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Theme: Community

This event occurred on
November 14, 2013
7:00pm - 7:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)

TEDxGundeldingen was created to offer a forum to the community to share passions, stories and ideas. We want to promote understanding and foster relations between and within the vibrant mix of Swiss, immigrants and expatriates in our community. Talks will be in both English and German.

Reinacherstrasse 129
Basel, CH-4053
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Alex Rawson

An educator with spirit and drive, Alex Rawson has taught in the United States, Turkey, and Switzerland. As education and technology become inextricably intertwined, he is one among many who seek to reinvent education through modern means. While many programs can guide students through strategic learning and success in a diploma driven society, Alex hopes to be a catalyst for a new flavor of learning, where creativity and excitement play a central part. Over the next 10 years Alex hopes to lead fundamental changes in the nature of textbooks, homework, and how teenagers view the role of education in their lives.

Tiago Dias Miranda

Born in Portugal, but raised in an international environment. Three continents and eleven countries later, adaptation skills, negotiating complex environments and broad-mindedness have become innate aptitudes for him. Working at Soulsight, a strategic design consultancy based in Madrid specialised in service and organisational design. As a strong believer in the socialisation of organisations, he is in charge of the company's social initiative: Soulmatters. He is also the organiser of Creative Mornings Madrid, a free monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. His greatest hobby is what he calls culture sharing and he literally incarnates the Cookie Monster in a human body.

David Fortune

Canadian David Fortune lives in Basel with his wife, Rhonda, and their four children. As a family they have lived in three different countries and are always learning how to adapt to their new culture and make it home. David works with a diverse group of international people - teaching, training, counseling and speaking about issues that matter to our everyday lives.

Marc Creus

Marc Creus is a passionate believer in the central importance of science and chemistry in an increasingly interdisciplinary world. Born in Girona, Catalonia (Spain), Dr Creus gained a BSc from the University of Durham and a PhD at the University of Cambridge. He has been a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of a biotech startup company. He has lived in Germany, Austria and the French-speaking part of Switzerland before moving to Basel, where he currently leads the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution at the Department of Chemistry of the University. He is President of the Multilingual Toastmasters Club, won the Basel Science Slam 2013 and, in general, also enjoys participating in science outreach programs.

Bastiaan Frich

Bastiaan is a networker, co-founder and CEO of Urban Agriculture Basel, Switzerland Permaculture. He is the initiator of various projects such as the Permaculture Community Garden farmstead, UniGärten Basel, Basel Food Community and Regional Permaculture Group - Northwestern Switzerland. All these projects and experience in building alliances with its diverse educational backgrounds - from biology to Permaculture up to emphatic communication - make it an internationally sought-bridge hit.

Tilla Künzli

Tilla sees herself as a creative force for sustainable development. Inspired by various urban food projects, and through humor and unexpected connections of participatory city figures she helped create an initiative that links producers with smaller shops and consumers. Production project initiatives include: Keinkaufswagen (planting abandoned shopping carts to take home and cultivate), age settlement sites (Old Age home gardens), workshops in schools, and the list goes on. Tilla holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts - College of the Arts, Seattle; Master of Design, Master Studio Basel, HGK Basel; Permaculture Course, Bolinas California, USA.

Adriano Mannino

From a very early age, Adriano was interested in some of life’s big questions which drove him to philosophy and the fundamental sciences. During high school, he won the Swiss Philosophy Olympiad. At university, he started out with maths and physics but gravitated towards philosophy again – keeping in mind that numbers count. He is currently completing his master’s degree with main interests in ethics and decision science. Besides his studies, he works as a blogger for NZZ Campus, directs the Giordano Bruno Schweiz and is a founding member of Effective Altruism Switzerland, which is trying to put high-impact ethics into practice.

Michael Moor

At the tender age of nine, Michael Moor first performed as a beatboxer. Driven by his passion for music, he won third place at the Swiss youth music competition with the harp in 2008. Now a third-year medical student, he can look back on co-founding three organisations concerning critical thinking, global poverty and scientific exchange. Since 2010 he's been beatboxing in the a capella group "The Glue" which has been touring through Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US. A musical highlight he'll never forget was his performance in front of 20'000 people at Kaohsiung (Taiwan) in autumn 2012. In his performance, 21-year-old Michael introduces you to the world of triple voice beatboxing. Prepare to be amazed.

Mala Mukherjee Suess

After working for several years in the pharmaceutical industry and software as a web communications and training specialist, today Mala Mukherjee Suess is a social informatics researcher working in Technology and Education for the Blind / Visually Impaired. She is a leading member of the Swiss Informatics Society . She is married, the mother of a 1.5 year old boy and runs a multilingual community start up for parents in Gundeldingen.

Lorraine Rytz

Lorraine Rytz is a community organizer with two decades of active advocacy for expat engagement. Arriving in Basel in 1994, she embraced volunteering as a way to connect with and learn about her new home. She has enjoyed leadership positions with various community organizations, most recently as formerChair of Centrepoint, the international community centre for Basel. Through participation at conferences and workshops directed at the 'expat' community, Lorraine has subsequently been invited to sit on advisory and working committees convened by Basel-Stadt and local philanthropic foundations. Drawing from personal experience, Lorraine not only motivates other expats to volunteer, but actively seeks new opportunities for their contributions.

Tim Suess

Timm Suess is an industrial psychologist and passionate decay photographer. His photo tours have taken him to abandoned locations around the world and his works have been published in various books, journals and magazines. He is most well known for his depictions of the Chernobyl zone of exclusion. Timm Suess lives in Basel with his family.

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