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Theme: Changing Perspectives

This event occurred on
May 24, 2013
2:00pm - 7:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

The first TEDxMünster ever took place on 24th of May 2013 and united 7 speakers and 100 guests under the title CHANGING PERSPECTIVES. From Namibian musician Eric Sell aka. EES who took the audience on his life journey between two continents, trying to boost African music genres in Europe, to molecular scientiest Stephan Ludwig who argues for a change in perspectives in influenza research to Norwegian Anja Bakken Riise who turned classical images of development aid upside down with her organizations campaign "Africa for Norway": The 100 guests of TEDxMünster enjoyed a broad spectrum of speakers from Science, Art, Culture and Entrepreneurship.

Hassos Halle
Dahlweg 128
Münster, 48153
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Mathias Haas

Mathias Haas is an entrepreneur, world traveller and storyteller. As the CEO of SuperSocial, a media agency based in Vienna, he consults businesses on social media communication and designs media projects and campaigns for a diverse range of costumers, from small NGO’s to big brands. At TEDxMünster Mathias will talk about FINDIA – a journalism, art and charity project from Austria operating in India, South Africa and Brazil. FINDIA – Find out more about India – was first developed in 2009, when a multi disciplinary group of students from Europe travelled to India to design and produce multi media projects that delivered a different image of India to Europe. Findia aims at uniting professionals of all disciplines, to raise awareness and delivering knowledge to educate, to break with stereotypes and to bring detailed and colorful information into a world trapped in black and white thinking. Findias platform are Social Media but also Schools and Universities in Europe that the team presents to.

Thorsten Kambach

Thorsten Kambach is the founder of Dachboden (1999) and Stadtgeflüster publishing (2005). Thorsten is also a painter and artist of the gallery Claus Steinrötter since 2010. His paintings are to be found in a number of exhibitions and galleries – his work and projects with Dachboden and Stadtgeflüster at almost every corner of the town. The idea for Stadtgeflüster – Münster’s most prominent interview magazine – sparked in spring 2004 during a lunch break. Less than one year later its first edition was on the market. 2007 the magazine Wochenschau followed. Together with his fellows at Dachboden Thorsten developed seven different print magazines since 2005 and evolved Dachboden over the years to an agency specialized on corporate publishing magazines. Today Dachboden, Stadtgeflüster and Wochenschau magazine as well as his paintings form Thorstens every day business – and above all – also make his life more exciting, year by year. At TEDxMünster Thorsten Kambach will talk about Stadtgeflüster magazine and its special approach of conducting interviews.

Stephan Ludwig

Stephan Ludwig has studied chemistry at the university of Giessen, Germany, and performed his Diploma and PhD thesis work in the field of influenza virology. After obtaining his PhD in 1993 he moved to the university of Würzburg to work in cancer research and signal transduction. More by chance than by purpose he started again to work with viruses in 1999, now combining his expertises in cell signaling and virology. Stephan Ludwig gained a unique research profile in the area of cell biology of influenza virus infections, which is still his major research field today, now working as a full professor and director of the Institute of Molecular Virology at the Center of Molecular Biology of Inflammation at the University of Münster. At TEDxMünster Stephan Ludwig will argue for a change in perspectives in the influenza research and and talk about new strategies that could induce a paradigm shift in combating influenza.

Thomas Koch

Thomas Koch is 61 years of age and has been in the media business for 41 years. He spent fourteen years as media planner and head of media in ad agencies such as GGK and Ted Bates Worldwide. In 1987, he founded “thomaskochmedia” in Dusseldorf, which eventually became the largest media independent in Germany. In 2002, Koch merged his agency with Starcom Germany and was appointed CEO of tkmStarcom, then 7th largest media agency of the country. In 2008, he joined the independent media agency Crossmedia as member of the board. Koch then co-founded “Plural Media Services” in Berlin, supporting independent media in emerging markets. Since 2011, Koch consults agencies, advertisers and media houses with his business consultancy “tk-one”. The leading German business magazine, Capital, described Thomas Koch in 1995 as “most profiled mastermind in German advertising”. At the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the German Media Award in 2008, Koch was announced Media Personality of the Year. In 2011 he received the Signs Award for his engagement in crisis regions. Today Thomas Koch argues for a change in perspectives on classical advertising. In his talk at TEDxMünster he predicts “the end” of advertising as we know it and illustrates why brands and companies should approach their customers in a more sincere way.

Anja Bakken Riise

How to break stereotypes? How to change images that have been settled for decades? That’s the question Anja Bakken Rijse and the team of SAIH (Norwegian Students and Academics International) had been asking themselves for a long time. As a Norwegian studying in Durban, South Africa, Anja was not only fed up with the stereotypical image of Africa being a continent permanently troubled by disaster, but also by the way development aid and its campaigns rather strengthened that image as opposed to diminishing it. A change of perspectives marked the beginning of a new idea: How would Norwegians feel if all that people would connect with their country was a pitiful donation campaign? The idea of Radi-Aid was born: Africans unite to donate their radiators and save Norwegians from freezing. What started as a funny idea quickly became viral on social media. Their initial campaign video „Africa for Norway“ – a parody on the Band-Aid campaign – quickly received over 2 million views on Youtube, tens of thousands of shares on Facebook and a worldwide media coverage. In her talk at TEDxMünster SAIH president Anja Bakken Rijse tells us how the idea of Radi-Aid was born and what makes humor a good approach for changing perspectives.

Eric Sell

Eric Sell a.k.a. EES is a Namibian musician and music producer. Being of German-Namibian origin EES has become the first established ‘white Kwaito Artist’, representing one of Africas most booming music genres. EES discovered his love for music first in 2001 when doing his diploma in sound engineering in Cape Town. After finishing his studies in Capetown EES moved to Europe in 2004 to introduce and improve on his music skills while trying to promote African music at the same time in Europe. Ever since he has been making a massive impact for Kwaito music outside of Africa. He has not only produced 11 CD’s in only 9 years, but also founded his own record label and his clothing line (EES Wear) while at the same time never loosing touch with his roots in Africa. EES has also won several awards, among them the Channel O Africa Music Awards in 2012, Best International Artist at the NAMA Awards 2011 and the MTV Listeners Choice Award in 2009 . At TEDxMünster EES will talk about his life between two continents, the differences of the European and African music industry and his personal ambition to boost Kwaito music internationally.

Ruppe Koselleck

Ruppe Koselleck was born on 18 July 1967 in Heidelberg, studied art at Lutz Mommartz, worked as a rabbit breeder, Porsche dealer, washer of corpses as well as as visual artist and teacher. The conceptual artist currently also teaches experimental communication of art at the University of Osnabrück and runs the Youtube channel of INTEGRANT INTERVENTIONS. Next to exhibitions in Japan, Mexico and the United States, Koselleck pursues the hostile takeover of the BP group that he plans to destroy by selling their own waste. At TEDxMünster on 24th of May 2013 Koselleck explains how he collects oil at the beaches of the world since over 10 years to produce crude oil paintings and eventually sell these to buy shares of BP. As the artist calculated it will only take him another 137 years to succeed with taking over BP by selling their own waste.

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Münster, Germany
  • Dominik Schmengler
  • Ansgar Buschmann
  • Isabell Schmid
  • Tim Hölscher
  • Christoph Salzig