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Theme: Connecting Dots

This event occurred on
October 26, 2013
10:00am - 4:00pm MYT
(UTC +8hrs)
Kuala Lumpur, 14

Connecting dots: This is where our speakers will share their incredible Ideas on how they challenged themselves, what made them took this path and the outcomes of taking on this road.
These ideas, will be your connection and we hope you will be inspired, be rejuvenated and start to make a change in your life.
So let’s connect… let’s start now.

Wisma Tun Sambanthan
Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
Kuala Lumpur, 14, 50460
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Ambiga Sreevasan

Human Activist, Public speaker and Professional lawyer, most noted for her unyielding cause to have a clean and fair Malaysian General Election. Dato’ Ambiga is also a social worker, having participated in numerious social activities and causes, her distinguished work as a lawmaker has garnered her role as a public figure for ‘Bersih’ a movment that advocates a clean and fair Election for Malaysian people.

Yen Hau Chok

Chok is a writer, photographer, photography instructor and columnist at several major travel magazines and newspapers. He founded My Road Planner Sdn Bhd – specialized in domestic in-depth travel and thematic travel planning. After years of globetrotting, Chok Yen Hau’s recent journey through the 739km long Federal Route 3, one of Malaysia’s oldest highway, struck a chord with him. He invites you to appreciate the beauty of his homeland as he re-discover the mystical Malaysia through his camera lens. Truly, there’s no place like home.

Dick Chua

Graduated from Vancouver Film School. His first directed short film “Live Life” won nominations in Calgary Fringe Film Festival and Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Competition in Japan. With an enthusiastic passion in storytelling and filmmaking, he began involving himself in many local productions such as feature films, commercials, and documentaries. In 2010, Dick founded D Moving Pictures. The same year, Dick’s thriller short film “The Bloody Fish” has been selected for the Young Director Award by CFP-E. Dick has also directed numerous TV commercials, music videos and program series. In 2012, Dick and together with his team, shot another thriller short film titled “Murdered” has won six awards in BMW Shorties 2012 competition including the best film.

Eddy Yu

Eddy co-founded CoDesign Ltd with Hung Lam in 2003, specializing in branding design. In 2011, they established CoLAB, a collaborative platform for social innovation through design. One of the CoLab projects, ‘So…Soap!’, not only attracted wide coverage of local and international media, but also won several prestigious awards including Bronze Pencil, Sustainability in Design, One Show 2011, New York and Grand Award, Design for Asia Awards 2011 in Hong Kong. The project was selected by Hong Kong Museum of Art as one of three representing works of Hong Kong to participate the Liverpool Biennial 2012. In 2012, CoLAB launched its first self-initiated movement, ‘I’m perfect’, that encourages appreciation of imperfection in our lives. Eddy was Chairman of Hong Kong Designers Association and is now a Fellow Member of the Associatio

Boon Peng Goh

Graduated from National Taiwan University. Founder of ‘MyStartr’, Malaysia’s first funding platform for creative projects. The MyStartr’s program, which is ‘Crowd Funding’, is a collective effort consists of individuals that networks and pool their resources usually via the internt to support efforts initiated by creative individuals or organizations. Through this, many creative ideas could be shared to the community. To date: Mystartr has 12 successful funding cases.

Joseph Foo

Began his journey in the creative industry as a graphic designer. Worked abroad in the United States and Singapore. In 1996, He established Trinity Visual Communications (3nity) with two other partners. An active speaker and panelist, he has spoken at design seminars, workshops and dialogues held in and out of Malaysia and his work has been rewarded in both local and international competitions. He teaches at Dasein Academy and conducts workshops at institutions across China, Denmark, Germany, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & Turkey. In 2007, he established a division named TriDi which explores product & furniture design. More info: Recently, Joseph co-founded 3X, a partnership with prominent Design figures from Europe & China. More info: Joseph is currently serving in the Council of Design 360°, a concept and design magazine in China and Editorial Committee of Asia-Pacific Design Annual for 2010. Joseph’s latest project is a visual performance cum art installation called ‘Man+God’, by Art4Soul. It seeks to explore the relationship between Man and God through the eyes and ideas of creative minds of different faiths and various cultures. It re-examines the ancient questions of God in a new way at a crucial time.

Kevin Leong

Kelvin Leong, a Johorian and multilingual, became keen in stage performance since young. His experiences – includes being Producer, director, scriptwriter, TV actor, radio actor, host and a creative director for advertising and stage performance. Founder of Malaysia Crosstalk Association and is president of the association, He dabbled in drama and public speaking.

Gaik Siang Lim

Lim Gaik Siang is an enthusiastic promoter of cultural heritage and Chinese culture. Since 2000, she has been involved in George Town World Heritage listing application as an Application Committee member assisting in compiling of the nomination dossier and preparation of evaluation by Icomos assessor in 2007. In 2003-2005, she was appointed as honorary conservation consultant by Penang Teochew Asoociation and spearheaded physical restoration and conservation of intangible heritage of the Han Jiang Ancestral Temple of Penang Teochew Asosication, She submitted dossier of the above project, which was, accredited Unesco Asia-Pacific Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation in 2006. In 2010, she held the position of Conservation Consultant for restoration of Sun Yet Sen Penang Base at 120, Armenian Street and Yi Oi tong project at 81-83, Penang Street.

