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Theme: Shift Happens: Exploring Shifting Paradigms

This event occurred on
May 10, 2013
6:00pm - 9:00pm PDT
(UTC -7hrs)
Redondo Beach, CA
United States

Join us for a thought-provoking evening with Live speakers and TEDTalks covering the theme of Shifting Paradigms. Enjoy food and drink before and after the program, while enjoying the wonderful RUHS campus and it's spectacular auditorium theater.

Our speakers and TEDTalks will cover some interesting topics including:

• Changing the World through Parenting: Daring to question the way we raise children
• Acknowledging the Power of Positive Stress
• Somes, Life's Eviction Notices are Well Worth Heeding
• The Power of Listening: An ancient practice for our future

Pre-Recorded TEDTalks
• The Relationship Between Artists and Fans
• Nourishment, empowerment, education via one urban garden at a time

Thomas Kuhn, who defined and popularized the concept of a Paradigm Shift, stated that "awareness is prerequisite to all acceptable changes of theory." It all begins in the mind of the person. What we perceive, whether normal or metanormal, conscious or unconscious, are subject to the limitations and distortions produced by our inherited and socially conditional nature. However, we are not restricted by this for we can change.

A Paradigm Shift is a change from one way of thinking to another. It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It doesn't just happen... it is driven by agents of change. As we shift from a mechanistic, manufacturing, industrial society to an organic, service based, information centered society, technology, social justice and connectivity will be at the forefront.

Change, although difficult, is inevitable and the only true constant. For millions of years we have been evolving and will continue to do so. Human Beings resist change; however, the process has been set in motion long ago and we will continue to co-create our own experience. We are moving at an accelerated rate of speed and our state of consciousness is transforming and transcending.

In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading,” TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share ideas through inspiring talks and conversations with each other.

Redondo Union High School Auditorium
Diamond Street
at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway
Redondo Beach, CA, 90277
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Ruth Beaglehole

Ruth Beaglehole is the founder and Executive Director of Echo Parenting & Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting parents, teachers and other adults to break the cycle of early family violence. Originally from New Zealand, Ruth has been a preschool teacher and parent educator for over 50 years. She is the founder of two schools for children, and numerous programs for parents and professionals as well. She is the author of “Mama, Listen! Raising a Child Without Violence – A Handbook for Teen Parents,” and she co-authored Echo Parenting & Education’s Nonviolent Parenting curriculum, the “School Readiness Learning Module” of the North East Los Angles School Readiness Center as well as the It Takes a Community curriculum (ITC) for the Department of Mental Health in Los Angeles. She is an Early Childhood Education trainer for parents and professionals and an active member of the leadership group of the Magnolia Place Initiative, supporting the implementation of ITC and Strengthening Families’ Five Protective Factors. Ruth has received many awards, including the 2010 Betty Fisher Award from the Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Council in recognition of her work in breaking the cycle of violence within families and her challenge to the DV service providers to incorporate the Echo Approach standards of care.

Alex Charfen

Alex Charfen has been an entrepreneur and business owner for more than two decades. In 2008 Alex and his wife Cadey founded the Distressed Property Institute, home of the Certified Distressed Property Expert, or CDPE, designation, the fastest growing independent real estate designation in history. Today the Distressed Property Institute is known as the Charfen Institute, and also owns STAR POWER Systems, the Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) designation, the Agent GPS Course and Coaching program, and the LEAD Experience training for small business owners. In addition to being a CEO, Alex is a sought-after keynote speaker and national television commentator for outlets such as FOX News and CNBC on real estate and small business topics.

Maddie Deutsch, MD

Maddie Deutsch, MD (known to her patients as “Dr. Maddie”) is the Clinical Lead at the UC-San Francisco Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, and the Director of the Transgender Health Program at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center. In 2007 she opened a small private office in Downtown Los Angeles catering to the health needs of the transgender community. Over the years, as the public awareness of transgender health issues have grown, so has her career; she is currently the only medical school faculty member in the US who is both transgender AND providing and researching transgender medical care. Since moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 2009, she has maintained a “bi-urban” existence and flies to LA for two days each week to run the clinic there. In all she has provided primary and hormone care for over 700 transgender patients and has lectured nationally and internationally and has published on a range of transgender health topics. In addition to having A-List Preferred status with Southwest Airlines, she enjoys tweaking old electronic musical instruments and 1970′s motorcycles. Dr. Maddie is a native New Yorker who received her medical degree from the Chicago Medical School and completed her residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. She lives in San Francisco with her partner, Rachel.

Leon Berg

Leon Berg is a founding member of the Ojai Foundation, an educational sanctuary in the Upper Ojai Valley of Southern California. He is a Senior Trainer of the Ojai Foundation’s Center for Council Practice, and has been facilitating Council groups in the U.S. and abroad for over 20 years. In 2001, he went to Israel to seed the practice of Council among Israeli Jews and Arabs, co-founding the Israeli non-profit organization Ma’agal Hakshava (Listening Circles). Leon has returned to Israel many times since then to conduct Council trainings and lead a variety of coexistence programs. In 2008 Leon and his partner, Glori Zeltzer, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, began to teach their relationship workshops, Tools For Togetherness, to couples seeking to enrich and/or heal their relationships. They now teach the practices to couples in the US and abroad.

Christian Anthony Horvath

Christian Anthony Horvath has been an entrepreneur and business owner for the past 18 years. After starting an independent record label, he spent over 15 years performing, recording and touring in support of multiple releases while opening for Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Chris Isaak and Natalie Merchant along the way. But after all the excitement, the pull of home and family was more important than that of the road. In 2008, he laid his guitar down and took his "day job" to the next level by launching a creative design agency. As Principal and Creative Director for Champ Creative LLC, he guides small to large business clients in developing, nurturing, growing and sustaining their brands and advertising through print, web, digital and multimedia applications. "My job is to listen to a client's needs, goals and vision for both the immediate and long-term... and then offer cost-effective and efficient solutions that communicate their message to the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time." Christian is actively engaged with many community organizations and is the co-founder and a curator of TEDxRedondoBeach. For more information visit or

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Redondo Beach, CA, United States
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