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Theme: Accelerating from age 0 to 110, in 25 steps

This event occurred on
April 8, 2013
9:00am - 6:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
nijmegen, GE

Life is getting faster and faster, longer and longer. That brings new challenges, for that we need great ideas. To spread, to share and to execute on. Sharing their life events will be done by a great array of speakers from i.e. artists, musicians, doctors, a 95 year old physics professor (still going strong) , a journalist, a serial entrepreneur and youngsters. Come and share yours !

City Theatre
Keizer Karelplein 2d
nijmegen, GE, 6511 NC
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Jack Andraka

How often do you see a 15 year old researcher. Not very often, right? And how often do you see a 15 year old researcher winning the Gorden E Moore Award for his work in developing a new method to detect pancreatic cancer? After school, Jack Andraka goes to Johns Hopkins lab where he can work on developing this method. His test is 90% accurate, 400 times more sensitive and 26.000 times less expensive than the methods used today. On February 12th he was invited by The President of the United States to join him at the State of the Union. Jack shows us that it’s never too early to follow your dreams and use your knowledge to change the world. He just became US STEM ambassador for Futuristex and spoke at the Royal Society of Medicine as youngest speaker ever.

Jan Bommerez

Jan Bommerez was born in Flanders (Belgium) and moved to California in 1995. His books “Flow and Peak Performance in Business”(original title: Flow en de Kunst van het Zakendoen) and “Can you teach a caterpillar to fly?” (original title: Kun je een Rups Leren Vliegen?) have been read by respectively 60,000 and 40,000 readers in the Netherlands. His latest book, “Seeing the forest beyond the trees” (original title: Door de bomen het bos zien) about new organizational paradigms based on the wisdom of nature is currently in progress for the next printing. Apart from being a writer, Jan is also a consultant for the transformation of organizational cultures

Wanda de Kanter & Pauline Dekker

Pauline Dekker and Wanda de Kanter are both pulmonologists at the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk. After 20 years of daily practice in which they treated thousands of patients with smoking related diseases (mainly lung cancer and COPD) they decided that something needed to change. Chemotherapy, inhalers, the pain and the suffering, this all could have easily been avoided if only tobacco had never been legalized. While continuing their work as chest physicians at the hospital in 2008 they started a project to keep young people from smoking. For their efforts they have received several prizes, the latest being the prestigious “Muntendam prize ” by the Dutch Cancer foundation (KWF). They use the money to fund their latest campaign that illustrates the guilt and the shame that lung cancer patients feel when confronted with their smoking related disease. Guilt and shame that should actually be felt by the tobacco industry.

Edward Gerjuoy

95 year old (emeritus) theoretical physics professor Edward Gerjuoy is an example of tenacity. The former lawyer retired in 2003 with an impressive resume, having not only specialized in environmental and natural resources law, but also in science and technology issues. However, he did not retire to spend his days fishing, painting of gardeningbut instead became fully dedicated to research on quantum computing/information theory. He received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics in 1942 from J. Robert Oppenheimer. In addition to the many invited talks he has given at physics departments and legal conferences, he is the author of over 100 papers in the physics literature, and more than 40 non-technical publications on various legal, physics and public policy topics. Apart from that he is also a strong environmental and human rights advocate. What life lessons will Gerjuoy teach us? Come find out!

Lowie van Gorp

When his daughter Guusje was diagnosed with cancer, Lowie felt he entered a parallel world. He started to blog and twitter about his experiences and emotions in the world of children with cancer. Many people sympathized with his daughter. When Guusje passed away, she became a worldwide trending topic. Lowie has received practical information and emotional support by sharing his story. Many people in the Netherlands have read his blog and his book KanjerGuusje – mijn leven is van mij. Both have been a valuable tool for supporting families with a child diagnosed with a serious illness.

Gerard van Grinsven

Gerard van Grinsven made the switchfrom hotels to hospitals when he became the president and chief executive of the 300-bedded, $360 million Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in 2006. With more than 25 years of global experience in luxury hospitality industry, van Grinsven has brought an unique expertise in service excellence to Henry Ford. His vision for Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital is for the community to embrace it as a wellness center instead of a traditional hospital. In addition to the latest medical equipment and best practices, the hospital will include a pond and landscaped courtyards to contribute to the healing environment. The hospital will also be an important source of information and education for the community.

André Heuvelman

André Heuvelman brings theater to music, and music to theater. His trumpet is the medium, but his message is greater than that. Heuvelman is soloist in the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and a member of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble. He has performed internationally with a variety of other instrumentalists and orchestras and has initiated a series of productions to direct his creative energy which is as yet completely untamed. André Heuvelman gives master classes regularly and teaches at Codarts, one of Holland’s most modern conservatories; there, he is at constant odds with rules and regulations as well as with the preconceived ideas of many young music students as to what a life in music is all about. In his view it takes more than just the notes: endless curiosity and a dedication to communication are pre-requisites for a performance career. André connects people: the audience and the musicians, children and musicians but also musicians and the economy. By presenting new concepts that are open to a broad audience he knows how to bring this high quality music close to people.

Bertalan Meskò

Meskò is working on becoming a medical futurist while being a Project Leader of „Personalized medicine through genomics” at the Center for Clinical Genomics and Personalized Medicine at University of Debrecen. As the managing director and founder of, Bertalan Mesko want to give out health-related social media resources free of charge for patients and medical professionals. He sets an example with his own Twitter account where he spreads the word on topics related to social media in healthcare, but also on everything technology related. Want to know how social media could be of value in your future? Then you should definitely attend his talk!

