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Theme: Life Worth Living

This event occurred on
May 5, 2013
12:00pm - 4:00pm MDT
(UTC -6hrs)
Fort Collins, CO
United States

Our community and others very much like ours have been affected by profound violence. Knowledge, Love, and Freedom are essential to a peaceful society. To that end, we’ve gathered some of the best and brightest minds in our community to talk on the topic of Life Worth Living, each speaker taking on the topic in their own unique way.

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605 South Mason Street
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
United States
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Erin Giles

Erin Giles is the Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day and a Business Philanthropy Consultant that teaches businesses how to create and launch a do good mission into their business model. She believes more than ever before businesses have the possibility to make impact in our world and the world needs us to bring it. Bring our passion, bring our voice and bring our big crazy ideas. There’s something so magical, so cutting edge and so influential about doing good and doing business.

Bart Windrum

Bart Windrum is an end-of-life reform advocate who’s spent the last eight years reflecting on how to overcome modern medicine’s impediments to dying in peace. After experiencing a pair of troubled three-week hospitalized demises (his mother, 2004, intubated/ICU and father, 2005, nosocomial MRSA), Bart vowed to get to the bottom of his family’s failures and to share what he learned with his fellow citizens. Bart’s book, Notes from the Waiting Room: Managing a Loved One’s (End of Life) Hospitalization, a 2009 Colorado Book Award Finalist, has helped hundreds of Americans understand the nature of dying in our complex age. In 2012 Bart created Windrum’s Matrix of Dying Terms, introducing a range of new words for dying that reflect all outcomes; and Windrum’s Never Say Die Rap, a novel way to express our end-of-life quandary. Bart’s voice is a unique addition to the nascent global conversation on end-of-life planning or, as Bart prefers to put it, orienting ourselves toward a glide path to die in peace.

Josh Awtry

Josh Awtry is the executive editor of the Fort Collins Coloradoan. Awtry arrived in Fort Collins just over a year ago; he was previously the editor at the Times-News in Twin Falls, Idaho. Awtry's focus on community journalism is centered around rigorous (some would say incessant) engagement with readership and a "connect the dots" strategy that favors depth and insight over quantity. His focus on non-linear storytelling has been featured by the Poynter Institute and American Journalism Review.

Carolyn Collins Petersen

Carolyn Collins Petersen is an award-winning science writer, astronomy video producer, and voice actor living and working in the mountains of Colorado. She has written or produced for fulldome theaters around the world, as well as online media series in astronomy and space science. Carolyn has also written major exhibitions in astronomy and climate science for the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She has several books on astronomy to her credit, including one due out later in 2013. Carolyn also works with the Smithsonian Institution, presenting astronomy talks and activities on selected cruise ships throughout the year. Carolyn is a voice actor with many science narrations to her credit. For fans of the Star Trek: Outpost podcast series, she is best known as the shady Klingon pirate Jenneth of the house of Ka'Den. Carolyn is a Trekkie and is an avid science fiction reader.

Melissa Harms

Educator Melissa Harms is the Colorado Regional Director for the nonprofit organization SheJumps, which strives to increase female participation in outdoor activities by building upon a supportive community that inspires members to reach their highest potential. Prior to her work with SheJumps, Harms spent a decade competing and coaching Division I athletics. Her writing has appeared in Park Ranger Magazine and can be found on her website Harms is an artist of adventure and the outdoors, her guiding inspiration. She is an active member of Larimer County Search and Rescue and enjoys skiing, climbing, mountaineering, knitting, gardening, and spending time with her friends and family.

Christina Gressianu

A city-girl in Colorado, a photographer in love with what it means to be human, Christina G helps you see the connections you feel. I am an award-winning photographer, whose work can be seen in publications such as The Knot, and several blogs. International recognition takes more than simply shooting great photos. It takes connection, confidence and commitment to a steady vision. Above all else, I am committed that each and every person is aware of and in touch with the beauty that shines from within them.

Brian Sense

As a 19 year old, Brian asked himself a simple question that changed his life. “Do I want to be a guy that TALKS about the things I am going to do, or the guy that actually takes the risks and goes out and does them?” His answer to that question has been a life that has taken him on unbeaten paths, led to bizarre encounters and has become fodder for some unbelievable stories. He has also dedicated his life to working with kids in the outdoors, teaching kids to make good choices, take healthy risks, and have ridiculous amounts of fun along the way. He’s been a therapeutic wilderness instructor working with at-risk kids on 30-60 day adventure trips, taught at a boarding school, acted as a counselor at treatment centers, as Adventure Director of a YMCA and now living his dream as the Executive Director of Educo Leadership Adventures.

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Fort Collins, CO, United States
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