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Theme: TEDxPrague 2013 theme: Across the Borders

Prague, Czech Republic
May 25th, 2013

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About this event

If we say the word border most of us think of borders between states we cross from time to time. Today, it is almost everyday experience for us, though we still perhaps experience the feelings of excitement from step into the unknown area occasionally. But these are not the only boundaries that limit us. Often the less obvious the boundaries are the harder their crossings are. less obvious but crossing them is much harder it is then exceeding them. And the greater the adventure and enrichment it is if we can look through them.

TEDxPrague 2013 will introduce people who are an inspiration in crossing the borders. There, we will meet scientists, philosophers and artists for who the boundaries are theme of the life as well as people who were able to find and cross the border, where nobody even noticed them. They will give us an insight across the borders of cultures, arts, physical capabilities, social space, conventions, science and thinking.

Let’s go on a journey across borders which frees, opens unknown horizons and yet undiscovered landscapes and which changes the view of what is seemingly familiar for us.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Daniel J. Siegel
    Daniel J. Siegel is a professor of psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a director of the Mindsight Institute.
  • Amy Singh
    Amy comes from the USA, but has roots in Latin America. In fourth grade of elementary school she decided to make her own chocolate. From adults she learned that it is not possible at home
  • Drahomíra Miklošová
    Drahomíra Miklošová is the mayoress of Obrnice village with 2.5 thousand inhabitants, of whom about 40% are Romanies. Unlike Šluknovsko there is relative calm and low criminality.
  • Iva Roze Skochová
    Iva Roze Skochová is a Czech journalist who certainly was not stopped by the cancer at young. On the contrary the cancer reassured her that life can be really short and it is not worth to postpone anything for better times.
  • Thomas Rector
    Thomas Rector is Czech psychiatrist, psychotherapist, founder and head of the company occupying with complex mental health care.
  • Zoltán Dani
    Serbian colonel Zoltán Dani participated in the war in Kosovo as a commander of the 3rd battery of 250th air defense brigade.
  • Kristof Kintera
    Kristof Kintera is one of the most distinctive personalities of the young generation of Czech artists. After his studies at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts he graduated from postgraduate at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.
  • Steve Wheen
    Steve Wheen is an Australian living in London. As a guerrilla gardener he creates poetic small gardens complemented by surprising objects in pavements‘ displacement. After that he records reactions of passers-by.
  • Nick Goldman
    British scientist Nick Goldman graduated from Cambridge University and is employed in the European Bioinformatics Institute EBI in Hinxton.
  • Tomáš Tyc
    Tomáš Tyc is a professor of physics at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno. His greatest achievement is the invisibility cloak research in collaboration with professor Ulf Leonhardt of Scotland.
  • Michal Horáček
    Michal Horacek is the renaissance person. He managed to reach the absolute top in many fields he devotes to – as a journalist, lyricist, entrepreneur, writer, playwright, anthropologist.
  • René Kujan
    The nearly fourty-year-old René Kujan became famous for his unique charity project, dedicated to promote Prague Sports Club of Wheelchair Users. Run 30: 1 man – 30 days – 30 marathons, as the project was called, aimed to have René run around the island of Iceland, which he successfully accomplished in autumn 2012 as the first in the world.
  • Thu Trang Do
    Is a 1.5 generation Vietnamese Czech, Trang was born in Vietnam but has been living in Czech Republic all her life. She graduated from Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences, where she earned her degree in Czech-German Studies. Trang is currently studying Marketing Communication and PR.
  • Tomáš Šebek
    As a Doctor Without Borders, Tomáš has worked on various missions in conditions unimaginable for most of doctors. Thomas worked on various missions in conditions that are unimaginable for most of the doctors.
  • Hana Lustigová
    Hana Hnátová-Lustigová has survived the worst period of 20th century’s Europe – a time when too many people were engaged in destroying others.
  • Miroslava Slívová
    Miroslava Slívová is a former prostitute and is currently being occupied with her personal development agency eMAgency.

Venue and Details

Sportovní hala Folimanka
Na Folimance 2
Prague, 12000
Czech Republic

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