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Theme: Illuminating Connections

Yakima, WA, United States
August 9th, 2013

About this event

Our ideas build on other ideas throughout our lives. Illuminating the connections that bring our ideas to life can happen through our attention, the right context, or the actual process of light enlivening the work right before our eyes. Yakima is a valley full of light, with 300+ days of sun a year and an East-West orientation carved from ancient geologic forces and Missoula Floods, there is rarely a day without some curious, remarkable, or inspiring pattern of light on the sage-covered hills and valley floor. Find your illumination connection to new ideas at TEDxYakima 2013!

Confirmed Speakers

  • Andy Behrle
    Born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Andy Behrle spent his childhood with the best of both worlds – access to a metropolis filled with culture and history as well as an ocean-side playground to explore. Educated in Philosophy and Religion at Elmira College in Elmira, New York, Andy began to dream about the sublime and started the journey to self-discovery. Upon taking coursework in Sculpture, Andy realized that he could create objects and worlds that helped him navigate the depths of existential thoughts and communicate ideas in ways that words do not allow. Combining his interests in natural phenomena, the spiritual, and the language of objects, Andy pursued and received a Master of Fine Arts at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona in 2003. In the Southwest, Andy found a correlation between the vastness of the ocean and the desert and a new found interest in Time and the footprint of humanity on our planet. The combination of Andy’s upbringing and interests coalesced in the creation of his first large scale time-based immersive installation and changed the direction of his artwork.
  • Josh Elliot
    On April 18, 2011, while on a routine patrol, I stepped on an improvised explosive device and was seriously wounded. In August of that year when my Marine unit returned home from Afghanistan, I was there to greet them standing on my new set of prosthetic legs. In December 2011 I tried mono-skiing for the first time. I quickly felt that this was a sport I could get good at. Within a few short months I was running completely independent on the mountain and learning to run gates in the slalom course. I have been fast tracked for a national caliber team to begin training for the Paralympics in 2018. As well as mono-skiing I have been swimming, surfing, rowing, rock climbing, and playing tennis. The main thing I have learned is that I can do anything now that I used to be able to do and more.
  • Noël Manderville
    Noël Manderville is a former dancer, trained in the Methodology of Jacques d'Amboise's National Dance Institute. She is current Artistic Director of Art in Motion, an arts in education program that uses dance as a catalyst to inspire children and motivate them toward excellence.
  • Anna Green/James Harper
    Anna Green and James Harper: Anna and James moved to Yakima in August of 2012 to serve as Jesuit Volunteers. During this time, they have lived in an intentional community with three other JVs, explored radical ways of living, and played many, many games of cribbage. Their hope is to share some of their experience and illustrate how the principals of intentional living can be used to create connections between people. Anna is a graduate of Creighton University, where she majored in Peace and Social Justice Studies. Her passions include education, working with youth, biking, and camping. James graduated from Reed College, where he studied Anthropology. After living abroad for two years, he returned to the Northwest to serve as a JV in Tacoma before coming to Yakima. His passions are food justice, gardening, board games, and flannel.
  • ChiXapkaid (Dr. Michael Pavel)
    CHiXapkaid (Dr. Michael Pavel): ChiXapkaid is a Professor of Native American Studies in the Department of Education Studies at the University of Oregon. His scholarship draws from his experience as a traditional bearer among the Southern Salish people and as an enrolled tribal member of the Skokomish Nation. CHiXapkaid specializes in the discipline of higher education with a focus on improving American Indian and Alaska Native postsecondary access and achievement. He encourages us to evolve our education systems in the United States to honor tribal legacies, recognize tribal sovereignty and to cultivate meaningful relationships with tribal communities and Native peoples.
  • Noël Manderville
    Noël Manderville: Noël is a former dancer, trained in the Methodology of Jacques d'Amboise's National Dance Institute. She is Artistic Director of Art in Motion, an arts in education program that uses dance as a catalyst to inspire children by building the connection between physical expression and academics to motivate them toward excellence.
  • Beth Dannhardt
    Beth Dannhardt: Beth has a background as an Occupational Therapist and as such has worked in many medical and rehab settings during her career. However, her passion is working with folks who suffer from the disease of chemical dependency. This has taken her to eventually settle in her position as CEO of Triumph Treatment Services in Yakima for the past 23 years. However, this does not mean she has been standing still. She loves to take on challenges and was struck with the lack of services for women who are addicted to chemicals and the issues of what happens to their children. The result of working to address this problem has resulted in a unique and successful program which uses resources in creative ways.
  • Claire Carpenter
    Claire Carpenter is a Biology Instructor at YVCC. She earned her BA in Biology from Colorado College, and her MS in Biology from the University of New Mexico. Claire attended a NSF Antarctic Biology Course as well. Her primary research was on the ecological correlates of heat shock protein expression. Her current passions include eating and growing local food and supporting local businesses and the community. She raises chickens, turkeys, goats, and bees as well as two young children.

Venue and Details

Yakima Valley Museum
2105 Tieton Dr
Yakima, WA, 98902
United States
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