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This event occurred on
November 9, 2013
10:00am - 10:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)

On the 9th of November, we challenged you to take a step forward and “Make it Happen”! You took part to an unique experience, a day-long event where thought-provoking and inspirational ideas brought a new perspective to life.

At our 5th edition, we will feature a select array of leading visionaries, storytellers and achievers, all concentrated around the central theme of transforming thoughts into actions.
Join our community and build valuable connections with more than 700 remarkable people (entrepreneurs, managers, artists, researchers, social activists and many more), in an inspiring set-up, enlivened by Technology, Entertainment and Design.

Each of us has all it takes to be successful and to turn their visionary ideas into reality, so we celebrate innovation, courage and initiative.

We’ve got the tools, so all it is left for us is to “Make it happen”!

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Simina Tanasescu

Applying external practices in a different context from which they were taken never produces the results that we expect. She will come in front of TEDxBucharest’s public to share from her experience as a teacher in Tunisia, Switzerland and France and to spread the idea that sometimes we have to “make it happen” in our own way if we want to make it. During her teaching and academic career, she taught at prestigious universities from all over the world. She is Romania’s representative on the Board of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union, and she also was a member of the Superior Council of Magistracy. In April 2013 she was appointed member of the Board of selecting judges to the Court of Justice of the European Union. Simina Tănăsescu will talk about the long road from „wanting it”, to „making it happen” and about the way in which borrowing external practices can sometimes prevent us from achieving the desired results. Based on her research and professional experience, she will shed light on what she calls „practices transplant” and its effects.

Dragos Dubina

Who else is more entitled to give advice on how to “Make it happen” than a man who’s seen places far beyond our imagination? Dragos Dubina started as a passionate adventurer and mountain sports instructor. He studied psychology, worked at “Politehnica” University of Timisoara as coordinator of The Centre for Professional Information of Students and started his own soft-skills training company using outdoor activities (mostly mountain sports) as educational instruments. He currently owns one of the most exciting travel blogs of Romanian origin. He publishes exotic life stories since he started his expeditions in the Indonesian Archipelago and New Guinea: incursions in seldom-traveled places and experiences with hidden indigenous tribes in the jungles of Indonesia: Maluku, Kalimantan, Papua. On the TEDxBucharest stage he will present a completely new approach on this year’s theme, calling on the life stories of a culture completely hidden from the everyday lives of the civilized world.

George Popescu

George is a strong believer in entrepreneurship and believes everybody can successfully start a company and make a living of it. George strongly believes that this is very positive for one’s personal development, the local community and the economy in general. Born in Romania, moved to France at age 13. Had 2 masters, 1 in Computer Science and Electric Engineering from Supelec and one from Paris XI in Nanosciences. Then worked for 2 years as visiting scientist at MIT where he also obtained a Masters of Science working on 3D fabrication. Founder of Boston Technologies in 2007 while still in school at MIT, he lead it as CEO to grow without any investment to $20+ million in revenue. Boston Technologies is part of the Inc500 set of 500 fastest growing companies in USA in 2011, ‘12 and ‘13, was #1 Fastest growing company in Boston in 2012 and #5 fastest in 2013. George will explain his experience and will provide advice on how to start a company in 1 hour and take it without any investment to be a $20mil+ in revenue/year.

Sabina Alistar

Sabina earned her PhD from Stanford University, in the department of Management Science and Engineering. In her research, Sabina develops and applies operations research tools for shaping Health care policies, with emphasis on optimal resource allocation for controlling infectious diseases such as AIDS. She has collaborated with the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS to develop a practical mathematical model that can be used by decision makers to allocate resources among HIV control programs. Her achievements have been acknowledged with the title „Romanian student of 2011 in North America”, postgraduate level. On the TEDxBucharest stage, Sabina will lead an insightful conversation on how mathematical models can inform health policy, and the exciting insights we can gain from them, to improve our health policies and the lives of millions of people.

