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Theme: TEDx Flanders Naked

This event occurred on
March 26, 2014
10:00am - 7:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Antwerpen, VAN

After last year's Introspection, this year TEDxFlanders is going Naked. A look at what we are now as we bare ourselves against the world and what we will be in the future.
Experience a full day of exciting and mind blowing talks with lots of surprises throughout the day!

Antwerpen, VAN, 2000
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Luc Colemont

Luc Colemont got the TEDxFlanders Wish 2013. Join us by participating in his wish and joining a global community of thinkers and doers who have helped realize the dreams of extraordinary people. Luc Colemont is Gastroenterologist and co-founder of non-profit organization 'Stop Darmkanker' (Stop Colon Cancer). He is a strong believer that more information and more action will lead to less colon cancer. Social media can play an important role in the battle against colon cancer. His wish: sharing knowledge in order to save lives!

Janez Potočnik

Janez Potocnik is the European Commissioner for Environment. Born in Slovenia in 1958, he has a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Ljubljana where he lectured for many years on statistics and economy. He has been awarded honorary degrees by London Imperial College and Gent University. Although not affiliated to a political party he has been Director of Slovenia's Government Office for European Affairs, a Minister Councillor at the Office of the Prime Minister, and Minister without portfolio responsible for European Affairs. He was head of the negotiating team for Slovenia's accession to the EU. Janez was nominated as Slovenia's first European Commissioner in 2004 and was given the Science and Research portfolio. In 2010 he started a second term, this time as Commissioner for Environment.

Peter De Batist

Whoever enters the world of edible insects, enters a myriad of surprises. There are countries where people throw wriggling worms in a wok: some vegetables, crisp it, and you've got a delicious meal. Peter De Batist opened up this world to Belgium. He might seem eccentric here, but billions of people actually do the same...

Markus Hehn

Markus Hehn is a PhD at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH Zürich (Switzerland). His research lies in the field of algorithms for the control of aerial vehicles, with a specific focus on exploiting the exceptional agility of the quadrotor vehicles that are used in the Flying Machine Arena. He is interested in understanding the physical limits of how quickly these vehicles can move, real-time trajectory generation algorithms that get close to these physical limits, and complex tasks that rely on the vehicle's agility (such as balancing an inverted pendulum on a quadrocopter).

Richard Gill

Mathematical statistics at the Department of Mathematics at Leiden University. He has conducted statistical research in the theory of quantum information and in biostatistics. He has also worked on survival analysis, semiparametric models, causality, missing data, machine learning, and statistics in image analysis. Gill also publishes on the foundations of several mathematical sciences: the foundations of statistics, of probability, of mathematics, and of quantum physics.

Jef Staes

“Why don’t organisations learn and innovate fast enough?” Jef Staes offers an answer to this question. As a thought leader in the fields of learning and innovation management, he analyses the way in which people resist and even obstruct change processes. And Jef does not shy away from confrontation! With a vast range of new insights and metaphors, he illustrates why managers and policymakers often reach the wrong decisions.

Roger Cox

Roger Cox is a Dutch attorney at law and pragmatic visionary. In his book Revolution Justified he calls for judicial intervention to save the planet and humanity. Due to the inaction of governments to adequately regulate greenhouse gases to avoid the dangers of climate change, governments themselves have now become a danger to society, Roger Cox says. That’s why according to Roger, the law is now our only hope of really averting dangerous climate change and of breaking the status quo in the energy world. Following the script of his book Roger sued the Dutch government before the court in the Hague for it’s failing climate policies, in cooperation with the Dutch NGO Urgenda and a thousand Dutch citizens as plaintiffs. He is also setting up a network of plaintiffs for similar proceedings in other European countries.

Mama's Open Mic

A mix of Antwerp's lyrical (underground?) talent. These young and passionate people gather to bring poetry, spoken word, lyrics and rhymes. Often critical, witty and funny. Sometimes cynical or sarcastic. Or personal stories expressed in Dutch, French or English. The spark in the eyes reveals the reason why they are so good: No ego's, but authentic self expression in a positive and open atmosphere...

Valery Vermeulen

Valery Vermeulen is doctor in mathematics, musician, music producer, multimedia artist and guest lecturer. Recently he finished his (probably) last studies as a music producer at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. Central themes in his work is the synergy between mathematics and music. To connect both fields Valery uses human emotions, biofeedback, affective computing, artificial intelligence and even stock market models. Expect a live demonstration of his EMO-Synth system linking emotional reactions and music and much more. Installations and performances of Valery have been widely shown in Belgium as well as abroad.

Thomas Delvaulx

Seventeen students form the basis of the Punch Powertrain Solar Team. They have fifteen months for the design and the construction of a solar car, in order to participate in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, the world championship for solar cars. Armed with nothing less than a strong dose of enthusiasm, motivation and courage, they all joined the team. Having a common goal in mind, they worked on the fifth Belgian solar car. The expectations are high and the team will put fire on the shins of their competition and is aiming for a good result.

