x = independently organized TED event

Theme: United World TEDx

This event occurred on
January 30, 2014
9:00am - 6:00pm CST
(UTC -6hrs)
San Jose, SJ
Costa Rica

TEDxUWCCR was an independently organized TED event held at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, San Pedro. As a "United World TEDx," speakers from over 15 countries were present including MIT professor and quantum physicist Seth Lloyd, CNN Reporter Sebastian Castro and the Director of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education, Mohit Mukherjee.

Universidad Latina
Universidad Latina
San Jose, SJ
Costa Rica
Event type:
Standard (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Seth Lloyd

American MIT Professor and Quantum Physicist

Sebastian Castro

Costa Rican CNN Reporter

Weiru Ye

Chinese student passionate about folk art

Claudia Ricca

Argentinian human rights expert

Carlos Chiroy

Guatemalan concerned with human trafficking

Vilde Myrvang

Norwegian Environmental Activist

Bertil Ipsen

Dane concerned about sharing

Samuel Gagnon-Smith

Canadian concerned about sharing

Becca Cleveland

American student researching about fungi's oil-cleaning properties

Mohit Mukherjee

Indian Social Entrepreneur Educator

Avthar Sewrathan

South African health nut

Khaled Khalili

Palestinian movie director

René Sandoval

Costa Rican psychologist and adoption advocate

Bernardo Rodas

Costa Rican worried about illiteracy

Brian Wright

American University Counselor

Tumisang Ramarea

Botswanan student looking for change

Benjamin Music

Austrian youngster asking for freedom, guidance and support.

Organizing team


Beirut, Lebanon

Ana Maria

San Jose, Santa Ana, Costa Rica
  • Marco Li Calzi
    Logistics Committee leader
  • Michael Flood
    Financial Committee leader
  • Zak Rawle
    Creative Director
  • Steven Li
    Social Media Director