Moonlight Breakfast

Welcome to the „retro-electro” world of Moonlight Breakfast! Where their music brightens up the darkest day, enters your blood stream and goes straight to your soul with its jazzy vibe and its powerful lyrics. In just two years since their launch, the quartet of talented musicians have released an album (“Shout”), performed at two major music festivals in Romania and Bulgaria, performed as opening act for big names such as Jamiroquai and had numerous concerts throughout the country. Recently they moved to Vienna in pursuit of even more means of expression, where they were welcomed gladly by music lovers. On November 9th, they will open our minds and hearts and reboot our systems at TEDxBucharest.

Yana Buhrer Tavanier

Yana Buhrer Tavanier is a human rights activist and award winning freelance journalist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. On top of her local achievements, she is a TED Fellow and was named one of the 50 people who will change the world in WIRED’s Smart List, 2012! She is currently working to expose the inhumane treatment of children and adults with intellectual and mental health disabilities in the Balkans, as a Campaign Director of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, the country’s largest and most influential human rights group. Yana is also a Co-Organizer of the first platform for volunteering in Bulgaria – Sofia Pride, and Co-Founder of Time Heroes. We are glad that we have her at TEDxBucharest, because she is one of those who don’t just dream of a better world. She makes it happen.

Mircea Manolescu

A construction engineer with a PhD in the area of radiations from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon / University of La Rochelle, Mircea Manolescu started around the year 2000 to study seismology. Following his personal passions, curiosities and fears he created a unique personal protection capsule for individuals in case of an earthquake, the Supershelter. Some of the awards he received for his achievement are The first Prize and Excellency Diploma for „Outstanding Inventor of the year 2006” from the World Intellectual Property Organization, Golden Medals at Bucharest, Geneva, Brussels, Pittsburgh, Medal and Excellency Diploma from the Emergency Situations Ministry of the Russian Federation, Commander of the Invention Merit - the Kingdom of Belgium and many more. At TEDxBucharest 2013 he will showcase his firm belief that humans are capable of cohabiting with technology in a thoroughly researched live demonstration following the path from acknowledging health risks all around us up to common sense solutions for improving our constantly connected to technology lives.

Dorin Stefan

Prof. Dr. Arh. Dorin Stefan, one of Romania’s most renowned and respected architects and among the pioneers to open a private architecture office at the very beginning of our democracy. Lately, his architecture office and himself were strongly covered by the media for their awarded project proposal for one of the most courageous sky-scraper towers in Taiwan, the Floating Observatories, a futuristic city observatory. During his career, he was selected winner of other important awards (such as the Prize of the Architect’s Order of Bucharest), also collaborating at various international projects and exhibits. As a teacher, he never stopped supporting future generations of talented architects to express themselves and to make their dreams become a reality. Dorin Ștefan has been fascinated from his early years by Constantin Brâncuși, and on the TEDxBucharest 2013 stage he will share with us a story about the past, present and future of Brâncuși’s art, creating a link through more than 100 years of history.

Mihai Dumitrescu

Mihai Dumitrescu is passionate about smart software, especially in the area of information management. With a background in artificial intelligence and distributed & parallel computing, he uses many unconventional techniques to tackle this domain and is very motivated to apply out-of-the-box thinking for every new project he is working on. He co-founded “rosoftlab” and has spent the last 7 years as its CTO and Lead Software Architect, working on many different projects in the area of information, workflow and content management for customers located mainly in Germany and Switzerland. Mihai also helped built up the collaboration between “rosoftlab“ and Ergoneers, the German market leader in the area of high end tools and software for studying ergonomics. Before founding “rosoftlab“, he studied Computer Science at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erangen, Germany.