Michiel Muller

Having succesfully launched multiple companies, Michiel Muller sets a good example of a true entrepeneur. He partnered with founder Marc Schröder to aggressively grow the unmanned petrol stations company Tango. After they sold Tango, Schröder and Muller launched multiple companies, including Route Mobiel, Bieden en Wonen (Bid & Buy) and Vault79. Due to the nationalization of the Dutch SNS bank (who acquired Route Mobiel earlier), he now speculates on buying Route Mobiel back from the Dutch government. He wrote the business book ‘Ervaringen van een serial entrepreneur’(Experiences of a serial entrepreneur’) which was chosen by the public as best business book 2010/11. Muller is a specialist in entrepreneurship, innovation, decisiveness and disruptive business models. He likes to show companies insight in their own way of working and uses his entrepreneurial route© to inspire organizations. Michiel is an advisory board member of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and of the Amsterdam Center of Entrepreneurship ACE. You might be interested to listen to his vision, thoughts & experience on business and entrepreneurship!

Marcel Olde Rikkert

Marcel G.M. Olde Rikkert is a professor in our home city of Nijmegen where he teaches geriatrics. He is head of the Department of Geriatrics within UMC St Radboud, Principal Lecturer, Principal Investigator at the Nijmegen Centre for Evidence Based Practice (NCEBP), Clinical Geriatrics trainer, coordinator of the Radboud Nijmegen Alzheimer Centre and coordinator of the Network for the elderly (“100 your Wellbeing and Care Network “). Every two weeks he writes a column named ‘Grey area’ for the Wegener press, in which he talks about the elderly and aging. In his spare times he coaches his own parents, who are 92 and 89 years old and still love to ride their bicycles.

Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson works with Sebastian Seung‘s computational neuroscience lab at MIT creating EyeWire, a game to map the human brain. EyeWire allows citizen scientists to decipher synaptic level neural connectivity, facilitating our understanding of the connectome and how the mind makes you who you are. Besides this Amy founded and curates the TEDx Global Music Project, an initiative that collects, remasters and shares the best live music from TEDx events around the world. She curates TEDxMIT and formerly TEDxHuntsville. Amy is a partner and creative director of HealthSterling where she scales crowd-sourced Healthy City programs. When employing her neural networks outside of a professional setting, Amy is ambidextrous and the first person to give an autotuned presentation at a TED Conference. She likes a sciences, strong breezes, exploration and information visualizations.

Henk Smid

Henk J. Smid graduated in Humanities at the International University of Lugano in 1983 and in Healthsciences at the Rijksuniversiteit Limburg in 1984, specializing in policy and management. He held various executive positions with the Ministry of Welfare, Health and Cultural Affairs, including acting director of Prevention, Epidemiology and Patient Policy (1992) and deputy director of Prevention, General Healthcare and Studies (1993-1995). Henk Smid was also the chairman of the Eurogroup for Animal Welfare, an European lobbying-organization that liaises with the European Commission and co-operates with the European Parliament. Currently he is chairing the The Dutch Organisation for Health Research and Development.

Kim Spinder

As a true innovator and pirate Kim Spinder stopped using e-mail in 2010. This has changed her life completely and made it possible to work much more efficient. She has won the title of ’Most Influental Person in the Local Government 2010’ and has been moving organizations to a 2.0 world by using web 2.0 tools and the principals of ’new working’. She has also won the Harvard M-Prize for Management Innovation in 2012 and was hired by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Even though the government is big, slow and bureaucratic she uses social media to go straight through this hierarchical structure. The ’Open Innovation Festival’, which she organises in multiple cities in Europe, isn’t just an event. It’s a fundamental change in the way we think.

Wendy Sue Swanson

Wendy Sue Swanson is a pediatrician who believes that a growing community of online physicians can empower parents and patients to make informed decisions based on science. This new approach to medicine can morph the patient-doctor relationship into one that is more interactive and informed. Tackling issues from vaccines to work-life balance, Dr. Swanson provides a voice of reason, not only as a pediatrician but also as a parent, helping parents gain clarity and eliminate fear when making decisions for their children.

Herman van Veen

Herman van Veen is a children’s rights activist, the spiritual father of Alfred Jodocus Kwak and the grandfather of Lot. With The Herman Van Veen Foundation, The Colombine Foundation and The Roses for Children Foundation he commits himself to and asks attention for the Rights of the Child through knowledge sharing and small-scale projects. These projects are located not only in developing countries and but also in Europe. Want to know more about this man who received the World Peace Flame? Go to his website to read all about him!

Gijsbert van Es

Gijsbert van Es (1960) is not afraid of dying. He is a journalist who interviewed over one hundred men and women on the brink of death. Together they helped him to understand that it is possible to come at ease with the perspective of death. The interviews were published in the weekend edition of the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad. ‘Last Words’ was the title of this serial of interviews. A selection of interviews was published in a book under the same title in March 2013, with as subtitle: ‘The art of living while dying’. What is the key to this capacity? Not: ‘A further medicalization and hospitalization of cure and care.’ What in stead of this? Van Es writes about it in his closing remarks of the book and tells about it in his TEDxNijmegen talk.

Tamara Schalken

Tamara Schalken (1975) started her career in healthcare when she was fifteen and has constantly improved her nursing expertise by following education in both healthcare and management. She is now proud coordinating nurse of the Neurology department at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Schalken is also chairwoman of the Nurse Advisory Board in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. In 2011 she won the Nightingale Award, the hospital’s prize for the most patient directed employee of the Year. Her mission is to reinforce the position of the nurse by stimulating them and challenging them to use their capabilities to improve the quality of care.

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