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Theme: Problems as catalysts

This event occurred on
September 21, 2013
10:30am - 6:30pm BDT
(UTC +6hrs)
Dhaka, C

TEDxDhaka began it's journey in 2009 right after TED announced the TEDx events to public. This one is going to be the 5th TEDxDhaka event.

The theme of the event this time is "problems as catalysts",

"Most of the innovative ideas and solutions might have triggered when we fall into troubles! Often struggles push us forward to think about the innovations. Overcoming the hurdles becomes our challenge that acts as a catalyst for innovations.

Broadly at the September 2013 event we look forward to listen to those stories of how problems fueled the vehicles of thoughts, imagination and ideas. In technology, science, design, society, politics, media, everywhere we find those amazing stories of creating ground breaking panaceas which are coming out of problems in most cases.

Let’s look at our problems a little differently. Let’s embrace the inner vulnerable state of us human, for a much positive tomorrow. Let’s use what we call as problems as catalyst!"

The public speaker nomination form is open, you may nominate yourself or someone you know who may fit as a TEDxDhaka speaker and with the theme from this page: http://tedxdhaka.com.bd/nominate

International School Dhaka
Plot 80, Block E, Bashundhara R/A
Dhaka, C, 1229
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Mozammel Haque

A plant based diet and active lifestyle promoter in Dhaka who is also the founding moderator of the largest bicycling group in Bangladesh - BDCyclists. A Software Developer by profession, Mozammel enjoys commuting with his bicycle to work and promotes an active healthy lifestyle. His activism with cycling caught up like a healthy virus with like minded individuals and currently his group has some 19,000+ members - which is also growing rapidly. He dreams that one day many others will follow the same path which will reduce the load on motorized vehicle in Dhaka, which ultimately will contribute in less traffic congestion in this mega city.

Jana Levene

Based in Google’s Singapore office, Jana leads market development in countries which are in the early stages of leveraging the Internet to drive economic growth. Prior to joining Google, Jana worked in the US developing partnerships for a digital multimedia startup and as a consultant to Marriott International’s eCommerce group. Jana holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and an MBA from INSEAD.

Fatema Jannat Mony

Mony is a young artist working with Digital Art and Animation. She is a noodle freak and an avid gamer. By day she works at Ogniroth Studios as a Junior Visual Development Artist and by night she works on projects of her own. One of the admins of GRAFA (Graphics and Animation Association), Bangladesh’s largest CG and animation community, she is also actively involved in it. Currently she is making her first animated short film. She is also a bit of a dreamer.

Mamnoon Murshed Chowdhury

An architect based in Dhaka and currently the Assistant General Secretary of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh [IAB]. Being involved in the drafting and updating of the Building Construction Rules for Dhaka city, he believes that non -enforcement of the existing regulations are one of the major causes for degeneration of urban environment and building related disasters. As one of the partners of DWM4 Architects, he is involved in designing a number of significant projects within and outside Dhaka. DWM4 projects have received IAB Design Award, Ice Today- Aqua Paints Award and the JK Cement Award

Stephen Kennedy & Albert Ching

Albert is a former researcher in sustainable transport at MIT and a former Googler who helped Google Maps become number one in the world. Stephen is an award-winning designer and urban planner who has worked on projects to improve communities from Israel to Indonesia.

Rizwana Hasan

A Bangladeshi attorney and environmentalist, she was dubbed as a ‘Hero of Environment’ by the world renowned American news magazine TIME. Her campaign of judicial activism in Bangladesh is to affirm that the people’s right to a good environment as nothing less than their right to dignity and life. In fact, she has sued different organizations for environmentally harmful activities throughout her career and brought them to a halt. Besides that, she has earned an awards galore for her outstanding work, including Goldman Environmental Prize and the Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is widely regarded as Asia’s Nobel Prize.

Rubaiya Ahmed

A former volunteer at a cat rescue programme and zoo in the US, and driven by the culling of her own dog in Dhaka, Rubaiya founded Obhoyaronno – Bangladesh’s Animal Welfare Foundation in 2009. Obhoyaronno is the country’s first and currently only animal welfare organization working to end animal cruelty through advocacy, education, and humane programme implementation. Due to Obhoyaronno’s persistent advocacy, the government ended dog culling in Dhaka in January 2012 and declared Dhaka as the country’s first ‘no-cull’ city

Mehdi Hasan Khan

Mehdi is the founder and one of the developers at OmicronLab, the platform working to promote and facilitate Bangla computing through in-house developed free and open-source solutions. Avro Keyboard, the flagship product of OmicronLab, is now used by millions, has been adopted by Government and commercial and non-profit sectors, has received awards, and most importantly, helped a generation of Bangladeshis to express themselves online in their mother language.

Yamin Khan

This young, very talented comedian was born with a good sense of humour and always entertained his class as well as his teachers, with his jokes. Being the ‘class clown’ is not an embarrassment for him, because it is the purpose that matters to him, not the way; and his purpose was to make everyone laugh. Officially venturing into this field about two years back, Yamin has already gained a lot of popularity among the youth.

Wasfia Nazreen

A dedicated social worker and author of the upcoming book, ‘Bangladesh on Seven Summits’, Wasfia was the youngest and one of the first Bangladeshis to reach the summit of Mount Everest. With a mission to highlight positive stories and the strengths of her people, she set out to climb the highest mountain of each continent when Bangladesh turned 40 years in the midst of political, economical and environmental chaos.

Shahid Hossain Shamim

Being raised in Rajshahi and Chittagong, his environment had made him more and more passionate about the art of handloom. Over the last twenty plus years, Shamim, as Director of Prabartana, has engaged in extensive research on handloom products and woven fabrics, adding to the body of knowledge of indigenous crafts. Shamim was also the Past President of the National Crafts Council Bangladesh (NCCB), which is a national entity of the World Crafts Council International (WCCI). He is also ever inspired by the stories of the weavers themselves and by the unique cultural elements in different regions of Bangladesh.

Anusheh Anadil

Skeptic, rebel, mother, lover, dreamer, poet, designer, singer. Her life has been a search for understanding about herself and the world around her. This search for understanding has brought her close to the music, art and philosophy that lie at the roots of her birthplace. Bangladesh’s powerful folk arts and spirituality have become the canvas for Anusheh’s musical and artistic journey. She believes that to grow wings to take flight, having roots that are strong and steady may just be a great start. She speaks for the earth. Sings for the earth. Creates with the earth.

Shahidul Alam

Shahidul Alam is a Bangladeshi photographer and writer with a special interest in education and new media. He set up the award winning Drik Picture Library, the Bangladesh Photographic Institute, Pathshala - South Asian Institute of Photography the DrikNews photo agency and Banglarights, the Bangladesh Human rights portal. His work has been shown in leading museums including The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York, the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Royal Albert Hall in London, Le Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

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