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This event occurred on
November 30, 2013
2:00pm - 9:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)

The theme chosen for TEDxBordeaux 2013 to serve as thread at the conferences was the Dream. The cognitive dream, the scientific dream, dreams about project … We dream about all; with the dream, we move forward, we come true, we can even reach for the moon! We are free.

Theatre le FEMINA
10 rue de Grassi
BORDEAUX, B, 33000
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The Intercultural Envionment as a dream of sharing.Founder of the platform and creator of the ideography Unideo, he developed tools of cultural popularization, intended to favor and to teach a sharing of the cultures, the languages and the knowledges. He's a designer and organizer of innovative projects.

G. Garlo

A new sound for a universal dream. This musician born in Quebec and today living in Bordeaux, has more than one string in his bow ! He is a bass player, a composer, a creator of plastic-acoustic works and producer-sound in the domains of the broadcasting and the communication. Fascinated by the acoustic phenomena, Garlo explores new sounds and unpublished universes.

Marie Papot-Liberal

The urban nomadism, a new dreamed concept ? The urban nomadism is a new way of adapting itself. Marie experimented this concept from her youngest age with her parents who traveled the world. Real globe-trotter, she meets Africa. Of her 44 movings, she keeps only a single box !

Bernard Alaux

Science, culture and society, Let's go to a dream of values For him, the scientific knowledge is an integral part of the culture, and participates de facto to give meaning to territories, to facilitate a more prominent role for exchange and to create some cultural and economic social value: he delivers us his experience, a real-life experience was carried by a singular vision.

Christophe ADAM

A doctor engaged for Humanity.` He begins his career as an army medical officer, in Sarajevo. Back in France, he works at night on SOS Doctor and makes a commitment in the ONG Médecins du Monde with the Roma and migrants. Today, beyond the care, he works at improving the situation of the populations.

Youssef TOHME

Architect of an unlimited world. The horizon, the atmosphere, the envelope and the contrast are so many themes as he likes questioning. He dreams about architecture just like the world in which we live.


In his books as in his teachings, he creates footbridges between our origins and our world, to understand where we come from, to live better the present and build the future. Militant optimist, unifying, he believes in the reality of the dream, put to sleep as awakened. An exploration of the dreams, the creators of possible, the builders of yesterday and today.


the importance of following our dreams as far as we can. He received a musical education by the method Braille (piano, music theory, violin and harmony) that he then transmitted during almost 30 years. He was born with this major handicap, the blindness, and always work with the same motivation and the same values such as sense(direction) of the Ethic and the loyalty in the objectives of a renewed vision. He concretized his dream by patenting a new technological device to guide the blind persons.

Catherine BARBA

Palmares of dreams for a pioneer of Web. Committed woman, a pioneer in the life as on Web. This business woman and author experienced returns on his atypical route : a French-style digital destiny, a prize list of dreams. She invites us to find our child's dreams and to be an entrepreneur of our lives.


The dream of an unpublished route. Pierre was born 34 years ago, but his exact date of birth, he does not know it. His life would have been able to be a nightmare, but he decided on it otherwise. His atypical route and his extraordinary personality brings us in a dream become reality.


Guarantor of the surf freely. Engaged since 2008 for the promotion of fundamental freedoms on line, he dreams about a web available for all.

Benjamin ROSOOR

Dreamer, he concludes the event. He bigan his career as a journalist, then he created his own business about digital brand. Committed in the development of the digital technology of the territory of Bordeaux, he claims his first value: put the economy in the service of the human being.

A A call at Nausicaa

Unusual vibrations on the ropes of the dream. Quintet alto, guitar, cello, trumpet and drum kit full of sharpness and inspiration, A call at Nausicaa suggests one melodic folk song centered on the harmonious requirement.

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Bordeaux, France
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