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Theme: Geographies and Horizons

This event occurred on
November 9, 2013
11:00am - 6:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Como, 25

Physical territories and territories of the mind, impassable boundaries and outposts for new exploration, latitudes and depths, distances to reach and destinations to discover, scenes of extraordinary complexity and achievements of common sense.
TEDxLakeComo will involve personalities in different fields of science, technology and social life who have elaborated or developed ideas or experiences that deserve to be communicated and disseminated.

Auditorium Politecnico Milano, Polo Como
Via Castelnuovo 7
Como, 25, 22100
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Marina Cavazzana

Pediatrician and researcher. Director of the Department of Biotherapies at Hôpital Necker in Paris, Marina Cavazzana has developed innovative biotherapies to treat children and adult genetic diseases. Since 1990 she collaborates with the Inserm team of Alain Fischer and Salima Hacein-Bey-Abina. Ten years later she is able to demonstrate the effectiveness of human gene therapy that, through gene transfer "gamma-c" in deficient cells, is used to correct the serious genetic malformations of two "bébé-Bulles", children affected by a severe immune system deficiency, called DICSX. The results are published in the most prestigious international scientific magazines. In 2012 Marina is the winner of the Irène Joliot-Curie as a "scientist of the year."

Lorella Zanardo

Activist, writer, blogger and author of the documentary "Women's bodies" and co-author of the book with same title published by Feltrinelli, a strong complaint of last thirty years women representation in Italian television. Lorella has contributed to the development of collective awareness of women's associations, politicians, citizens and students. Former manager at international level, Lorella presently collaborates with the italian schools stimulating active citizenship among the youngest generation.

Antonella Broglia

Born in Italy, Antonella has traveled and worked in 5 continents. She spent 30 years in advertising and marketing and reached the position of CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Agency in Spain. Today she is consultant in innovation and new technologies but also ambassador of the American Foundation of Social Entrepreneurs, Ashoka; organizer of TEDxMadrid ( and TEDx Senior Ambassador for Europe. At night, Antonella plays Shakespeare at the Theatre for People in Madrid.

Luca Rossettini

Aerospace Engineer, PhD in Advanced Propulsion for Space, Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability, founder of IRTA (technical and non-intrusive analysis of ultrafast phenomena) and co-founder of The Natural Step - Italy, Luca achieves the certificate in Business Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley in 2010 thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship. After a stage at NASA, Luca returns to Italy where he founds D-Orbit in 2011, who now directs with the aim of applying the principles of sustainability to the Space and eliminating the problem of space debris.

Daniele Trinchero

Professor at the Electronics and Telecommunications Department, Politecnico di Torino, where he founds and directs the iXem Labs. He carry on researches and collaborates on projects involving industrial wireless communications, sensor networks, Internet of things and solutions for the reduction of digital divide. In Middle East for three years where he has directed projects related to sustainable development. His current focus is on high-tech platforms aimed at the protection of water resources and mountain environment as well as on the adoption of natural practices in agriculture. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Simone Barillari

Essayst and editor, Simone has edited and translated literature for some of the leading Italian publishing houses, writing of Hemingway and Carver, Stevenson and Conrad, Leonard Cohen and Michel Houellebecq. He is the author of the essays "A Living History" (Panta, Simon and Schuster) and "The King Who Laughs" (Marsilio), translated abroad. He founded and directed the publishing house Alet and various literature and non-fiction series. At the end of 2012 he has created the project "The Global Hamlet" , the first translation, annotation and collective illustration of a classic in the history of literature.

Nefeli Misuraca

Nefeli is a University Professor, filmmaker and film critic. After a PhD in Literature and Art at Yale University, she teaches at Yale, the University of Rome and Frederick of Cyprus. As short movie author and movie editor she took part in several international festivals including Rotterdam and Pesaro. He has edited and translated books for Minimum Fax, Hippocampus, Socrates and Gaff. She collaborates with the cultural section of Manifesto and with its website where she writes on the American television series.

