her teachings and research focus on philosphy and the history of religions relating to a theory of a collective memory, the relationship between Art and Religion past and present, a theory and history of the perception of women as well as female identification, sacral androgyny and the modern dissolution of the self. Her work as an artist is concerned with the systematic and symbolic place of sculpture in the canon of Art.

Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck

Günter Dueck is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, an IEEE Fellow, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences. He authored some satiricalphilosophical books on humans, management and life and the Financial Times Germany Management Book of the year 2006 Lean Brain Management – Success and more Efficiency by Zero-Intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger

Pro. Dr. Thomas Metzinger (*1958 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is currently Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg‐Universität Mainz and an Adjunct Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study. In 2009 he returned from a prestigious one‐year Fellowship at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Berlin Institute for Advanced Study), is past president of the German Cognitive Science Society and currently president of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. His focus of research lies in analytical philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and philosophical aspects of the neuro- and cognitive sciences as well as connections between ethics, philosophy of mind and anthropology. He has edited and published extensively in German and English, e.g. one major scientific monograph developing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary theory about consciousness, the phenomenal self, and the first‐person perspective (“Being No One – The Self‐Model Theory of Subjectivity”, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003). In 2009, he published a popular book, which addresses a wider audience and also discusses the ethical, cultural and social consequences of consciousness research (“The Ego Tunnel – The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self”, New York: Basic Books)

Prof. Wolfgang Henseler

Prof. Wolfgang Henseler (born 1961) is founder and managing creative director at SENSORY-MINDS, a designstudio for new media and innovative technologies based in Offenbach am Main (Germany) and a professor for Digital Media – natural user design, multitouch technologies, social media, usability and user experience – and for Intermedia Design – the Internet of Things – at the University of Pforzheim – Faculty for Design. For more than 15 years Professor Henseler has worked and done research within the areas of user-centred-interface-design and interface-agents. When it comes to next generation websites (web-interfaces). Professor Henseler can be mentioned as one of the most visionary persons and consults Google and Microsoft in the field of natural-user-interface-design, the next generation of human-computer-interface-design. As a speaker Professor Henseler has been invited to many international conferences such as the Apple Millenium Tour, Microsoft Envision Tour (Milan, Prague, Dubai, Las Vegas etc.), the Financial Times “Interfacing the Future” conference with Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO). As a trend and innovation specialist for new and emerging media and future technologies Professor Henseler advices international leading companies i.e. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Nestlé or Deutsche Lufthansa on their internet-, mobile-, social media-, retail- or e-business strategies.

Michael Altendorf

The digital world changed the way people see each other, as more and more people provide their personal social network with private information like photos, location information or status messages. Today everybody has multiple digital and virtual “identities” on different websites, social networks or virtual worlds. What is the origin of this trend? What is the status today and what can we expect from the future? Diplom Economist / University of Heidelberg. Co-Founder & CEO of the venture-capital funded internet startup ADTELLIGENCE GmbH. ADTELLIGENCE GmbH provides superior online ad targeting technologies and analytics platforms for social networks & agencies. Lecturer in internet business at university of applied sciences Salzburg/Austria and at the Popacademy Baden-Württemberg, a music business school. Speaker at several internet & media events. Co-Founder of Rhein-Neckar Technology Ventures Day, an event for entrepreneurs looking for VC. Co-Organizer of TEDx Rhein-Neckar. Member of the CEO Collaborative Forum. Previously worked at SAP in strategic market intelligence/global marketing as analyst, and as product manager in the Emerging Solutions in Walldorf and New York. Since 2001 he worked as a consultant in internet business, at the management consulting company SVP Deutschland AG in research projects, and in interdisciplinary research at the Institute for Peace, Ecology, and Sustainability (FEST e.V.) in Heidelberg.

Ibrahim Evsan

Imagine a digital superpower with one sole economic output: collecting, structuring and selling information. Let’s call it “The Information Company” - or TIC for short. TIC has found a way to tune into the global streams of internet data, collect the unstructured data and index them. The question is: where does that leave me and how can I get some personal gain from this? How do I get to be a message in these streams of data? Ibrahim Evsan is living Social Media. In 2006 he founded sevenload - one of the most successfull German startups. In October 2009 he decided to start a new company: United Prototype. As an expert for Social Media he writes about blogs, microblogging, online-reputation and living in the life-stream in his book Der Fixierungscode.

Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft is an optimist with a passion for all things new. He says:"It took me some time to realize that, so I went on a journey: Originally growing up in a village I started working in Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Prague, Toronto, New York and some stops in between. I worked at a factory, the farmers market, was tiling floors, outsourced an Asian warehouse operations, reengineered business processes, took companies public and took them back private, was a banker, an investment banker, an investor, a CFO, mister mom, a CEO and now being back to the basics: optimistic about all things new."

Steven Sasseville

Steven Sasseville (born 1969) is managing creative director and co-founder of the innovation and design firm COSALUX, taking a more "daring to de different" approach to the design challenges out there. He's known for his straightforward, honest and reimagining approach to the design business. Rethinking the ordinary, trusting our instincts and educating clients into trusting creative partnerships is part of the strategy embedded into the core DNA of Steven and his team at COSALUX.

Sina Kamala Kaufmann

Sina Kamala Kaufmann studied philosophy, politics and international law and is now responsible for communications and public relations at wooga (world of gaming), Europe's leading Social Game developer. Born 1985, she has recently published her first book Politik im Web, about the social and political impacts of digital and technological progress and was Co-Founder and editor in chief of politikorange , an event magazine for politically committed young people and journalists.

Organizing team


Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
  • Jennife Moss
    Art Director
  • Günther Mulder
  • Ossi Urchs
  • Christoph Salzig
    Public Relations
  • Fabian Beiner
    Web Developer
  • Tom Noeding
    Community Management
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