x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
May 29, 2010
9:00am - 9:00am KST
(UTC +9hrs)
South Korea

TEDx Daejeon is offering an open place to share knowledge to whomever wants to know something new. This organization includes ChungCheong province based on Daejeon. Also, TEDxDaejeon hosts TEDx events helping people to know and share "ideas worth spreading". Based on the theme, ideas worth spreading, TEDxDaejeon is an organization of people who wants to share what they have and inspire the others to do so.

South Korea
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Gyung-Soo Lee

Lee Kyung Soo is with the National Institute for Fusion and is currently chairman of the ITER Management Advisory Committee. He is leading the ITER Nuclear Fusion development project because of his interest in international progress in energy production. Lee Kyung Soo has worked to introduce and develop alternative energy sources in Korea, such as nuclear fusion. With Korea’s high tech industry and research institutes and the work of Lee Kyung Soo, Korea aims to become a leader in Nuclear Fusion innovation.

sok-jung Jang

CYW is a magazine about street fashion from around the world and was the first of its kind in Korea. Ordinary people lead fashion all over the world. CYW has branches in many countries which help provide different trends from Poland, Germany, Argentina etc. CYW is also unique in that it has no advertisements so readers can spend more time considering the innovative fashion and other content.

Sang-gi Han

Han Sang-gi is a professor at the Culture Technology Graduate School, KAIST in the social computing field. he’s main research fields are such as tagging, on-line trust/reputation, on-line recommendation system, and social network analysis. He is the first chief president of the SIG on Social Web which is the first one in its kind. The SIG is a club to approach social issues, which happens as the social meaning and influence of the internet has been increased, as a research

Ju-hyun Jo

Jo Ju-hyun is a journalist. He is not an ordinary journalist at a giant newspaper corporation, but a veteran journalist at a local company which is almost a symbol of grass-root democracy. He made the OkCheon newspaper as a real newspaper not just an individual advertisement of the local politicians, which I might say, is quite rare. That is the result of how he always interacts not only with his colleagues but with the local people also.


Rec&Play.net is a blog based on video with music or based on music with video mainly in Seoul. Since November of 2009, the team has been recording live performance in daily places. Recently, many netizens are interested in this team because anyone can use their writings, images, and videos only if they mark the copyright of the Creative Commons’ license.

soo-yong Song

Song Sooyong is a ceo of the KTCC and a master of the DID, who inspires young people, bussinessmen that they ‘can do’ anything, and enterprenuers that ‘there’s no failture’. Currently, he is one of the most popular counselor in terms of inspiring people. After attending his lectures, we could see many people starting their business again after a big failure. Many young people who got rejected from companies could get jobs. People, who couldn’t even try anything new because of the old failures, made a big step through his lectures.

Hyou Jeong Kim

Kim, Hyou-jeong is a successful producer who was also the first Asian woman to participate in the Desert Grand Slammer, a marathon across the 5 largest deserts. She has produced various films including “행복한 장의사,” “킬리만자로,” “무사,” “결혼은 미친 짓이다,” “싱글즈,” and “호로비츠를 위하여.” As a Grand Slammer she participated in 5 races of 7 days and 6 nights traveling about 250 KM across deserts with minimal supplies.

Dae-Sik Kim

March 3, 2009, Dae Sik, 20 years old, was selected out of thousands to perform as one of 90 participants in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. When Kim, Dae Sik was five years old he was inspired by his sister and started violin. Even though he was not a learning professionally, he did not stop practicing and joined related club activities frequently. By chance he was recruited on YouTube to be part of their orchestra. At that time he thought it would be a 'meaningful and fun experience,' so he practiced violin frequently over the vacation. He passed was accepted despite there being 20 applicants per accepted musician. Of 90 volunteer and only eight were Korean and he was the only amateur among them.

Organizing team

Roy Younghwan

Daejeon, South Korea