Gherardo Colombo

For over thirty years magistrate at the Court of Milan, Gherardo has contributed to a number of important probes as those of Loggia P2, Mani Pulite, assassination of Giorgio Ambrosoli, IMI -SIR . In 2007 he leaves the magistracy focusing on public debate on justice and, with the help of the Association " Sulleregole " on education to legality. Among his essays : " The vice of memory " (Feltrinelli ) , " Happy deception " ( with Corrado Stajano , Simon and Schuster Books ) , "On the rules" (Feltrinelli ), "The Constitution through the children's questions " ( with Anna Sarfatti , Salani ) , " The burden of freedom " ( in Fyodor Dostoevsky , The Grand Inquisitor , Salani ) , " The rules told to children " ( with Marina Morpurgo , Feltrinelli) , " Education to legality " ( with Anna Sarfatti , Feltrinelli) , " Responsible Forgiveness" (Ponte alle Grazie ) and" Get away " ( Longanesi ) . He is President of Garzanti Books and, since 2012, Member of the RAI Board of Directors .

Gabriella Caramore

Author of radio documentaries and radio texts, Gabriella leads the program of religious culture "Men and Prophets" for RAI/Radio 3. She is author of a series of essays of spirituality (Morcelliana). She has taught Religion and Communication at the University La Sapienza of Rome and received an honorary doctorate in theology by the Waldensian Faculty of Theology. Latest releases: "The effort of the light" , "No one has ever seen God", "Like a child. Essay on small life "(all publishet by Morcelliana).

Sebastiano Dal Sasso

Born in Como, Sebastiano lives in a small village on the Lake, attends the Secondary School and the fourth year of violin at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Como. In 2013 he is elected by his classmates Mayor in the City Council of the students, acting as spokesman of the original requests for the renewal of the city, in accordance with their aspirations.

Marco Aime

Professorof of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Genoa, Marco has conducted research on the Alps and in West Africa. The passion for traveling has led him to visit different corners of the world and, as often happens, travel stories later became books. For years he has dealt with issues related to the construction of identity that often lead to forms of exclusion and racism. He uses anthropology as a tool of cultural criticism not only against the people "other" but also against our society. In addition to numerous scientific articles he wrote inter alia: "Excesses of cultures", "The missed encounter", "Mirrors of Gulliver," "The stain of the race", "A big difference", "Culture".

Simona Atzori

Painter and dancer, Member of the Association of Painters who paint with the Mouth and Foot (VDMFK), Simona is graduated in "Visual Arts" at the "University of Western Ontario" in Canada. Ambassador for Dance during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, she brought the dance in a church for the first time in the history. She was protagonist of the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Turin 2006. Since 2008 her paintings are in the permanent exhibition at London in Ontario, Canada. In 2009 Simona danced during two stages of "Roberto Bolle and Friends" show. Her first book: "What do you miss to be happy?"has the same title of her dance performance. In 2012, Simona was appointed as Cavaliere of the Italian Republic by President Giorgio Napolitano.

Mattia Cigalini

Jazz musician. According to specialized international critics, Mattia is considered one of the greatest talents of the new musician generation . He performs in concert since the age of 12 and teaches music since 15. He has held concerts in Japan, United States and in the most important festivals in Europe. He has collaborated with Stefano Bollani, Paolo Fresu, Tom Harrell, Uri Caine and many others.

Eugenio Somaini

Professor of Economic Policy at various Italian Universities, over the past 15 years he has worked on policy issues at a theoretical level with focus on egalitarianism and liberalism as well as at empirical and comparative level with reference to the spread of democracy over the last 40 years. Recently he wrote "Equality" (Donzelli), "The paradigms of equality" (Yale University Press), "Geography of democracy" (Il Mulino); Liberalism taken seriously (Rubbettino).

Nicola Colombo

Born in Milan, founder and CEO of Selerant, a software house with solutions for the traceability of food products. This business activity has not prevented to devote himself to his great passions: adventure and motors. In Africa Nicola took part in the Rally of the Pharaohs, driving the motorcycle for more than 20,000 km and qualifying first in its class. In Asia, Nicola implemented the project named Meneghina Express, winning the Guinness World Record for the longest journey on electric motorcycle.

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