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Theme: eCulture 360° & wikinomics

Geneva, Switzerland
April 17th, 2013

About this event

New team, great experiences, 11 excellent international and regional speakers, a large scope of topics, great networking session.

A TEDx with the opportunity to meet Jacques Vallée, one of the founder of ARPANET, the first version of the Internet, as well as Alain Tuiciel biodynamic agriculture pioneer, Alex Cellier a musician playing vegetals, Florence Devouard the first woman to chair Wikimedia (operating Wikipedia), Jacopo Amistami a young co-leader of OpenHardware movement in Europe, in a building totally transformed for this unique event.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Jacques Vallée
    Simply one of the co-creator of the Internet (TCP/IP), as one of the project manager (principals) of Arpanet, and also venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. Will present his new work on impossible futures.
  • Florence Devouard
    former Wikimedia Foundation chairwoman USA, co-leading the innovative WikiSkills EU project @ Institute.
  • Jacopo Amistami
    social entrepreneur, co-incubator of OpenSourceEcology movement in Europe.
  • Alexandre Cellier
    musician discovering musical instruments worldwide
  • David Jensen
    David Jensen heads the Environmental Cooperation for Peacebuilding programme of the UN Environment Programme. His portfolio of work focuses on how natural resources contribute to conflict
  • Olivier LEDEUFF
    Lecturer at University Bordeaux 3, will present Humanites And Technology, how eCulture changes academic structures
  • Guillaume Chenevière
    former director of Swiss Television (romandie), co-founder of media & society ISO certification.
  • Edmée Fleury
    Artist and trainer on creative and synergic vocals
  • Alain Tuiciel
    Farmer, co-founder of Eco-Jardinage foundation, trainer in biodynamic agriculture
  • Jean-Philippe Trabichet
    Doyen de la filière Informatique de Gestion, HESGE.

Venue and Details

Haute école de gestion de Genève, Route de Drize 7
Carouge Geneva
Geneva, 1227
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Théo Bondolfi
Grandvaux, Switzerland

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Théo Bondolfi
Curator and licensee
Jérémie Wenger
Production coordinator
Natacha Schiochet
Catering & reception
Benoit Emery
Miguel Alarcon
Multitask designer
Jennah Kriebel
Impossible missions
Alexandre Deedler
Multimedia speakers support
Philip Chowney
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Julie Guex-Fabry
Speakers support
Jean-Philippe Trabichet
Global facilitator
Bernard Schaffer
General Administration