Marieke Hart

It all started when Marieke was sitting in her garden and the beautiful smells of her neighbor's cooking reached her garden, she asked the next day if she could have a taste and a couple of euros later... she was eating delicious pumpkin soup. Food connects people and this was the beginning of a booming platform called thuisafgehaald.be/nl. An amazing story, based on a real passion to connect people and delicious food.

Luc Bonneux

Luc Bonneux is arts, epidemioloog en publicist. Hij was tropenarts in een basisgezondheidszorgproject van het Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde. Hij studeerde epidemiologie in Londen, en schreef zijn dissertatie over de AIDS epidemie. Hij leerde er ook de beperkingen van kankerscreening. Hij promoveerde op een doctoraat over het gebruik van gezondheidseconomische e.a. modellen bij niet overdraagbare verouderingsaandoeningen. Hij werkt momenteel (weer) als arts ouderengeneeskunde in Den Haag.

Johan Driessens

Johan Driessens is known as an enthusiasm coach or, even stronger, an enthusiasm artist or enthusiasm strategist . Since 6 years he has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs en co-workers as a coach and he is known as an enthusiasm-strategist who always succeeds in re-boost, or even re-shape businesses and people with more hunger, drive, passion and enthusiasm. In this turbulent economic times he believes that enthusiasm is not only the fastest way but also the most inspiring way to make a difference in the market. He believes that if you are fired up with enthusiasm this will lead to more clients, more profit,more creativity, more credibility, more fun and most of all more passion for yourself and everyone involved...


“I am the polar bear and this is my land. Beneath my wrinkled feet, under the ice, lives a man. When the sun sinks into the sea, I hold him warm. I break into the ice, you see, and take this man into my arms.” Nunki is the smallest planet of the universe (3300 times smaller than earth). Nunki combines visual aspects (costumes) with trip-hop, post-rock and a theatrical atmosphere. They are currently working on their first EP. Band members: Hanne Torfs (song and keyboard), Ruben den Brok (keyboard), Thijs Jan van Hoek (guitar), Joerie Dekker (guitar and percussion), Ivo Schot (bas) en Erik Polet (drums).

Wendy Lampen

Wendy Lampen extensively studied neurotypical (non-autistic) behaviour in order to understand people better. Wendy has Aspergers and Synesthesia. These aspects combined with her teaching experience as a university lecturer in autism and school teacher for adolescents with autism, make her analyses sharp and startling. And onsets to think out of the box, often with a humorous wink. Wendy has set up the equality approach in which equality, awareness and collaboration are the basis. In this she uses her own tool, the TORUS, and visual strategies. From her international experience in how different cultures look at autism or 'disorders' in general, Wendy is an advocate for a ( neuro-)divers society. Comparing viewpoints, how even different they may be, there is always mutual ground in which people find each other. Finding the common denominator is quite an intensive and difficult task but as Wendy states: ‘as well as awareness starts with the willingness to listen, so does equality start with being aware of the differences!’

Isabelle Schad

Isabelle Shad is a choreographer, dancer, performer and co-director of a self-organized working space in Berlin. Her main areas of research are the body and its materiality; the body as a process; place and space; origins of movement deriving from the body and its (embryological) developments and relations between body, choreography, (re)presentation, form and experience. Isabelle Shad will perform pieces from Der Bau/The Borrow by Isabelle Schad and Laurent Goldring. Kafkas unfinished novella Der Bau (The Burrow) describes the burrow as a space deriving from the body itself, yet still belonging to it — bearing the form, traces, odours, wastes and reserves, hope and despair. It gave us the title for this work and seemed a good metaphor for further explorations of conceiving a new relationship between body and space.

Louis-Philippe Loncke

Louis-Philippe is an adventurer and an explorer. His latest trek took him 38 days to kayak around Lake Titicaca, which borders Peru and Bolivia. Loncke is an ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute, the second Belgian fellow of the Explorers Club and was a torchbearer for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. He is a passionate advocate for the environment, particularly water conservation, and is about to launch his own start up. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Hill Photography)

Matthew Jessner

This Artistic Director with an extensive and varied performance background works produces and coordinates beautifull theatre pieces and spectacles. Among his many shows are Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco, Mayumama and 'Le grand Voyage'. Such productions combine Technology, entertainment and design in the most pure way.

Marc Van Montagu

Em. Prof. Dr. Marc, Baron Van Montagu Em. is a pioneer in plant molecular biology. He is well known (with J. Schell) as the discoverer of the Ti-plasmid and the inventor of Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation technology, now used worldwide to produce genetically engineered plants. Van Montagu used this new technology to study gene regulation and to discover the molecular basis of several plant physiological processes. He has made major contributions to the identification of genes involved in plant growth, development and flowering. We'll hear and learn the story of GMO's, and why and how it is and can be good for humankind.

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Antwerpen, Belgium
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