Karina Hollekim

Karina Hollekim, the first female athlete to complete a ski base, overcame a terrible accident and returned as a winner. She will share a story about those moments which can change our lives forever, about willpower and passion. What do you do when you’re told you cannot walk anymore? In August 2006, she suffered a near-fatal accident after her parachute failed to open during a routine jump. Did she give up or did she fight for her passion? She’s a real TEDster – Karina defied faith. After 20 surgeries, doctors didn’t believe she would walk again. Helped by intense rehabilitation, she succeeded in putting back her skis in 2009 and, as a result of her struggle, she shot a biographical movie, “20 Seconds of Joy”, to show the process she got through. In the last few years, she has been travelling the world sharing her story and inspiring people to seek determination and passion in pursuing their dreams: an example of will, determination and hope.

Berti Barbera

Berti Barbera is a Romanian musical performer and columnist, as he is skilled in singing and playing a variety of musical instruments. At TEDxBucharest he will share with us a unique perspective on rhythm and how it can be used in a surprising manner to help us overcome our flaws. He is a person of great charisma and talent that we are delighted to have on our stage this year. Why? Because Berti believes in unconventional art: any object around us can become a musical instrument. He promotes universal human and cultural values. With a wide experience in music, our speaker was the lead vocal of the band “Voltaj 88” between 1994-1997, and since then he has worked with different Romanian bands, such as Timpuri Noi”, “Phoenix” or artists like Mircea Tiberian, Nicu Alifantis. More than this, he interviewed Jethro Tull, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Sinerad O’Connor and many others. We’re proud to have him on TEDxBucharest’s stage this year!

Paul Radu

Paul Radu is one of the most renowned investigative journalists on organized crime, a man whose work was acknowledged through time with numerous international awards. In 2009, he appeared on “48 Hours” investigating sexual slavery and human trafficking in Romania. Paul will take the TEDxBucharest stage to speak about the new role that he believes mass media should take in today’s global society. As a trainer for journalists in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, he’ll share his ideas on how mass-media should shift from its passive role to a more active one, that can really make remarkable changes happen worldwide. Paul is coordinator and co-founder of the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism, co-creator of the “Investigative Dashboard Concept” and a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism. His work was acknowledged over time with numerous awards, from which we can mention “Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting” in 2011, and the “Knight International Journalism Award”. He made it happen.

Martin Harris

Martin Harris is ambassador at the British Embassy in Bucharest, with a deep understanding of European diplomacy and present political contexts. His Excellency will take the TEDxBucharest stage to ignite an exciting conversation about international power structures and the role that countries such as Romania might play. He came to Bucharest after doing a course in Romanian language in Iasi, which was also an opportunity to learn about Romania’s history and its culture. From the first moment, he declared himself amazed by the huge changes in Romania in the last 20 years and by the large number of links that have developed between Romania and the UK. Previously, he has served at the British Embassies in Kiev and Moscow, as well as at the UK Delegation to the OSCE in Vienna. His last job was in the Cabinet Office in London, advising the government on Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union

Lucian Despoiu

Lucian is a passionate entrepreneur determined to create meaningful connections between the political world and citizens. Where others see lies and false promises, Lucian strives for truths and earthbound programs. Where transparency, accountability and communication are found to be lacking, he throws in the tools and techniques to create a fair and effective link between politicians and citizens. It is for this reason exactly that he founded the two companies that promise to change the face of political communication – Majoritas, Technology and Media, and Kondiment Group, the leading European Interactive Agency. Lucian is an influential persona in the political marketing world, having successfully led more than 20 political campaigns in Ghana, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Austria. Under his supervision and strategic thinking, the two companies have grown to offer full services and technologies to political parties, politicians and public institutions. Equipped with surprising data, tools and insights, Lucian will take the stage with a global message on how voters can and should influence political parties in the new digital era. Be the leaders and creators of your own future!