Kin Fah Chin

Professor Dr. Chin Kin Fah is one of few foremost laparoscopic surgeons in our country currently serving as Professor & Laparoscopic Consultant Surgeon in Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya Medical Centre, University Malaya. He is the pioneer of ‘SILENT MENTOR Program in Malaysia’, a humanity program that encourage people to come forward, donate their body after their demise for betterment and benefit of Medical Education & Research. Many specialists, intern doctors & medical students will use the donated remains as cadaver. Professor Dr. Chin lived in UK for almost 2 decades and decided to uproot and come home to Malaysia, bringing his vast knowledge, expertise and experience in laparoscopic surgery. His presence and guidance has helped alleviate the standards of Malaysian medical technology. We are very honored to have him as a guest to present the ‘Silent Mentor Program’, his inspiration on doing this project and the ultimate altruistic awareness of this program.

Kim Cherng Lim

Graduated from the National Cheng Kung University (Mechanical Engineering) in Taiwan. He is celebrated Culturist, a creative branding consultant, a poet, food columnist and Gourmet food documentary consultant specializing in local Malaysian cuisine

Shaw Hong Ser

SER Shaw Hong (徐肇鸿) earned his MA in Cultural Management from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, and a BFA in Arts and Design from the University of Tasmania, Australia. He has broad teaching and educational management experience in arts and cultural studies (undergraduate and graduate levels) within the higher education institutions in Asia. In February 2013, his received Honor Award from King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (Thailand) on Outstanding Professor AwardSince July 2013, he was invited by KDU University College (Malaysia) to be the Head of School for the School of Communication and Creative Arts. Since January 2014, he was invited by Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Faculty of Communication Arts as an Asst. Professor of Communication Management Programme.

William Chin

Graduated in University of Malaysia with BSC in Physics, Holds a masters degree in Science and Solar Physics. Experienced researcher and avid amateur astronomer, He dabbled into photography, taking pictures of the celestial heaven the stars. William Chin was selected to be the vice president of the Astrophotography Group of Malaysia. He is also the winner of the astrophotography competition in the 1st USM National Astronomy Convention 2005. His works are published in “Southern Skyscape” The Sky and Telescope magazine, “Pleaides in Taurus” and “Nebulas in Orion” The Night Sky magazine and “Jupiter Drifts by” The Sky and Telescope magazine.

Gradient Lok

A Graduate of MIA with a graphics art discipline,and Photographer. He taught and lectured on photography and he is also the president of Star finder astronomical society,passionate for photography led him to form Insight Photo Studio and his works are seen in magazines like Sky & Telescope and Taipei Starry Night.

Winnie Ho

Renown Malaysian artiste. She was the first Chinese singer representing Malaysia to perfrom in Jazz Festivals and Hi-fi showcase across Asia, the Champion of Astro Talent Quest in year 2000, and the third winner of the World Chinese Singing Contest. Winnie Ho was a vocal coach for the top 20 finalists for Astro Star Quest 2007 and collaborated with Roger Wang, to produce the audiophile album “2V1G” and “2V1G. Vol 2”. Her solo album “The Jazzy Sound of Teresa Teng” was released in 2012 that hit sales of 3,000 copies within the first week. Recently, Winnie continues her musical journey and is performing at the prestigious Esplanade Recital Studio Singapore to a fully sold out showcase

MC Bee

MC Bee is one of the members of ManhandD, his style is freestyle Rap genre. He is a Lyricist, Freestyle rapper, composer and songwriter. ManhanD or ??(Slow walk) comprises of Five multi-talented individuals. They are MC Bee, MC Toy, Von, Daeren and DJ Point. They are considered to be Malaysia’s first Chinese Hip-Hop and Rap Group. They gained popularity through the local Hip-Hop underground movement and have performed in many venues nationwide. To date they have released five albums and their latest is entitled ‘Life goes On and On’. ManhanD has been invited to many local performances and events. They have also been invited as guest performers in Hong Kong and China.

Choon Hou Tan

By day, a landscape artist, at night he moonlights as Hour Tan, Rap singer, composer and writer. Hour Tan’s passion for rap begin while sitting in his lorry, He discovered that Rap is a genre that is easily appreciated by younger generations, and he has ideals which he wishes to share, With that note, he began to immerse in Rap and wrote songs concerning today’s issues faced by himself and the younger generation. His music and lyrics appeal to the younger market and this was his platform to share, and educate the masses about the misconception of Rap and Hip Hop music. Rap and Hip Hop is not about ‘Gangs’ and living a vice lifestyle. It’s about voicing out dissatisfaction with the world, with oneself, and how does one overcome these obstacles. Hour Tan is one of the members of Mobeat, it comprises of three multi-talented individuals, they are Hour Tan, Kydd and Lance-C.

Hui Kung Tang

La Voce Choir was founded in April 2006 by some 30 teenage choristers, who were driven by their love of choral music to set up the new choir. Coached and conducted by Mr. Lim Hock Siong and Madam Tang Hui Kung, La Voce Choir brings together the vast, collective experience of its members who previously sung with well-known and award-winning choirs. The choir has a wide repertoire of traditional, folk, classical as well as modern arrangements and this versatile choir can also perform in a variety of languages.

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