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Theme: Rethink Learning

This event occurred on
August 9, 2013
9:00am - 5:30pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Fargo, ND
United States

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." --Carl Sagan

What if we found life on Mars? What if we completed apprenticeships instead of college? What if everyone in the company was a co-president? What if we taught young athletes to develop their character? What if we created a middle school focused on math and science? What if everyone had access to libraries? What if we used technology to create new learning models?

What if we learned something new?

Expert speakers from across the country. An audience of 500. A day of relevance, inspiration, and connections.

Fargo Theatre
314 Broadway Avenue
Fargo, ND, 58102
United States
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Lissa Rankin

New York Times best-selling author of Mind Over Medicine

Jaime Casap

Global Education Evangelist at Google, Inc., responsible for working with K12 educational institutions and organizations to bring current and future technological innovations into the education environment.

Jim Thompson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Positive Coaching Alliance

Cathy King

Founder and CEO of World Vets, which provides veterinary aid in developing countries and veterinary disaster relief worldwide.

Todd Bol

Co-Founder of Little Free Library, a community movement in the United States and worldwide that offers free books housed in small containers to members of the local community.

Mike Derheim

Co-founder and CEO of The Nerdery a company of 450+ employees, featured in Inc. Magazine (Minot native)

Heather Zinger

Artist in residence at Roger Maris Cancer Center at Sanford Hospital

Victor Saad

Founder of The Leap Year Project & Experience Institute

Adam Gehlhar

Founding member of the West Fargo STEM Academy.

Heidi Manning

Concordia College physics professor working with NASA on the Mars rover Curiosity project, which is is investigating the environmental history of an area inside Mars’ Gale Crater.

Brenna Flaugher

Scientist in the Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and project manager for the construction of the digital camera used used for the current Dark Energy Survey, measuring the expansion of the universe.

Jim Kielsmeier

Founder and President/CEO of the National Youth Leadership Council, and founder of the Center for Experiential Education and Service-Learning.

James Patrick Shea

President of the University of Mary. Monsignor Shea was inaugurated in 2009 as the sixth president of the university and, at the age of 34, became the youngest college or university president in the United States.

Sarah How

Certified Advanced Trainer/Specialist in the Nurtured Heart Approach. Sarah has spent the last 14 years working in education consulting and collaborating to bring transformative changes for adults, children and families.

Hugh and Emerson Weber

Author and creator of Dude to Dad

AJ Leon

Founder of Misfit Inc, and Pursuit of Everything

Eric Mahmoud

President/CEO/Founder at Seed Academy and Harvest Preparatory School in Minneapolis, two Minnesota schools closing the academic achievement gap between white and black children.

Scott McNealy

Co-founder and former chairman/CEO of Sun Microsystems, board chairman of Wayin, and founder of Curriki.

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Fargo, ND, United States
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