Silent Strike

After accompanying Deliric’s performance at TEDxYouth@Bucharest in 2012, Silent Strike returns on our stage once again. Silent Strike will take us on a journey through sound, of amazing emotional depth, that will sweep us away and thrill our hearts at the end of a whirlwind of TED ideas. With more than 5 albums released, Silent Strike is an established name in the electronic music scene and has a rich history of valuable collaborations with artists such as Ada Milea, Alexandrina, Maria Radu, Norzeatic, Subcarpati and many more. Highly appreciated for his original compositions and unique approach on music, he also opened concerts for Faithless, Amon Tobin, Bonobo or Jazzanova.

Florin Georgescu

A man of sheer passion and restless energy, Florin has completed his PhD. in Psychology and is the founder of the “Tandem” Association and “Tandem Arena” Sports Club, where he promotes the importance of sports among athletes with disabilities. In 2010, Florin Georgescu first toured Romania on a tandem bicycle, together with his good friend, Alexandru Racanel. In 2012 he was at the forefront of another tandem bicycle adventure, riding from Arad to London, to the Paralympics Games. This year he toured the country again, in the same formula, reaching more than 20 cities, in an effort to “break walls and create bridges”. Despite everything, he plays the guitar and saxophone, loves to meet new people and holds the national land speed record in an automobile driven by a blind person. And he intends to break the world record for this category in the USA. On the TEDxBucharest stage, in a truly inspirational talk, Florin will share with us his personal insight on surpassing limits and boundaries.

Ion Neculai

Ion is the proud member of the Ikedoo Institute founding team, a place where the future of education is explored and shaped. Lego, Mecanoo, Electric trains, Optik Cabinet, Indian tent, Le Petit Larousse, Jules Verne, Leonard, Pif Gadget, Tintin, Asterix and Leonard as well as many friends have steered him through childhood. Ion co-founded the Ikedoo Institute with the same dream as TEDxBucharest 2013: „Make it happen”. This has two meanings for him: -On one hand, Ion and his friends build with their hands, hearts and minds a platform of experiential education for thousands of children, being determined to make it happen for all children in Bucharest and Romania, regardless of their financial situation. On the other hand, the teaching methods he and his friends believe in are based on the concept of „making things happen”. Children actually learn by doing, with minimum boundaries and ever expanding knowledge about how the world works. They are the masters of their own creations. Geometry, construction, architecture are just some of the disciplines that help Ion educate children.

Alin Uhlmann Useriu

He grew one of the most important NGO’s in Romania. 10 000 volunteers, over 150 000 planted trees, 200 tons of garbage collected from the woods, 10 renovated and fully equipped schools, medicine worth of 1 million Euros donated to the sick and poor, one ecological water treatment plant and 3 hectares of “Pedagogical Forest”, a space in which children can learn about the importance of clean waters and forests. After emigrating to Germany, Alin Ușeriu Uhlmann returned to Romania with great plans. In 2001, he started building a volunteers’ wonderland in Bistrița, called “Tășuleasa Social”. 12 years later, it has grown in one of the most prolific and novel green NGOs in Romania. On November the 9th you will have the opportunity to meet this wonderful and daring person and listen to him talk not only about Tășuleasa Social, but also about the most important lessons that he learnt and the wonderful experiences that he shared with his volunteers.

Grigore Lese

Musician, ethnomusicologist, professor at the University of Bucharest, Grigore Leșe proved that “doina” is the musical matrix of Romanians, being the only artist to ever interpret it on the grand stages of the world. Convinced that “doina” is the musical matrix of Romanians, he is the only artist to ever interpret it on the grand stages of the world: all by himself like in a mysterious healing ritual, as was sung and has been sung for thousands of years. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Washington; Fest Der Kontinente, Berlin; Cultural Olympiad, Athens; BAFTA Awards, London and many more hosted the performances of Grigore Leșe. The first Romanian musician to bring on stage, traditional artists from Iran, Syria, Pakistan, he demonstrated the ancient musical interferences between Romania and the Orient. At TEDxBucharest 2013 he will share the wisdom gained in the journey to discovering his true self in a surprising, contemporary mixture of spoken words and music.

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