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Theme: the NEXT adventure

This event occurred on
April 5, 2013
1:00pm - 7:00pm NZDT
(UTC +13hrs)
Queenstown, OTA
New Zealand

The NEXT Adventure.
From a place that thrives on the adventurousness that is reaches back to the spirit of its founders, the next adventure for us is one of innovation, of collaboration and ideas. Welcome to the first TEDxQueenstown.

Hilton Queenstown
Hilton Queenstown
Kawarau Village Peninsula Road
Queenstown, OTA
New Zealand
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Jeromy van Riel

Jeromy van Riel is a teacher of Te Reo Maori in Wanaka at both secondary and tertiary levels. His ancestry is Dutch but he has lived as Maori with Maori for 22 of his 34 years. Jeromy’s story is about relationships and connections which extend beyond our daily perception of society and community to include ancestors and landscapes which have no place in genealogy but rather of every day life. His walk is that of a foreigner who has embraced the totality of where he was born acknowledging his cultural background whilst living the culture of his birth country’s first people. Jeromy’s observations are that regardless of which country we consider, the indigenous people represent the poorest, sickest and most socially disadvantaged sectors. When the statement is made; “we are one people” Jeromy asks “which people are we? What makes people great? Why do we still fight for a system which has destroyed so much of our planet and people?”

Oonagh Harpur

Oonagh has inhabited boardrooms since becoming CEO of a £20m turnover business in 1988. There she got the idea she called “Love and Integrity in Business”. Co-founding the “Love and Integrity in Business Network” in 1994 she explored with other business leaders what this idea might mean. From 1997 as CEO of the Institute of Director’s HUB Initiative and then Enterprise Insight she campaigned for enterprise with integrity across the UK. In 2002 she got the opportunity to put her ideas into practice in a global £1+bn turnover business. For nine years she served on its international board learning first hand what it took to integrate values into the culture of 25+ offices from Hong Kong and Shanghai to Dubai and New York.

Steve Henry

Steve Henry believes the best learning people can achieve comes from within, with support from the outside. The limit is the courage to remove the barriers to reflect deeply. This is the key to transformational learning. Steve has spent 30 years igniting people who are willing to take that challenge - in the primary, secondary, tertiary and corporate education sectors. He has found his approach most successful when applied through experience grounded in real projects rather than in excessive theory. Knowledge alone cannot transform, it takes reflection and experience through action. This requires the willingness to look at the current normal and deciding if it will serve in the future. Steve leads the Centre for Sustainable practice at Otago Polytechnic in NZ. The Centre delivers programmes using flexible distance delivery with a 24hr classroom using technologies enabling collaboration. The curriculum is not prescribed; rather the participants chosen projects become the curriculum so real outcomes are a requirement of success – through the application of a common framework. In this model, a business owner, a government employee, a lawyer and a vet will collaborate to find learning in unexpected places.

Ella Lawton

Ella is the Research Manager at Otago Polytechnic’s Centre for Sustainable Practice. Fascinated in understanding the mechanics of systems, Ella has spent much of her career looking at how natural, social and governance systems function and interact in order to identify those leverage points that will most efficiently trigger positive change. Initially completing undergraduate degrees in law and ecology and subsequent research as a policy analyst highlighted the lack of collective strategic decision-making at both national and international levels. During her Masters in Strategic Leadership in Sweden the importance of small-scale change inspired Ella to refocus on local governance and community initiatives. For the past four years she has worked with the Otago Polytechnic Centre for Sustainable Practice managing local and national research projects and facilitating collaboration in the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice. The New Zealand Footprint Project engaged local government and communities to clarify the added value of resource accounting tools within planning and decision-making processes. In January 2013 Ella submitted her PhD thesis based on the same footprint work. The results of the footprint project re-emphasised the importance of local food systems.

Mathurin Molgat

Mathurin has roamed the world as a professional big mountain skier, photographer, action cameraman and vagabond. He has featured in over 50 television commercials and films jumping out of flying things, leaping off cliffs or attempting to be a serious actor. Voted one of the 20 best big mountain skiers on the planet in 1992, Mathurin is still searching for the perfect run. Mathurin is also a film director / producer and a guitarist / songwriter. Poetry, beatnik tendencies and the search for an always better story has shaped his life. He directed and produced feature documentary Song of the Kauri which was released in 2012. SOTK walks the tightrope between economics and environmentalism and questions whether a sustainable commercialism of the iconic Kauri tree is its road to salvation.

Tony Wheeler

Tony Wheeler created Lonely Planet after travelling Asia’s ‘hippie trail’ in the early 1970s. Today, after 100 million books, offices on three continents and everything digital from phone apps to websites, inflight infotainment systems to ebooks, the business has moved on to new owners, giving Tony even more time to venture down roads less travelled. Post LP his activities have included the Planet Wheeler Foundation which supports educational and health projects in the developing world and the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing & Ideas in Melbourne.

John Boone

John Boone immigrated to the small New Zealand town of Katikati from The Netherlands with his family at the age of 12. Music and drama were his favourite subjects at school and by the time he was 15, he had joined all the school bands and theatre plays. His tertiary studies at Canterbury University were funded by playing in local bands during the weekends and his passion for music continued to grow stronger. When John returned to New Zealand in 2000 after his big OE, he had an exciting idea to set up an interactive percussion business mainly, connecting people through the power of music. John brought together his experience with theatre and music and in 2003 Rhythm Interactive was born. Rhythm Interactive has travelled throughout Australasia and Asia, delighting thousands of people of all ages. The show won the category of “Best nationwide corporate entertainment” in the Corporate Events Guide Peoples Choice Awards 2009.

Chuck Berry

Chuck is a professional skydiver, basejumper, stuntman, cameraman, test pilot, aircraft engineer, juggler, filmmaker & motivational speaker. His skydiving career started when he was a school kid. He achieved fourth place in the 1992 World Champs and became a full time skydive instructor and freefall cameraman in Queenstown’s fledging adventure tourism industry in 1994. Life changed for Chuck when he broke his neck in a motorbike accident in 1997. He realised how lucky he was and the event became a catalyst for him to pursue his dreams in life with more vigor than ever. During his recovery, he focused on all the things he had dreamed of and set about making them happen. He became a Red Bull athlete for skydiving and basejumping and travelled around the world to break world records in a wide variety of aerial stunts displays. He performed with many of the heroes he has admired. Chuck is passionate about sharing his ideas around breaking down barriers, living life to the full, achieving dreams, and the importance of visualizing a positive outcome. Anything is possible, there is always a way. Thoughts without actions are just thoughts.

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Queenstown, New Zealand
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